Haze on the Horizon

The sun is just beginning to show its light over the hill behind us. The hazy horizon – perhaps a bit of fog? Although I do like being up for the sunrise, I am not so fond of being up for two hours before the sunrise, courtesy of dog Shasta. Lovable as she is, there are those days . . . . But here we are and I shall make the best of it. Once the grumpy passes.

What is that I see, reflected in the glass of the table on the deck? What is that reflection I see through my window? Sometimes I wander into the living room, which I have sometimes renamed the library or the office, but yet always return to calling it the living room. It is the room that houses the bookcases – which, by the way, badly need thinning out. Not the bookcases, but the content of the bookcases. It is the room that houses the bookcases, the computer, the filing cabinet, as well as a couch, chairs, and TV to which the birdhouse camera is hooked up. Diversion – sometimes I wander into that room and look out the big window that opens to the deck – the little bit of paradise where I spend my early evenings quite often. This day when I looked out that window my eye caught by a bit of movement – the reflection in the glass of the table.

Oh, I see now. It is the Lily cat, thinking if she gets into the tree, perhaps a bird will mistake her for a branch and fly right into her hands. Or paws. Or mouth. Or reach. Lily, who is an ambitious catcher of voles and mice, but who has little success with birds. Which pleases me, since I invite them in with various tempting treats.

Evening times Lily sometimes comes in the house, although as long as the weather is nice she prefers to spend her time outside. Her older sister (step-sister, truth be told) is spending most of her time inside now, wandering out for brief periods during the day and then going out at bedtime for a few hours. Another of those evil pet habits – going out at bedtime so she can sit under by bedroom window in the very dark wee hours and ask to be let in. Sometimes getting sleep in this house is more of a challenge than I think it should be.

In those earlier evening hours, before bedtime, when my big chair becomes my comfort zone, when the TV is on – with something inane, usually, like HGTV (it is fun to hunt houses with people who have way too high a budget to make me feel comfortable) or a singing competition reality show, or a dancing competition reality show, or – very often now that it is fall – football – and I have my knitting in my hands, Twiggy shares my chair. If I have my security blanket over my legs, with my legs up on the footrest, she will lay between those legs. If I do not have my cuddly fleece blanket on my legs, she will lay on that blanket, which is folded up on the arm of the chair. Do you suppose it is not my company she is seeking, but the coziness of that fleece? Blow to the ego!

Now that you have read these words and are wondering what this was all about, you can see that maybe, just maybe, the haze was not only on the horizon. That, maybe, just maybe, there is a bit of that haze in my brain this morning. You may be right, just maybe. In which case, I shall blame the haze on the fact that the Shasta dog seems to think it is time to get up far too early, in the dark hours, when we humans would rather remain prone and still, eyes closed, smiling in our comfy sleep.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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12 Responses to Haze on the Horizon

  1. Heather says:

    Sometimes I think I should wake my cats up repeatedly so they know how it feels. Pets simply do not understand the next-day haziness they create with their nighttime demands.
    Neat captures of the Lily cat. Even though she has no success with birds, she is a better hunter than my two.


  2. I LOVE the reflection photo of your kitty. Fun post, Carol. Not hazy at all–just painting a lovely picture of your early morning!


  3. Angelia Sims says:

    She almost looked like a bobcat in that reflection. She has a fierce hunter stare.

    I am hazy in the mornings too. I wake up a few hours before nightfall – like your other cat. Lol!


  4. suzicate says:

    I’m naturally a bit hazy so I understood your post perfectly!


  5. Kathy says:

    Love reflections in “ordinary” household items like glass tables or TVs. And yours had a white cat in the hazy dream of it! I have been hazy on many a morning but was not hazy today. Au contraire, was absurdly hyper. Am calming down now.


  6. Colleen says:

    Wondering if hazy might sometimes be OK. If these are times when edges are softened and we actually see more, in some ways, than we might otherwise see. Just a thought in connection with my own hazy moments 🙂

    Your kitties always make me smile. We were always glad when our cats, at least most of them, weren’t accomplished bird hunters. It’s interesting how some are and others, not at all.


  7. Carol – I agree with Angelia’s observation that Lily cat looks like a bobcat in the reflection photo. I love the photographs you share with us of your companion animals.


  8. I was thinking bobcat too! One of my cats definitely prefers my fleece blanket over me. I originally bought it because it felt as soft as a kitten, and clearly my girl thinks the same thing.


  9. Joanne says:

    Your Twiggy is just like my Phoebe, who loves to sit on the arm of my chair next to me, or the back of the chair behind my neck! Phoebe is probably still young for a cat, at 13, but she stays indoors all the time now. I wondered how old Twiggy is, as she doesn’t seem to have the same sense of adventure as Lily. I always enjoy hearing stories of your fury friends Carol. 🙂


  10. As long as it was not a haze from field burning i’m okay with whatever your story is.. Carol. I was up to see the sunrise this morning too, my favorite time of the day.


  11. Lisa says:

    I hope some day Shasta will stop thinking she needs up at dark thirty in the morning! You’re shots always make me smile.


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