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Sharing My World – April 6, 2020

Felt like playing along with Melanie today, and sharing some of my world. If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make them? Because that’s the harder way to learn. It usually involves some cleanup … Continue reading

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Hello World

I’ve been avoiding posting, because, well, you know – politics and the raising of my ire and my inability to keep from spewing those words of ire all over the place, and nobody needs that right now – except, maybe, … Continue reading

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Times They Are A’Slowin

Life has taken a sudden change for this world. Suddenly we have time – for some, way too much time I imagine. And less money – that’s always been the way in my life. I’ve either had time or money, … Continue reading

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Questions and Choices

Living brings about a lot of questions, and requires we make a lot of choices. Some of the questions and choices are much more serious than others, but I thought I’d share a few of those things that have been … Continue reading

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Galveston – Driving Tour

I skipped our driving tour, which we took a couple of days ago. First were the tree carvings: A building that attracted my attention, but I have no idea what it was/is And several of the old manses, constructed largely … Continue reading

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Galveston — Ships and Sunset

Friday was our first sunny day – a wonderful greeting when we crawled out of our beds. After breakfast, we climbed into the car and toured the island’s ends. First, the east end, where we could see the ships that … Continue reading

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Galveston – Wednesday

We woke to a cloudy day, but comfortable temperature-wise, and decided a walk on the beach was in order after breakfast. Then down to The Strand across the Island Where I made a friend at the chocolate shop (and of … Continue reading

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