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Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

It is time again for the Daily Posts’s weekly photo challenge, and here is my entry for this week:

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Remember That Wind We Were Talking About?

Apparently it really blew overnight, because this is what I saw as the sky lightened up this morning. It was still blowing, and after I took these pictures, I gathered up a few things that used to be in the … Continue reading

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Photographing the Wind

March always brings with it the wind. Sometimes very gusty, strong winds. This week has had several days of that, so I decided it was time to photograph the wind. The wind chimes sing happily when the wind blows. Do … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Watching TV

I’ve been watching TV, because spring has not gotten here yet and one can only sleep and watch for spring for just so long. I’ve been knitting too, of course, but knitting requires something else to accompany it – a … Continue reading

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When the Spring Winds Howl and Snow/Rain Fall From the Sky

What is one to do? When our part of the world has not yet awakened to discover that it is, indeed, spring – just check the calendar, it says it is – what is one to do? Sleep. One thing … Continue reading

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Share Your World

We are now into Week 16 of Sharing Our World with Cee, a game I enjoy but seem to have become erratic in participating in. I am here this week, ready to go. If you had a choice, which would … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

This week, The Daily Post photo challenge is one I can get into immediately. I knew exactly what picture(s) I would use for this one without my standard hemming and hawing and trying to figure out what to do. What … Continue reading

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