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The More I Read, the Less I Know

I’ve been researching a lot lately – my version of researching, which means Google and I spend a lot of time together. I’ve been checking into the healthiest foods for my dogs, which leads into the debate between commercial and … Continue reading

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I Am So Ashamed

I made a huge mistake yesterday. I doubt I will ever do that again. I turned the TV on early in the morning (I’m in the west), and spent my day listening, watching, ultimately weeping. You all know what I’m … Continue reading

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Share Your World – 8-24-18 And More

I’ve been sitting here debating about posting – specifically, what kind of post – whether it would be sharing my world, or rambling on. I’ve finally decided that I can do both. Right? I mean, I’m a citizen of the … Continue reading

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Healthy Dog Treats

I have recently taken up dehydrating foods and I’ll be posting more about that another time, but right now I want to share some healthy dog treat recipes because I told Laura of Riddle from the Middle that I would share … Continue reading

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We’ve Been Talking

We have – myself and I – been having quite a conversation this morning. Myself can be quite a nag, she really can. I try to resist her. I try to ignore her. She doesn’t give up easily. So, I’m … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not a Teacher #humor #teaching #ThrowbackThursday

Originally posted on Barb Taub:
NOTE: I’m visiting my sister the teacher, and remembered this post I wrote several years back. “Good news. You get to teach my students about getting a job,” said my sister. She had just picked…

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I was going to share my world with Embeecee this morning, but that was before I remembered that this was a day for remembering. September 11. An historic day. Will our children learn about this in school? Will our children … Continue reading

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Share Your World – September

Embeecee’s post has been in my inbox for nearly a week now, and I’m not sure why I haven’t done something about it sooner. I was at my daughter’s for nearly a week and was there when her challenge was posted, … Continue reading

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