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June Photo-Hunt-Thingy

For the month of June, Karma of photo hunt fame picked up a challenge from #iHeartFaces and threw it out to her readers, inviting us to participate. The challenge involved taking one photo a day for the month of June, … Continue reading

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It’s Like a Heat Wave

But it’s not burning in my heart – it’s the sun shining down unfettered by clouds and high pressure moving in to provide a few days of scorching our land. And our bodies. Activity will be limited. That cleaning out … Continue reading

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Lily Meet Dora

Life is now complete. Or almost complete – when the Gep joins us late in July we will all be together. Last night my Kat arrived, car overflowing with her earthly possessions, as well as a small furry creature. Lily … Continue reading

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It is All the Same, Yet it is Not

Each year I wander about my world, taking pictures, searching, enjoying – each year it is the same, yet it is not. This year the growing green things seem taller, seem more vivid, seem fuller. Last year? Did I think … Continue reading

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WordPress Family Award

It’s time for me to stop procrastinating I think. Weeks ago, Tamara of a Matter of Perspective nominated me for the WordPress Family Award. Although I did thank Tamara, I was negligent in publicly acknowledging this award, so now I … Continue reading

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Human Foibles Make Us What we Are. Don’t They?

I’m sitting here avoiding starting my chores. Not because what I plan to do is a whole lot of work or hard to do – I’m just feeling lazy. This lazy feeling is not uncommon the day after I’ve gone … Continue reading

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Ever Have One of Those Weeks?

You know, the kind of week that’s there, and then – suddenly – it’s not. Suddenly, it’s the next week, and the week that it was is no more. Well, that’s what has happened to me. The weather has been … Continue reading

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