Share Your World – 2016 Week 42

I’ve skipped a few weeks now of sharing with Cee and the rest of you, but this morning just feels like a good time to jump back in. It all depends on my mood, you know.

If you wanted to de-clutter where you live, what room / space would you start with? (And why, if you’re feel like admitting to it.) I would have to start in the living room/aka office/craft room, because that’s where a good deal of the “clutter” is. Or maybe the closets. Or . . . there are multiple choices. I have done some decluttering, but there is much more that could go. Part of the reason I’d de-clutter would be as part of my simplification goal – simplifying life and my surroundings to reduce work and stress. But partly so that there would be less clean-out for my kids to deal with when I am no longer here. You start to think about things like that as you grow older. It’s not sad – it’s just reality.

If you want to remember something important, how do you do it (sticky note on the fridge, string around your finger, etc.), and does it work? Yes, notes on sticky notes, lists on yellow pads, reminders on the white board I mounted on the refrigerator or the front of my pantry, which I painted with whiteboard paint. Sometimes the notes work, sometimes I choose to ignore them. Since I frequently walk through doors, my memory cannot be trusted. You’ve read that study, right?

If you could create a one room retreat just for yourself, what would be the most important sense to emphasize: sight (bright natural light, dim light, etc.), hearing (silence, music, fountain, etc.), smell (candles, incense, etc), touch (wood, stone, soft fabrics, etc.), or taste (herbal tea, fresh fruit, etc.)? My former living room has pretty much become my one-room retreat. Although my family room is my retreat also. I guess since I live only with my furry girls, every room is my retreat. Natural light is critical for me – as for hearing, I love silence. My sense of smell is not good, so, although I like scented candles and oils, that’s not as important as natural light. For curling up in my big chair to read, the sense of touch becomes more important, and that’s where my fleecy lap blanket comes in. And my cup of tea, or, in the evening, my glass of wine.

If you could interview one of your great-great-great grandparents, who would it be (if you know their name) and what would you ask? Have no idea about any of my relatives going back that far. I think I’d really like to interview my mother, and maybe her mother and father. A few years ago I put together a couple of scrapbooks for my kids, showing their heritage and lives up to that point and realized I had many questions I’d like to ask my mother – was she happy, did her life turn out in anyway like she hoped or expected, things like that, but she has been gone for several years now.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I’m grateful for my home, my family, my friends, my furry girls. I’m grateful for each day I am given, despite the fact that I often don’t do much with them. I am looking forward to more days, some sunshine, the deer that sometimes visit my backyard – to life.

I have a few photos to share – the bright mornings before the cloudy, rainy, blustery days set in, and some alcohol ink coasters I recently painted – featuring dragonflies.





Thank you for visiting – I wish you all enough.

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Wish Upon a Star

I find myself doing a lot of wishing these days. The turmoil of the world, the very non-presidential presidential campaign, these things are making me wish for something different. I think I’ll share my wishes, and my photos representing my dreams of a more pleasant, stressless time. Another thing to wish for.

I wish:

The election was over. Done now. Really. Please? And with that, my nominee for president. Not me, the other guy.

My yard work would magically be done, everything in order, looking good, ready for winter.

While I’m wishing that, I wish winter wetness would come in the form of rain in the basin. It can snow all it wants in the mountains, but I’d rather not fight it at my house.

For world peace. A perennial wish. Dreams are necessary.

For a nose that I can wiggle and what needs to be done is done. Do you remember that TV show – Bewitched?

For happiness for my loved ones.

That we would all use our brains as God intended when he gave us them. That we would learn to think things through, check things out, not blindly accept what social media (and the press) puts before us. Think, not react.

When we have an honorable man in office, we would appreciate him/her, rather than vilify him/her. That we could recognize honor when we see it. That we would not expect perfection from our elected officials, but demand honesty. And appreciate it when it exists.

That our candidates for office could honestly say something like: “This is what I believe, this is what I will work for. You must remember, however, that I cannot do anything alone – it takes a team, it takes cooperation of all of us.”

Then I wish that could happen. Cooperation, teamwork.


I had more energy, more motivation.

The election was over. Did I say that before?

Most of all, I wish we could allow differences in cultures, peoples, worlds – and not condemn those differences. That we could be fair, honorable, honest, and nonjudgmental. The world needn’t be perfect, but I wish it could be better.

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Sunny Mornings Make me Happy

It’s a sunny morning, a lovely morning, albeit a chilly morning. We are in that season after all – the season of fickle weather, unsure whether it wishes to be sunny and warm or sunny and not-quite-so-warm. Today will be pleasant, following the pattern of the last few days, although a little cooler. Tomorrow is to bring more of the same, but it is to be followed by a few days of rain. And that’s okay. We can use the rain.

Looking out my front window this morning, I was amused to watch the birds – one of my favorite things. A robin was dominating the bird bath, and smaller birds were not happy about it, dive-bombing, protesting, coming singly and in twos. The robin was staunch in his/her possession of the bird bath, unwilling to share.

Today I will do some work outside, preparation for the coming winter. It’s time now to cut back the peonies and the iris, turn off the outside water system, put the cushions and summer furnishings from the front deck into the garage to be stored during the cold, wet weather until another spring arrives. The chairs on the morning room deck will remain there for awhile longer – it’s protected, and will be where I sit in the late afternoons with my glass of wine, cup of tea, or whatever beverage I am having before dinner. My furry girls will join me, waiting for their dinner to be served.

Most of my days of late have been spent in what was my living room, but was largely unused, the TV and more comfortable chairs being in the family room. This living room has now become my computer/craft room, the home of the materials for my current obsession/hobby, my alcohol inks. I am taking online classes, enjoying them thoroughly despite the frustration with my results being less-than-perfect. I am practicing doing as the instructor Sheryl Williams says – “paint what you see, not what you know”. Trying to learn that what I am doing is my rendition and does not need to be perfectly realistic. Interspersing more representational painting with just letting the inks flow as they wish. My most recent painting was Ellie the Elephant, painted for the birthday of my daughter who loves cats, owls, and elephants.

I also like painting on ceramic tiles, and am thinking I should take a table at our local Christmas craft fair to see if I could sell some sets of the coasters I have been making, some of which will be random colors and ink flows, and others will be more representational. Just a couple of examples from a set of four in my “watery” series, are these:


And so my days, when I don’t have to spend them in town or in the yard, are invested in play for the most part. Play and relaxation – enjoying the views out my windows, the quiet times for reading – those days I dreamed about when I was younger and working to earn a living. Those days that are the reward for the stresses of everyday life. The days that remind me I really do have enough.

And that is what I wish for all of you – enough, with some days having even more.

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The only constant is change – a statement I make quite often, it seems, but one that I think is the ultimate truth. There are not so many real changes in my life, other than the season. We are well into fall now, with the not-so-unusual drops in temperatures, night frosts, a little rain in the basin, snow in the mountains. These changes do not disturb me. When snow falls in my yard, that will probably disturb me if it’s before Christmas.

The birds are in the midst of their fall migration, heading to warmer climes for the winter, as witnessed by the masses of blackbirds that have been visiting.

The way I’m spending my days has changed – or at least, my current hobby has changed. Instead of spending a large portion of my days blogging, I’ve been spending my days playing with alcohol inks, taking online classes to try to learn to control this medium, if not – we all have dreams – master it. One of my favorite assignments was this rooster.

I would like to say our political climate in this country is changing, but I think it really is not. Worsening, perhaps – but attribute that to the fact that it’s an election year, an event that I have come to dread. Perhaps one of the worst side effects is the strain these events can put on relationships – there are people I love dearly who are on the opposite side of the coin from me. I try to bite my tongue, I try not to judge, I try not to argue, because that will accomplish nothing more than increasing that strain. I am not going to change anyone’s mind. The idealists will vote for the 3rd party candidates, and I might consider that, except – I’m not entirely certain they are qualified either, and I fear votes for them will only assure the win by what I consider to be the worst possible choice. Campaigns are never pretty and have never been, even back in the days of Adams and Jefferson. I think I should have a sandbox in which I can bury my head.

Changes are going on in my computer – changes initiated by me in an attempt to clean things up a bit. Hopefully, what I have initiated will not create future problems for me. I am emptying trash now – it says it has 730,000+ items to delete. That is old backups off the external hard drive I am eliminating – I think. I hope. At least that was my intent. Maybe I should have simply reformatted that drive. Fingers crossed.

The stores are bringing out Christmas already – that’s a change I’m not ready for! Far, far too early for that for me. I’d like to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first. My Kat has already made her flight reservations for her Christmas trip home, arriving December 18 and staying until January 5. Almost three weeks I get her this year! Gep says he thinks he’ll be home too, but he rarely makes definite plans very far ahead. And while the purveyors of goods are already thinking Christmas, I am still watching the signs of fall. That’s enough change for me.

We have had some days of rain, welcomed, badly needed rain. Once the skies turn blue again and things dry up, I will be back outside preparing for the winter. Because, like it or not, that is a change that cannot be avoided. I will be working on more simplification in my yard, attempting to reduce the amount of work required without detracting from the beauty. That’s a change that is needed as I grow not younger and, sadly, less energetic.

In the meantime, I will adjust to changes happening in my world. I will pray that it will all work out in the end. I will luxuriate in the knowledge that I have enough, enjoy my quiet times, cuddle with my furry girls, and appreciate my family and friends. I wish you the same.

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Why Is It?

Why is it there are so many things to wonder about? Why is it I think of things to wonder about, then don’t remember what it was I was asking about a little later? I’m going to stick to my story, which is my hard drive is so full of so much wisdom that it takes a long time to sort through the data to find that one little file that would answer that question. Or maybe lots of questions.


Why is it I never ever develop an interest that remains a reasonable interest, instead of always turning into an obsession. Come on over, look around my house, look in all those cupboards, closets, hidden crannies, and you will know what it is I’ve been interested in over the years. It becomes obvious that my interests have a shelf life. There are, for instance, all those containers of yarn (decorative containers, at least) stored on the shelves of my bookcases – purchased when knitting was my passion and I went into a buying frenzy when in the yarn aisles of stores. Then there are the small containers and containers and containers of beads, bought when beading was my passion and I went into a buying frenzy when in a bead store – whether in real life or virtually. Now – it is alcohol inks, alcohol ink and india ink markers – all things related – along with the surfaces upon which the inks and markers can be used – Yupo paper, mineral paper, ceramic tiles – the list goes on. Back a bit further, there was digital scrapbooking, spurred on by the gigabytes of photos taken and stored on my computer. That covers only the past few years, folks – no need to dredge up ancient history, right?


Why is it when I am folding newly washed and dried laundry, I feel compelled to sort my multi-colored undergarments so that the colors are separated and the same hues are not worn on successive days. Why, I ask myself, does that even matter?

Why is it I can so long resist starting some projects – something that must be done, but that I don’t want to do – when the reality is it would take so little time to complete, and then I could stop nagging myself about it? I do nag myself a lot. I don’t listen well though, hence, much is undone.


Why is it I’m even asking these questions? Really? Does it matter? Do you care? I’d guess not, but here we are, aren’t we? This post is accompanied by photos of the skies, taken over the past month or perhaps a little more. Something I don’t question, even though I could not explain why the skies present so many different faces. It’s a relief, isn’t it, to have something that doesn’t need to be questioned?

We are on the verge of what might be a historical event – the first presidential debate tonight. Let me rephrase that – the first debate of the presidential candidates. There is no assurance that the debate itself will be presidential. I make no promises that I will watch the entire two hours – my tolerance level may not be high enough.

Why is it we no longer trust?

I end now with the wish that your life is enough, and with a photo that is more peaceful than the world around us.


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Share Your World – 2016 Week 38 – and more

This past week I had the pleasure of having a friend of many, many (around 50, actually) years visit me. We had a lovely time, sitting home and chatting, visiting Crater Lake, visiting a local museum – and, the highlight of it all – grocery shopping! Oh yes, The Gracious One and her husband also hosted a neighborhood potluck, so my friend from many years could meet my neighborhood friends.

Now I am home alone again with my furry girls, and ready to share some of my world.

Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? I did not come from a family of huggers, but it is something I love to do and I love to receive. Sometimes I have to remind myself to hug though – just because I didn’t grow up that way. A hug goes a long way to make a day better.

What is your least favorite Candy? Anything fruit flavored or marshmallowy. Or candy corn. Really, any candy I like involves chocolate, peanuts, caramel – at least one of those components.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fun”? I think that’s another of those things that depends on my mood – but always, spending time with loved ones and friends is fun. Seeing a new place is fun. Walking on an ocean beach is fun. Taking photos, playing with my inks – my “fun” is usually pretty subdued.

List of Favorite Smells: What smells do you love? Whether it’s vanilla scented candles or the smell of coffee in the morning or the smell of a fresh spring rain…make a list of all the things you love for a little aromatherapy. The question here is whether I’ll remember all my favorite smells.
1. Baby powder
2. Fresh-cut grass
3. Ocean air
4. Bread baking in the oven
5. Dinner someone else is making for me
6. Cinnamon
7. Vanilla
8. Lilacs
9. The air after a nice gentle rain
10. Cantaloupe ripening

This answer could go on and on, but that pretty well summarizes it.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I am grateful for the visit with my friend, and the fact that she was able to meet some of my other friends. I am grateful that I have room for friends to visit. I am grateful for the company of my furry girls, and for the times my old girl Bailey perks up her ears and looks alert, as well as those times she still displays a little bit of spunkiness. I am looking forward to another week of life in my world.

A couple of photos now from my visit with my friend.


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Update to Yesterday’s Post

One more attempt to make this painting something I’m happier with. This is it, no more messing. It is what it is.


Life is full of learning experiences!

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