Over the past couple of years I have been honored by some of by bloggy friends with some awards – each of which I consider an honor and each of which has pleased me beyond measure. It is so heartwarming to be told that someone out there enjoys what I’m writing!

I suspect I have been less attentive in following through with these awards as I should have been/should be. Certainly that is not because I don’t appreciate them – it is more that I get distracted, go different directions, have a rememberer problem, or just don’t quite know how to pass them on.

So, to all who have bestowed these awards on my humble self, I say thank you!


1 Response to Awards

  1. thomasgable says:

    I can see why you have been complimented in such a way! You maintain a lovely blog both with your photography and your writing! Phenomenal work! Thanks much for blessing all of us in the blogging world with your work!


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