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Distractions and Mindlessness

The past few days have been off kilter for me. Or maybe they’ve just been an indication of how it might be during this warm, grass-growing season that has taken up residence in my world. For whatever reason, my mornings … Continue reading

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Complacency Draws the Attention of Mother Nature

And that attention is not always the positive kind. Sometimes complacency turns Mother Nature into the Wicked Witch of the West and things happen while we sleep, as in what happened Thursday night while we slept: Yep. Even though we’d … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is to share a picture that means summer to me. For me, there is more than one thing that means summer, so I’ll share more than one picture. Gotta bend the rules a bit!

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Is it Humility We’re Looking for?

Last night America crowned a new music idol. What on earth am I going to do with those evening hours two nights a week for the summer, now that Idol is done? Maybe something more educational. Probably not. Early in … Continue reading

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Sharing my World for the 24th Week

I’m a bit behind on this post since Cee posted her questions on Sunday, and here it is now, Tuesday. I have a feeling that’s just how this week is going to be. In any case, here goes: 1. Are … Continue reading

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The Weekend is Over, Time to Rest

You know you’re no longer a spring chicken when you have a couple of activities on the weekend, and wake up Monday knowing you need this day to rest. A few years ago this weekend would have been exhilarating, as … Continue reading

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The Eagles of Wabasha

When we visited my brother and his wife in southern Minnesota, they took us to the National Eagle Center in Wabasha where injured eagles are taken for rehabilitation or retirement, depending upon whether they can be rehabilitated. A fascinating place, … Continue reading

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