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Share Your World – June 25, 2018

  It’s really June 27, 2018, but I know Cee won’t mind if I join the party a little late. My real world is quiet, which is how I like it, but sometimes the world of Cee adds a wee bit of … Continue reading

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Questions – Just Because

I just ran across some questions, posted by Embeecee who got them from Willow. I’m sitting here, taking a break, so I thought to myself, “why not?”, and myself replied, “sure, go ahead.” 1. Do you enjoy food from countries that are not … Continue reading

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Share Your World – June 18, 2018

I need to escape from the real world for awhile, and I can’t think of a better way to do it than to Share Cee’s world, which is a whole lot more fun. You can have an unlimited supply of one … Continue reading

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The Busy-ness of Life

I’ve been quiet for awhile now, because I’ve had other distractions happening. Good distractions. Some busy-ness. Good busy-ness. And some laziness. Because I can. Last Saturday I headed south to San Mateo, CA with the seats for my son’s van … Continue reading

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Facebook Posts and What Happens Next

But before I get to that rant, I’m wondering what WordPress has done to my dashboard. I’m not happy with the change, which might be because it’s different. Changes sometimes make me sigh. Now to the topic at hand – … Continue reading

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More Questions

I’m rather enjoying playing around with questions, and once again Embeecee Has provided some, which she got from Jim at Random Writing on the Bathroom Wall. Are you named after anyone?Not so far as I know. This little story will … Continue reading

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