I feel like putting words down this morning. If you’re looking for wisdom or cohesiveness or a story line, this is not the place to be. I’m pretty sure this will ramble, because my mode of conversation this week seems to be rambling. Sentences, not so much in the way of paragraphs. Reflects the depth of my thinking these days.

This morning was a sleepy morning, but Shasta thinks by 6:30 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. if she’s being generous – I’ve certainly slept enough, and she and Bailey have needs. They need a trip outside, but more importantly, perhaps, they need breakfast. Because they are very definitely starving to death. Shasta at least. Bailey is less concerned with food, but rarely turns it down. Providing it meets her expectations of the moment. Anyway, after their needs were met, I opted to go back to sleep for awhile. Another couple of hours while, it turned out. Perhaps now I’m prepared for the day. So when I had my morning coffee, my view was much brighter than it is most mornings. Full sun, none of this sun just beginning to peek over the hills behind me. My view, because I’m sure you’re curious.
2016-08-11 09.41.11

We’ve had cooler temperatures for this time of year the past few days – mid 70s for the most part – but we are now on a warming trend again. Which means, if I have any sense at all (the jury is out on that one), I should cut my grass today. Before it heats up more. Soon, while there is still some shade out front. I love the green, but sometimes I think it shoots up just to spite me. Because it knows I’m lazy, and would rather sit and look at it then sit on the mower and chop it down. I’m seeing little bits of color on a few trees – isn’t it too early for that? And the sunflower a bird planted for me is blooming – I think sunflowers are nature’s way of smiling.
2016-08-09 15.34.24

I’ve been undecided about what kind of curtains/valances/window coverings/decoration I’ve wanted in my family room. When husband was alive, we had draperies, but draperies are so heavy and block so much light. Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried different kinds of valances, but none of them have pleased me. I had sheer dark brown scarves a few years ago which I liked, but finding those in the right lengths was tough. So I finally decided scarves were what I wanted, but not in the fabric I could find them in already made, so I ordered a gauze fabric. Lightweight, but not too lightweight. It came the end of last week, so one of this week’s projects has been to measure, cut, hem and hang those scarves. The family room is done now, but I have lots of fabric left – that reflects my concern about “not having enough” – so I might just make new scarves for the morning room windows too. Eventually. Over a period of a few days. Not good to rush into things.
2016-08-07 21.01.59

The other afternoon I heard bird flutterings in the morning room. Investigation turned up a little brown wren that had found his way through the hanging screen on the door but could not find his way out. Last year I had another little wren that kept coming in, until one day he got in and I didn’t know it. He did not survive, sadly. So I managed to capture this year’s wren the other day, and release him back outside. This morning I heard flutterings at a window I had just closed (opened to let in cool air overnight, closed in the morning to keep hot air out). At first, I thought it was a bird outside, but I wasn’t seeing anything, so I went to look. Silly little wren! He had come in again, and was trapped between the screen and the glass. Once again, he was captured and released outside. Perhaps I should turn the morning room into an aviary.

Time is ticking away, and I think it’s now time for me to get out there and cut that grass. To you all, I wish a day overflowing with enough!

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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  1. suzicate says:

    See, the wren was giving you ideas; he thinks the morning room would make a great aviary! I love listening to the birds, but I like them better outside, ha!

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  2. I love your curtains! You’re so creative. You might need to turn the morning room into an aviary just for this little wren that seems so determined to come in. Enjoy mowing. At least your weather sounds reasonable. Ours is still hot and humid, as it’s been all summer. 🙂

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  3. Phyllis Lake says:

    I like the new curtains. Perhaps the wren thought they would be a convenient nest.

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  4. lafgolfer7 says:

    I love the lovely, drape of the gauze. Yes, the morning room might make a great aviary…at least for one determined (or lost) little wren. Our temps are typical August for middle Missouri. Hot and oppressively humid with heat indices in the triple digits. And, The Recruiter’s house is almost ready for her. We’re moving some of her stuff in this week…..in the triple digit heat index. Smart, huh? In any case, I’ve had enough……of a lot of things. :-/ Your pics are a lovely escape from all the things I should be doing.

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  5. Dawn says:

    Well that was a nice morning conversation…even though now it’s almost dinner time. I love the new scarves! Good idea! And glad you got the wren out (twice) to freedom. Silly little bird.

    We have the same issue here in the morning…breakfast requests are coming in earlier and earlier!

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  6. I adore your view! I love sunflowers! And I think your window “scarves” look fantastic!

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  7. The gauze is very pretty–warm and elegant, without taking up the kind of room drapes do. We had big clunky drapes that jutted out into the room about five inches. We got rid of them altogether and use insulated blinds now that are flush with the walls, and give us that much extra space.

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  8. pattisj says:

    An aviary! Perfect! I’m sure the new cat will like that! We live on a street with heavy traffic. When they widened the road, they anticipated 30,000 cars/day. Our old picture window in the living room–that we hope to replace one day–is covered with insulated drapes to keep out the afternoon sun, the north wind in winter, and provide privacy. I’d love to have a film of some kind where we can see out, but no one can see in, and let in a bit of light for a change. I like your scarves, it makes for a light, airy look.

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