The Last Blooms of Summer and First Signs of Fall

A few mornings ago, I followed the path around the house to check out the last blooms of summer. Fall has been announcing its approach with a certain crispness in the morning air and I thought I should record these summer blossoms before frost arrived and they were no longer smiling up at me. First, there was the misty blue blossoms of the Caryopteris, surrounded by the orange-gold Rudbeckia blossoms (Black-eyed Susan). It is an annual tradition, this sharing of a photo of these two beauties blossoming in accord, complimenting one another.

Now I know what the attraction of the Snowberry bush is to the hummingbirds – its tiny little pink blossoms, preceding the green berries which will turn white in the fall.

And the Rugosa Rose – the name of this variety will come to me in the dark hours of the night, I’m sure, but it certainly is not making itself known now. I hate that – when the name of something, or the word, is on the tip of my tongue and my brain refuses to acknowledge it.

The summer has been lovely, for the most part. It has been diminished somewhat by the days that smoke from the wildfires in Northern California or in the mountains to the northwest of us filters in, darkening our skies, coloring our sunrises and sunsets, and irritating our nostrils and lungs, causing allergies to awaken and then stay awake – making life a little less energetic and the mind a little less active and alert. But this is temporary – I keep reminding myself. The sad thing is that we are predicted to have another very dry winter, which means heightened fire hazards again next year. Is there a way to have allergies removed? The other morning I happened to look out my window at just the right moment, to catch a photo of the smoke-enhanced sun rising over the hills to our east.

And the night before, I happened to walk outside just in time to catch the rise of the waning Harvest Moon. This lucky happenstance occurred because I have a poor memory – and I had suddenly remembered I had set a sprinkler much earlier in the day in an area that has not been getting hit by the sprinkler system. I ran back into the house to grab my camera. Only to be unable to capture decent shots hand-holding the camera, so I ran back in to get the tripod. Still not satisfied with the shots – so, man up woman, I said to myself. This camera has manual settings – work it out! Which I did – making myself feel rather stupid for being unable to figure it out on a previous attempt, but also making myself feel quite righteous at having captured this shot:
Gep, are you proud of me? That’s the son, who always encourages me to learn about this stuff.

Then, this morning, a trek along the path around the house again, to capture those early signs of fall. The turning of the Burning Bush leaves

the ripening of the berries on this shrub

And the coloring of the blossoms of the Autumn Joy Sedum.

These are just the early signs of fall, a favorite season of mine. Fall and spring, each of which I think should be at least four months long, leaving two months for summer heat and two months for winter cold. I think that’s fair. The changes in the length of the seasons will not, of course, affect the length of summer break for those of you who teach. That will remain the same. It will just occur during more comfortable weather. Now, if someone would just give me that control . . .

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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11 Responses to The Last Blooms of Summer and First Signs of Fall

  1. Kathy says:

    I’m proud of you–looks like you captured that orange moon perfectly. How cool that Gep encourages you. I took a photo of it, too, but only with the CyberShot and it didn’t turn out. Lovely flowers this time of year.


  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Your photos are always so wonderful. I enjoy taking virtual walks with Carol.


  3. Beautiful photos, Carol, and I’m feeling wistful seeing the approach of autumn, my favorite season hands down. It doesn’t look like I’ll see much of autumn here in southern China. I vote wholeheartedly for your plan for 4 months each of fall and spring, leaving only 2 months for the extremes! Your moon photo is fabulous. 🙂


  4. Carol — Your photographs are breathtaking—especially the moon—a phenomenal shot! And I’m with you on your thoughts about fall and spring both being 4 months long, with summer and winter being two months long each. That would suit me to a tee 🙂


  5. suzicate says:

    Autumn is my favorite season, too! Gorgeous photos, love the moon shot!


  6. Robin says:

    You are a better woman than I am. I’m often far too lazy to go back inside and grab the tripod. Your moon shot is stunning (and a reminder that it’s worth it to run back inside and grab the tripod, and learn how to use the manual settings!). Your flowers are beautiful. I will gladly vote to put you in charge of the seasons. I like your plan. 🙂


  7. As usual, your photos are beautiful. What a lovely tribute to the change in seasons. Your determination to capture a photo of that gorgeous moon is impressive.I am sure all of your followers are proud of you, too. The thing I like best about fall is the vivid contrast in all the colors as they make their last hurrah before the frost hits.


  8. Heather says:

    I see fall is visiting you, too. Your flowers are gorgeous. Ours are suffering from the cool, rainy summer we’ve had. Odd how we’ve had so much rain – way more than normal – and the American West is suffering from drought. Wish we could be just a little bit socialist with our rain 😉


  9. lisa says:

    Oh my, I can’t even believe it’s September already! Your summer’s last hurrah is lovely. And that moon is spectacular! I have some sedums, but they aren’t in bloom just yet. Bought some mums to usher in the Autumn season. xo


  10. Angelia Sims says:

    The last of the blooms are the most courageous and beautiful I think. And the first of Fall? How quickly time and seasons go by. I am ready for the cooler weather. We had a little tease this last weekend. Enjoy your final days of summer. Your moon shot is fabulous! Well done!


  11. Hi Carol,

    These are really beautiful photos. Up in Seattle we are watching the days grow short and the lawns grow a little greener as the nights grow cool and the rains begin. I spent a summer as a camp counselor in the Trinity Alps during a terrible drought, and the only change in weather was actually from smoke from the wildfires. I hope that cooler weather brings you some relief. Best wishes for a lovely autumn!


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