Lily Meet Dora

Life is now complete. Or almost complete – when the Gep joins us late in July we will all be together. Last night my Kat arrived, car overflowing with her earthly possessions, as well as a small furry creature. Lily meet Dora.

In the beginning of this just-ended school year, Kat had a long-term job substitute teaching preschool children, so she bought Dora for the class. Now that she is going to Korea to teach this coming school year, her belongings will be living with us, as will Dora. Lily considers this quite interesting.

Lily says she finds these kinds of creatures outside all the time, and they’re hers for the taking. So why is this creature locked up in this jail? It just doesn’t seem fair.

There has got to be a way to release it, to let it run free.

You understand, I’m sure, that Lily only wants this creature to enjoy the same freedom the rest of our furry creatures have.

Because she is such a magnanimous girl, it is all for the happiness of Dora.

“Dora, I’m trying, really I’m trying!”

Lily is disgruntled. The people in this house obviously do not understand her motives, pure as they are. They have secured the lid of this pen with duct tape – because duct tape is the magic cure for many things. She will stand guard, she will stay close, she will ponder. Because some day, some way, she will find a way to help Dora escape.

We hope she does not enlist the aid of the big furry girls that live here. That could get ugly.

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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9 Responses to Lily Meet Dora

  1. SuziCate says:

    I’m sure sweet Lily’s intentions are totally innocent!


  2. jay53 says:

    Haha! Well, Lily has clearly posted herself on guard so that if – when – Dora makes her break for freedom, she’ll be there to … help her explore!


  3. I hope sweet Lily has good intentions, though it’s hard to believe that she can act against her nature. I would bet a smart cat like Lily might just find her way through the duct tape. I wonder how long little Dora will 1) stay in captivity and 2) stay alive!! 🙂 Either way, Lily does look very protective of Dora sitting atop the terrarium. Is she protecting her newfound friend or her next meal? 🙂 Have a great visit with Kat, and a great time finding a place for all her belongings. 🙂


  4. lisa says:

    I giggled all the way through this one! That last shot is priceless. And it’s true, duct tape is like The Force; it has a light side and a dark side…and holds the world together. Have a wonderful reunion with your kiddos! xoxox


  5. Oh what a FUN post – and great supporting photographs!


  6. Heather says:

    This series of photos is wonderful. (Also, wonderful that both Kat and Gep will be there!) I love how Lily has resigned herself to guarding Dora 😉


  7. Karma says:

    LOL, I’m sure Lily will try to get in touch with other like-minded souls and try to find out if there is a way to break through duct tape! Good luck with Dora – sounds like she will be an interesting addition to the family.


  8. Sheri B says:

    GREAT photos — with a wonderful narrative!!


  9. What a fun picture story! Lily looks like she is trying to figure this new creature out. Not sure what her motives are, but that could be the next chapter. Thanks for the laugh!


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