Spontaneity – We Need More of it

The other day, the Artistic One stopped by to see if I wanted to join her in a mission – to find the place where shale type rocks can be found for use in the garden. We know there is a place like that nearby, I have been there once many years ago. Unfortunately, I was not driving that time many years ago, and I have only an illusive concept of where it is located.


We drove, we ventured onto dirt roads that were little more than trails, we drove back to larger paved roads. We arrived in the small town north of us that is home to many cattle ranches. We tried to call those who might be able to direct us on our mission – her cell carrier has no service there. My cell phone is at home – I brought the essentials, my camera. No wallet, no phone. My camera. I have my priorities.


We decided to enjoy the scenery around us, we talked about local things we’ve never seen but would like to. Now that summer is ending and there will be little time to do much more before the season closes and winter sets in – we decide we want to venture forth. The good news is, there will be next year.


We see mother and offspring, pretty paints? Or pintos? I don’t know. Horses, I know. Palominos, I recognize – after all, that’s what Roy Rogers’ Trigger was. We know we like these those, we know this is a photo op. And I have my camera.


This appears to be food for a more mechanized ranch device. Or was a storage place for food for a mechanized ranch device. We thought it was interesting, another photo op.


We think this must have been an old school. We think with the double doors and the symmetry, it looks like an old school.

Down the road aways, we find an organic deli – interesting, in this location. We stop to see, find some organic chips and a refreshing pomegranate/lime drink. Of course, I have no wallet with me (but I have my camera!) so the artistic one pays. It’s so nice to have friends who come more prepared than I do.


We drive on. As far as the eye can see, there are cows. Cattle. Some of them may be steers or bulls, I do not know. I think, though, that most are beef cows – cattle. Can you tell I was not raised on a farm or ranch?


And then this sign – pretty much covers all bases, don’t you think?

We didn’t find the shale, but we found beauty around us. We talked about another venture, which has now been accomplished and which I will share, in far too much detail probably, at a later date.

What spontaneous thing have you done lately?


About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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23 Responses to Spontaneity – We Need More of it

  1. How fabulous to discover previously undiscovered places. And how thoughtful to forget your wallet! Did you ever find the shale?


  2. What a great post, Carol! I love the story, and feel like I got to tag along on your adventure. Everyone needs friends who will pull us out of the house, and then buy lunch! And everyone needs friends who are willing to grab a camera, get in the car and go, ready for anything. Looking forward to the next adventure!


  3. suzicate says:

    Indeed, you had the most important thing with you; your camera! Great shots!


    • Carol says:

      Thank you, Suzi. The camera, that thing we so often wish we had brought, when all we are carrying is our purse and our cell phone. Cell phone cameras have a place, but they just aren’t as good as a “real” camera!

      Sent from my iPad


  4. Lisa at fLVE says:

    These adventures are the best… Lovley photos and great story telling. 🙂


  5. “I brought the essentials, my camera. No wallet, no phone. My camera. I have my priorities.”

    Cracking up!


  6. Great photos (a camera is the number one priority after all.) Just in case you might be wondering, the difference between paint and pinto horses is pinto is a color and paint is a breed.


  7. Northern Narratives says:

    It’s so much fun to go out on a search. You never know what you will find. And always take along your camera 🙂


  8. Kathy says:

    If she is the Artistic One, what would she call you? I am trying to think of One spontaneous thing I’ve done lately and can’t come up with anything. Will come back later and report if something rises in this memory.


    • Carol says:

      I think they refer to me as their “navigator” because when we went to Portland I was very busy studying the MAX route maps to determine where we should catch the train, or what streets we needed to walk to get to our destination. I like to be prepared that way.

      Sent from my iPad


  9. Fabulous post Carol! I loved seeing scenery. So glad you had your camera with you. ~ BB


  10. Lynne Ayers says:

    A good meander in pleasant company – sounds like a good day.


  11. Karma says:

    I love your little adventures, Carol. I get to see and hear about things I never would have otherwise. I’d love to have more spontaneity in my life, but *SIGH* it rarely seems to happen.


    • Carol says:

      Sometimes life gets in the way of living – and spontaneity – doesn’t it, Karma? Even in my retired years, there’s not enough of it. But I hope to practice.

      Sent from my iPad


  12. I schedule my spontaneity each day. Today I went looking for an address where the first Jack in the Box was built back in 1951. It’s no longer there, but the place that is there is a technology college which just happens to be a place where I took a website course back in 1995.


  13. Heather says:

    I kind of want that sign! Glad you had your camera – it’s often all I remember to bring too. Thankfully, Husband always has his wallet 🙂


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