It’s Thursday and I’m Feeling Random

It’s a lovely Thursday out there, but I did some weed whacking and mowed the lawn yesterday which resulted in sore muscles in the arm that supports the weed whacker. I have decided I deserve a day off because I have accomplished a few things this week, because I want one, and because I have the freedom to take a day off whenever I choose. Ain’t life grand?

Several years ago, I planted some ornamental strawberries, the kind the catalog said did not have runner and would not spread. Uh huh. I think the catalog did not account for birds who do a good job of planting by the process of ingesting and dispelling. But the catalog also lied about the runners. So now I have no ornamental strawberries where I originally planted them, but I have an overload of them in every other place that has soil showing. The plants are green, have pretty flowers now and then, and the birds like the berries, so they have been allowed whatever space they like. Yesterday, I watched through my window as a Robin stuffed as many berries as she possibly could in her beak and flew off – I suspect her young were having a strawberry breakfast.

Speaking of birds and their young, I think the tree swallows in the camera house have all fledged now. A couple of days ago, I watched one seriously considering launching – but, as happens every year, I was doing something out of sight of the house when they actually left. I did get a photo – not particularly clear, since it was taken through a window and the was asking the iPhone camera to zoom further than it really likes, plus the bird was moving – but a photo.

Going out for dinner with a friend tonight. We’re going to the Mexican food place down the road, which means I’ll probably order a burrito, because that sounds good right now, and will have half of it (at least) leftover for dinner tomorrow night. Fine with me, means no planning, preparation, or cooking will be required of me. Although in the summer, I don’t do a lot of cooking anyway – I eat lots and lots of green salads with lots of goodies in them.

I seem to have only one squirrel running about the yard this summer – although I did see one yesterday that I think might have been a new addition. I have read that squirrels nest in December and June. December seems like bad timing to me, but June works. I know my main squirrel was feeding young earlier this month because her little feeding nozzles were prominent. She likes the fountain out front, as do the birds. Again, I was asking more zoom of the camera than it likes.

I got a new phone in May when I was eligible for an upgrade. My Samsung Note 4 was beginning to get hotter than I liked when I was asking it to work much, and had started doing odd things – moving icons from my screens, suddenly telling me from my pocket that it did not understand what I was asking – I was not asking anything of it. That was a bit spooky. Anyway, I got an iPhone 7+ and love it, for one thing, it uploads my photos to iCloud so I can access them from any device. So far it’s behaving properly and not acting strangely at all. A bonus happy result of this was that my carrier has changed its plans and under a newer plan, my bills have been reduced.

Things continue to bloom in my yard. What I think will be the last of the iris are these pretty ladies:

The peonies are finishing up their bloom and the daylilies are beginning theirs, I just wish the flower would last longer than one day. One of the Clematis plants on the tower that covers the well head is also getting ready to bloom.

I’ve been doing a lot of house hunting, of the HGTV variety, lately. I have yet to decide where my ideal home would be. Definitely near water, preferably the ocean. I’ll keep looking until I find the place that opens its arms to hug me. And after I win the lottery – which will be a long time since I don’t buy tickets.

On that note, I shall leave you with the hope that your days are filled with enough.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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4 Responses to It’s Thursday and I’m Feeling Random

  1. Carol — Your photographs are like eye candy. Delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ally Bean says:

    That squirrel is fun. Whatever is it getting into? A large ceramic apple? It’s cute whatever it is.


  3. It sounds like you fully enjoyed your day off. My peonies and iris are long gone. Now the day lilies, bee balm and astilbe are taking over. Bright colors but not the luscious fragrance of the spring beauties.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. leendadll says:

    pretty Irissesssesss and I love the cat eyes in your banner image!


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