Beauty and Warmth are Fleeting Pleasures

I have been alerted to the need to be speedy. Quickly, quickly, get out the door and take some pictures of blooming things. Quickly.


It appears I was not quick enough. This delicate blue beauty got nipped by the 31 degree temperature that lingered in my yard this morning. It is still quite lovely, although not as happy as it was yesterday. When I should have been out there. Procrastination will get me every time.

This part of the country, this place we have chosen to live out our lives, is the most unreliable place in the world, I think. It is the place where Mother Nature vents her wrath, cackling as she flits over us leaving frosty air in her wake. You would think I would have adjusted to it by now, but there are some things that I prefer to believe are flukes and will not happen. Again. And again. I am steadfast, albeit stupidly so, in those beliefs.

But. Just in case it really does get to 27 tonight, as the forecast shows, I have done my best to preserve the blooms so we at least can reassure ourselves that they did exist. Briefly.


Another iris. This one in a more sheltered area, a bit more protected from the frosty air. A corner, bordered on the one side by the morning room and the other by the living room, a southeastern exposure.


The one lilac bush that has opened its buds to produce these pinkly blossoms, while the other lilacs struggle to survive to bloom at a later date. It seemed a good idea to cut some of these branches, to preserve their beauty for just a bit longer.


Blue flax, which blooms in a small wildflower section which is mostly populated by lupine. These lovely little flowers open only in the sun, so lately they’ve been coming and going as the clouds cover the sky and then move just a bit so the sun can peek through. For a little while. Until the clouds come again, blown in I am quite sure by Mother Nature. Who is cackling. Whose fingertips yesterday shot out some thunder, accompanied by frozen white balls. How can it hail when it’s too warm to snow? I do not understand.


Lily soaking up some sunshine by the blue flax, wishing she could just take a nap without being disturbed. She came out here because in the house it seems someone is always thinking they need the chair she is using for her nap. Because we obviously do not have the proper respect for her needs.

So now, if indeed the weather does what they are saying it will do, I have photos, there is evidence that we have had some blossoms. I will hope that the rhododendron whose buds are beginning to show a touch of color will survive the night, and any such nights that may follow.

Because in this part of the country where we have chosen to live out our lives, the weather is fickle and warmth can be fleeting. And Mother Nature is not being our friend. Again.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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11 Responses to Beauty and Warmth are Fleeting Pleasures

  1. Sheri says:

    I got a picture of the hail-covered ground yesterday. Surely was noisy here in our rig!!


  2. orples says:

    I imagine the aroma of lilac is surrounding you, as you catalog your newest memories of your lovely Iris, even while it is still there. Sad really, that the blooms of spring are so brief. Their coming and going, though, is what separates the seasons.


    • Carol says:

      The aroma of lilac is surrounding me, Marcy, and I am so appreciating it. As I do each and every flower that manages to share its beauty, even if it is fleeting.


  3. That burgundy Iris is gorgeous! I only have dark purple and lavender varieties. Glad you caught it on camera before more frosty weather moved in. My peonies and lilacs are finished. Moving on to Phlox, Butterfly weed, Cosmos and Daisies. Once they are in full bloom maybe I’ll post some shots. For now I am enjoying my vegetables. Stay warm and cozy!


    • Carol says:

      I have a couple of lavender iris which haven’t bloomed yet, but no dark purple, the plain dark purple I remember as being so prevalent in my childhood. My peonies are budding, the earliest starting to show a touch of color so we should be enjoying them before too long. The others you’re getting now will arrive here in July most likely.


  4. I love your photographs, and I really enjoyed the word picture you painted of Mother Nature.


  5. Heather says:

    Mother Nature can be so inconsiderate of our personal desires 😉 I try to limit the number of blooming things we have around here, but an still sorely disappointed when a frosty night zaps them.


  6. Carol says:

    Laurie and Heather, can you tell I am not a big fan of Mother Nature? Actually, husband says it’s because I have not shown her the proper respect and these frosts are therefore something I have caused. I am a fan of her good sides, and I would be more respectful of her if she would be kinder to those of us groundlings.


  7. Lisa says:

    A house needs to fall on cackling Mother Nature. Where is Glinda when you need her?


  8. Dawn says:

    Just seems unfair that you can not settle into summer.


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