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Grapes, Anyone?

In our new backyard, we have this pergola. A pergola covered in grape vines. These grape vines are very productive. So on a Sunday afternoon, having spent the day unpacking, unpacking, unpacking – does unpacking ever end? Will these boxes … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

I have words today – not necessarily coherent, cohesive, or even of much interest, but hey, I have words! That’s something that hasn’t been happening very often with me lately. I’ve been quiet because – well, because I thought maybe … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Smile #1

I feel like I’ve been immersed in negativity lately – I’m blaming it on Covid, people who swallow conspiracy theories whole and refuse to get vaccinated, or still believe Trump won the election, or think that red car that’s been … Continue reading

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Face Masks? Vaccine?

Originally posted on that little voice:
I’m reluctantly crawling back into my cozy cave of isolation since many fellow earth dwellers are either unwilling or unable to roll up their sleeves and get the Covid vaccine. I understand why people…

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Taking Time to Refresh my Soul

This summer, with Covid restrictions lifted, we got our week on the coast, within hearing of the ocean, smelling, feeling the ocean air, relaxing. Refreshing. At this house, for 6 days, Gep, Kat, and I shook off the Covid malaise. … Continue reading

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Share Your World – June 22, 2021)

Mid-morning, and my weather center says it’s already 88 degrees outside – for those who love hot, this is probably good news. I am less fond of hot, so it does not excite me. Today I must take my car … Continue reading

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I’m Having a Tantrum

So. Here it goes. The news last night reported that we have had 200 mass shootings in this country in this year, the year of 2021. The year for which I held so much hope. And Google just told me … Continue reading

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We Come and We Go

I’ve been thinking about a blog post for a few days now. Loose thoughts, not very cohesive – undoubtedly a post that will largely be stream of consciousness, words coming out of the brain as they find their way into … Continue reading

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Questions are Meant to be Answered

I first saw this post on Melanie’s blog, but she found it on A Guy Called Bloke’s blog. These questions are apparently on a road trip, and I decided to try to answer them because it’s a really good way … Continue reading

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Sharing My World

I am sitting in the recliner if my silent home, with the black princess cat sleeping peacefully on the arm of the chair next to me, because that has become her morning routine, as I go through my morning routine … Continue reading

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