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I have words today – not necessarily coherent, cohesive, or even of much interest, but hey, I have words! That’s something that hasn’t been happening very often with me lately. I’ve been quiet because – well, because I thought maybe I’d been doing too much ranting about too many things, and maybe I was giving off a grumpy old lady vibe. And because I just haven’t felt like sharing the words that come into my brain, which have been few and far between.

Last night my daughter was streaming the weekly meeting of the school board for the district in which she will be teaching this year. During the past two weeks those who came to comment during the part of the meeting that is designated for that were the people that make me angry – anti-maskers, anti-Covid Vaccine people, spouting their misinformation. My grumpy old lady vibes come on in full force when I hear those comments. Last night was a welcome relief because, while the first person was more of the same, those that followed were from the medical profession, trying to explain why taking advantage of our only defenses against Covid was a good idea. It seemed the medical profession had concluded that they have to get out in numbers and try to combat what I am calling the “stupidity factor”.

I agree – I have started my personal little campaign via Facebook against the anti-vaccine people because I feel that need. I know, I know – everyone is sick of people like me pushing their own beliefs, and most people want Facebook to be a happy place – but, people – this world is not a happy place right now, and we need to take responsibility for it being that way and do what we can to try to change it up.

All I can say is I am having a lot of trouble feeling sympathy for those who have refused to take advantage of the available weapons to fight Covid and then find themselves stricken with it. I have little sympathy for people who are taking up valuable hospital beds which leaves people with medical problems they could not prevent unable to get the help they need. I have little sympathy for anyone who endangers those who have underlying conditions or legitimate reasons that prevented them from getting the vaccine.

People need to recognize that yes, they have freedoms, but with freedoms comes responsibilities. You are not the only one in this world, you know.

Done now, at least for this moment, with that topic.

We are preparing to move. I hate moving, and the last two times I’ve moved I’ve sworn that would be the last time. So much for that concept. However, I am really hoping this will truly be the last time. It is a move for the better – a move that will eliminate the need for Kat to spend two hours of every week day driving to and from work. A move that will get us closer to larger stores, making it easier to keep fresh produce in our refrigerator, enabling us to eat healthier meals. A move to a larger house, allowing for some separation of spaces, a wonderful pergola covered in grapevines, a smaller yard that will be more easily maintained.

Does anyone else feel like our country is being governed by the courts rather than our government? I guess some entity has to fill the void when our government can’t give up its partisan battles to actually function as it was intended.

After June and July hitting us with record-breaking heat, August has turned friendlier. We’ve even had some days that had a tinge of the feeling of fall. Unfortunately, this is not true for much of the country, and I wish I could help you all out with that.

I’ve been weaving, but not taking pictures of any of it – my excuse was the heat. Photos taken outside are so much better and give a more accurate representation of colors, but when the temperatures are 90 and above – nope, I’m not going to haul stuff outside to take photos. And now that the temperatures have moderated, we’re packing. Packing. Packing. I’ll share after the move is done and things are unpacked. Because then I’ll have that lovely pergola space for a setting. Until then, I do have one photo of one of the fabrics that was on my loom, and is now packed to be finished later.

I’m doing quite a bit of reading – light stuff, just like my TV streaming. Feel-good movies, HGTV, nothing that raises the stress level. Because – this world, Covid, moving.

Then there’s Afghanistan – apparently we did not learn from Vietnam that there are conflicts we should not enter, cultures we do not understand and therefore cannot change. As if we have the right to try to make other countries over in our image. My opinion, folks. It’s not necessary for you to agree. But then everything I write is my opinion, isn’t it?

And now? On to the pantry to do a little more packing. I think it’s endless. To be followed by the unpacking. Which will seem endless.

One last thought – despite all my complaining, I do recognize that I really do have

Wishing you the same.

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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17 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. lois says:

    I am celebrating one court decision here in Florida. Judge ruled that our illustrious governor (DeSantis!) overstepped his authority and cannot issue the school mask mandate that many counties were defying anyway. My state is a mess with Covid, but he doesn’t quite see it that way. I was awaiting this decision and, even though my children are grown, I know so many who still send their kids to school with anxiety. Maybe it’s not for me to understand, but I really do not get the anti-vaxxers.
    Good luck with your move, Carol–I am so happy you get your own space!!


  2. dawnkinster says:

    This week our county mandated masks in school. A win for responsibility! There are now appearing around the neighborhoods signs in yards saying “Unmask our children” SIGH SIGH SIGH. I’m SO glad I don’t have kids in school (or kids at all for that matter) and I worry about my sister who is teaching in Columbus GA. Today a teacher in her building died of covid. She was in school on Monday. The principal didn’t tell anyone, my sister heard it from the janitor after classes. Apparently he’s related to the deceased teacher. I asked her if they were at least sending letters home with the students and she didn’t think so. Unbelievable. She’s going to get a covid test this weekend.

    I just want to go on a really long camping trip deep in the woods where I can avoid all the terrible news about everything.

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  3. Robin says:

    “… this world is not a happy place right now, and we need to take responsibility for it being that way and do what we can to try to change it up.” I should have read this before I answered your comment on my blog, Carol. I think that’s what we need to do now. Step up and start being as noisy as those who would spread disinformation. Thank you for doing that. 🙂

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  4. So good to hear from you – and I totally get the need for “radio silence” – to be constantly vigilant is to be constantly outraged and I cannot sustain that level of hardship. Nor can the people within my “hearing range.”
    Best wishes with the move, and may you and your family dodge the consequences of stupidity.

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  5. Hey Carol, bravo for your comments. I am limiting my time on news programs, because my stress level goes higher and higher. Instead, I’m writing about ‘stuff’ that is not brain stressing, and decided to get a few of my walls painted a gold or orange or something in-between. Have one coat done, and it is too dark, so am now going back and will try to get the same color, just lighter. It is a challenging endeavor, since I am not color savvy. My sense of interior design, or any design, is lacking.
    I think your packing may help get your mind off the craziness, recklessness, and inhumanity we seem to be encountering throughout the world. Oh sigh!


    • Carol says:

      The packing and whole thing about moving seems to be adding more stress, sadly. The problem is I like to be in control, and in this particular case I have absolutely no control – which I find difficult because I also have a need to plan and “be prepared” but that would require that I have some control. Arrrgh!



  6. So good to read you Carol. Don’t worry about the grumpy old lady vibes… I think we all have that, that’s why we blog.. let’s all be grumpy old ladies together, please?

    “a wonderful pergola covered in grapevines, a smaller yard that will be more easily maintained.”
    That sounds idyllic. Pictures after you move please?


    • Carol says:

      Together we can conquer, right? And pictures – yes, definitely, after we get settled. There will be a lot of boxes to unpack. Amazing how people can collect so much stuff, isn’t it?


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  7. Kathy says:

    Freedoms come with responsibilities–yes, a good way of putting it, Carol. I hope your move will go well (or has it happened already?) and that all your listed benefits make it worthwhile. Do you still have your other house or have you sold it?

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    • Carol says:

      We moved a week ago – but I think the unpacking and putting away process will take forever and ever. My daughter and her husband’s other house has not yet sold, in part, we think, because it’s a small town 50 miles away from a larger town, so there’s not a huge demand. This house is older but more spacious, providing me my own area, which I’m loving.



  8. Lisa says:

    I hate how everything is weaponized. Last year, there were those who very vocally threw doubt on the vaccines because they were developed under Trump. Now, there are those who won’t take them because of Biden. Political weapons and no one wins. Misinformation and too many contradictions killed any chance of everyone coming together in this crisis. And, I’m not really sure who is running the government these days. The Afghanistan withdrawal was a disaster and could have been completely avoided with some common sense. I also hate to move but this one sounds like it will be better in the long run. I hope your take out your frustration through weaving because what you create is gorgeous.

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