Taking Time to Refresh my Soul

This summer, with Covid restrictions lifted, we got our week on the coast, within hearing of the ocean, smelling, feeling the ocean air, relaxing. Refreshing. At this house, for 6 days, Gep, Kat, and I shook off the Covid malaise.

The decision to make this trip together came rather late in the available choices on VRBO year, which, coupled with budget constraints, did not get us oceanfront, but our windows did provide that sliver of ocean view.

We arrived late afternoon, as permitted by the rules of the house, so the next day after the sun burned the marine layer off, Gep and I walked across the road, down the path that promised to lead to the beach. Uh oh! At the end of the path, a kind of a sea lake. Okay, maybe not a sea lake, maybe a lake formed where the river flowed under the bridge and into the ocean.

There appeared to be a continuation of the path to the right (not shown), but it required clamboring down a steep rocky slope, treading carefully along the edge of the “lake”, then crouch-walking through an area of heavy foliage. Since my clamboring is neither as graceful nor as trustworthy as it was a few years ago, we opted to go back to the house, get in the car, and drive down road to the Cook’s Creek beach.

It was a beach with lots of rocks, affording many tide pools – we were baffled by the fact that most of those little pools showed no life with the exception of this one, where a sea slug waited patiently for the next high tide to wash him back to into the sea.

Gep took pictures, using his phone camera just as I did, because isn’t it so much easier to carry than a big camera? I call it efficiency.

More beach scenes.

Ahhh, this has been grand. My heart is happy. My soul is relaxed. The beach is my happy place, but now it’s time to head back to our temporary home so that we can get ready to head to a town with places to have lunch.

To be continued. . .

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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9 Responses to Taking Time to Refresh my Soul

  1. Lovely Carol. The beach is about a five minute walk from our house and at the moment the best time to go is before 7am and after 10 pm. Roll on October!

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  2. lois says:

    We drive across the bridge to the beach, and something about the smell of salt air makes everything alright. This relaxed me, Carol.

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  3. What a lovely spot to visit to get some much needed relaxation and soul-refreshing.

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  4. dawnkinster says:

    I’m glad you got away. The house looks nice! I’ve never done a house rental…do you bring your own anything besides food?
    My favorite of your beach picture is the 3rd one beyond the picture of Geb. I love the curves.


    • Carol says:

      Everything is provided – some of them might limit paper products, but otherwise it’s all there. I’ve gone through VRBO a few times now and have never had a problem.


  5. Sounds and looks divine! Makes me hunger for the beach.

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  6. Lovely photos. I also would have opted to drive around rather than clamber down that trail to the beach. I’m not very limber these days, either.

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  7. Helen says:

    It is nice to be able to get away. Our restrictions haven’t all be lifted yet so we’ve been camping close to home, three trips done, three more to go.

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  8. Lisa says:

    Looks like a lovely getaway! The beach looks very interesting! Hope you found some cook shells. We’re getting a beach vacay in September.

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