We Come and We Go

I’ve been thinking about a blog post for a few days now. Loose thoughts, not very cohesive – undoubtedly a post that will largely be stream of consciousness, words coming out of the brain as they find their way into the brain. I’ve been thinking about how so many of the bloggers I followed when I first began this journey back in about 2009 – with a host other than WordPress for the first three years – how those bloggers have disappeared from the scene. There are a few remaining, stalwart souls that they are.

I first began my blog journey to keep family and friends apprised of our activities when my husband and I went on a summer trip to visit my brother and his wife in Minnesota, meandering thought the states between our home in Oregon and Minnesota at a pace we chose on a daily basis. No hurry, no worry. My blog has undergone many changes, but has never had a real plan, a real format, a real schedule. Because then it would become a job, work, something to be resisted.

I’ve been thinking about how the only real constant in this life is the change – change in large ways, small ways, in-between ways, but always there is change. For better or worse. It comes and it goes, just as we bloggers come and go.

I’m finding myself wanting to be a hermit, frustrated with the way our society is going, frustrated with the way truth, reality, has become so ambiguous, so difficult to determine. Frustrated with not being able to trust – wary of everything we hear and read. Frustrated with how everything has become so politicized. So labeled. Maybe that desire has contributed to my lack of posting – I’m not sure. I am weary of writing posts ranting and raving, yet I am also weary of forced cheer, the “let’s all only post happy things” movement I see so frequently on Facebook.
So here I am, on a bit of a rant.

Happy things: 1) I am working on starting an Etsy shop for my weaving. It’s slow going, because I’m having problems getting as enthused as I’d like to be. Perhaps a bit of that hermit thing affecting my energy. I’m critical of much of what I’m done, perhaps more than I should be, and that slows me down.

2) my daughter’s vegetable gardens are flourishing, with the peas already in bloom, a couple of the tomato plants showing little yellow flowers, and a Clary Sage that serves no purpose but is vigorous and lovely.

3) I have planted some shrubs and some flowers; tiny things yet, as most of them were purchased online, but small areas of flower and shrub gardens are happening.

4) While my Shasta’s body is showing her age, her eyes and ears are alert and filled with love. Because dogs are love.

5) WordPress has been fighting me all the way this morning, not wanting to allow me to do a post on the website on my laptop, making it difficult to find the photos I want – but I have persevered and managed to get through it. That warrants a cup of tea!

All of which is a reminder that, despite the comings and goings of things in our lives, I have

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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9 Responses to We Come and We Go

  1. lois says:

    Personally, I love your stream of conscious posts. They remind me of short chapters in a book, which, for me, is a good thing. I’m the kind of checks out how long a chapter is before I read. Don’t ask why…. Yay! for the Etsy shop. Your items are beautiful, Carol. The garden looks so good, and Shasta…who can resist those eyes and that smile.

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  2. Lovely weaving Carol, and Shasta’s a sweetheart. Indeed, Dogs are love.

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  3. leendadll says:

    Oh Shasta is BEAUTIFUL!!

    I love all the plants. Gardening is not at all an interest for me right now. Even remembering to water existing plants is difficult. I appreciate seeing everyone’s lovely spring plants!!

    I’m also in the hermit and ‘sick of all my posts being complaining’ moods. They both seem to be trends this past week, which is interesting to me.

    As the outside world gets louder by the day, I find myself giving a lot of thought to fantasies of finding somewhere peaceful to live.

    I’m happy to see you again! Good luck with the etsy shop!!

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  4. Ally Bean says:

    I relate to this post so much. I am about one step away from becoming a hermit, shutting out all social media, and just going back to the pre-blog time of my life. I won’t, of course, because that’s unrealistic but I started my blog for one reason and now… it seems like I’ve lost the plot.


    • Carol says:

      Maybe it’s time for a natural evolution for your blog – maybe the reason you started it is no longer relevant, and a plot change will be good for both you and the blog. Dunno. Not sure I understand much of anything anymore. Hugs.


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  5. Lisa says:

    My thoughts bounce around in my head too but I’ve not been able to harness them into anything meaningful lately. I miss quite a few bloggy friends that are no longer around too. Since the world refuses to grow up and be civil, I find myself concentrating on more local interests instead of watching the latest lies on the news. Your weaving is always so lovely. I wish you well with your Etsy shop. xoxox


  6. Carol, your weaving is Fabulous! My gosh lady, they are works of art. Good on you, as the Aussies would say.

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