Happiness Is

Happiness is cooking a whole frozen chicken in an Instant Pot.

Happiness is cooking a whole thawed chicken in an air fryer.

Happiness is good food

Happiness is being with loved ones

Happiness is the sun shining through the window over my shoulder

I just looked at the date of my last post – don’t know where the heck that time has gone, but gone it is. We are now in February. I can feel spring coming. That’s happiness. Planning gardens – both flower and vegetables. Happiness.

I will be in charge of planting things other than vegetables. My daughter will be the vegetable queen – although we’ll work together. My hope is to find someone with a younger, stronger back to dig up the grasses and weeds in the area where I want to plant a triangular shaped flower bed, with a couple of shrubs and a tall ornamental grass and flowers – of course, brightly colored flowers. And I want to plant some pretties in pots nearer the house. I also want to keep my planting areas smaller than I did in my previous home, more manageable. Blooming flowers is happiness.

I have told myself I’ll stay away from topics political in this post. I’m working at it. But if something stumbles out of the brain unto the keyboard, you have the absolute right to simply skim over it, past it, ignore it.

Today my daughter and I will leave the house. There is a cat that needs booster shots. There are a couple of items needed to be sure the pantry is fully stocked with those things we need or think we need. A venture out into the real world. Something I’ve been doing very rarely these past months.

A not-so-happy-note here – I got a statement from the hospital for my October visit. Seven and one-half days – nearly $70,000 was billed to my insurance. My portion is a very small part of that, but. . . $70,000! No wonder so many people end up filing bankruptcy because of medical bills. I think next time I’ll just go to a luxury resort – it would be less expensive.

On this note – political thoughts appear – wouldn’t it be nice if we had a government that could work together and actually get things done? Like a reasonable health-care plan that would work for the people of this country. All the people – not just the wealthy. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live in peace?

That would bring even greater happiness.

I have been weaving, I just have not been taking many photos. The stack that needs pressing and photos taken grows. But I do have a couple of photos to share:

Weaving is happiness

Having enough is happiness

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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32 Responses to Happiness Is

  1. What a lovely list! ❤ Your weaving continues to be spectacular! And I'm glad to know you're doing well Carol!

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  2. dawnkinster says:

    Though I feel sort of sad that you have left your previous home, I feel very happy that you are with family and enjoying the time together. And that you are planning gardens and weaving and hanging out with cats (and a dog?). And that we have a new administration. Oh wait. Right. That’s politics…moving on…

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  3. lois says:

    I am still taking shallow breaths but at least I started breathing again. That’s all I am saying about politics. Gardening plans always make me happy. I have started some drastic (for me) pruning, so am anxious for spring to see the fruits of my labor. Not at your house any more? You had the prettiest views, but a new place to transform sounds exciting. And happy.

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  4. Such beautiful weavings. You really need to sell those items you make if you aren’t already doing so.

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  5. The weaves are awesome Carol.

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  6. Alien Resort says:

    Our cat had dental surgery yesterday. That was a rare outing for us. He is doing well now.

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  7. Robin says:

    Your list is lovely and your weavings are beautiful. 🙂


  8. leendadll says:

    Your weaving is fantastic. Do they turn out as intended or do you “wing it” and get what ya get?


  9. leendadll says:

    Heyy… this posted twice!


  10. I agree with all your ‘happiness is’ things. 🙂

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  11. Ally Bean says:

    Your weaving is beautiful, the result is soothing to see. I’m intrigued with your Instant Pot experience. We don’t have one, so this sounds quite exciting. Can you tell I haven’t been anywhere in a long time?

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    • Carol says:

      Thank you! My weaving is soothing to do too. I love my instant pot. It’s perfect for cooking dry beans and I eat a lot of beans – my meat replacement.It’s also perfect for cooking a lot of other things – and hard boiled eggs – perfection ! They peel so easily – someone told me it’s because they’re steamed, rather than boiled.


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  12. Lisa says:

    Yes, I’m suffering from time moving at warp speed as well. I’m so happy you are weaving again. You are truly talented with a loom! And, I agree it would be fantastic is our government would actually work together for the good of those people they represent. Unfortunately, I believe they think we should answer to them instead of the other way around. Until the factions that are hell bent on destroying opposing viewpoints stop, I don’t see a very unified future. On a lighter note, I received my first seed packets in the mail! xoxox


    • Carol says:

      We picked up some packets of seeds last trip shopping, and I have ordered other plants – some flowers and a couple of shrubs. My daughter’s yard can do with some manicuring, since she has focused on raised beds for vegetables since she’s been here.



  13. Kathy says:

    Happiness is reading your post right now. Happiness is admiring your weaving. And sometimes we have to admit that what’s not happy in our lives deserves some attention, too. Did you lose power in the recent snowstorm? Our daughter and her husband are still without since last Sunday.


  14. Marta Frant says:

    Oh so true! To me, happiness is the ability to live in the moment and know that you are there. Sometimes it’s s o hard but I remember that I need to return into my body and pay my attention to all my body parts one by one. Then voila! I’m present again.

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