Sadness – along with frustration – seem to be my keywords this year. I keep thinking nothing more can happen to bring those words, those emotions to me – yet I am continually proven wrong. This sadness – the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsberg – is a huge sadness. A huge loss. In a world where reasoning and thoughtfulness seems to have disappeared, this lady was both of those things, as well as intelligent and a force to be reckoned with. She was a honor to our country.

To top off my sadness at her loss – my frustration with Mitch and his cohorts in the Senate is also rising up to my discomfort. Four years ago he refused to bring a candidate for the Supreme Court up for a vote because it “was too close to an election and that should be done by the coming president”. Now, suddenly, that no longer matters, and Mitch promises to fill the position quickly. Let’s not promote partisanship or anything – can’t be done if the sitting president is a Democrat, but must be done if the sitting president is a Republican.

Stop the world, I want to get off!

I have been quiet for awhile, because those words above – sadness and frustration – have been dwelling too often and too long in my world, and I didn’t want to give you another rant to suffer through. But those thoughts have to be released or I fear they will consume me. Every day brings more untruths, more chaos, more dishonor to our ears, to our lives, to our country.  Thank you, Electoral College. Thank you, people who are willing to accept this swamp creature as their representative. Thank you, government that cares nothing for the people or the country, but only for its political party. Lead us into a dictatorship, is the chant I’m hearing from the supporters of the current government. They don’t know that’s what they’re asking for – because reasoning and thoughtfulness is not part of their repertoire. Blame desperation, perhaps. I’m not sure, because I truly do not understand their beliefs or feelings.

Am I being harsh? Yes. If this government is re-elected, I’m not quite sure how I’ll handle it. My budget does not permit the concept of moving to a new country, but if it did, I would certainly seriously consider it. I used to be proud of my country – I used to feel we were a great country. Not so much, now, I’m very sorry – so sad – to say. I support those who support the country and its people – those who are willing to risk their lives for their beliefs – who are willing to go out and speak their minds, protest for their beliefs, in a peaceful manner. I do not support those who spread confusion and chaos, who consider denigrating other people that disagree with them, or cause violence and destruction – both physical and emotional.

I weep for those who think this person who is the sitting president, can “get it done”. Because I fear “getting it done” refers to his unfair fight against immigrants. I fear that feeling is underlying, unacknowledged racism. I fear more of this administration and we truly will not have an earth on which to reside, or peace in the valley, or pride in who we are.

And I wonder, as I yell “stop the earth, I want to get off”, if all of this that has gone on and is going on in this year of 2020 is the result of the anger of the higher being, punishing us for our thoughtlessness, greed, stupidity, and lack of integrity.

I never used to be a doomsday believer. Sadness. Frustration.

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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14 Responses to Sadness

  1. Yes, yes, yes… I hear you. All of it, and I also feel the urge to get away from it. It, and its relentless, freaking, nasty presence. And I’m up here at a “safe” (ha ha ha, famous last words) distance from it all.

    No comfort, I suppose, except for the “misery loves company” variety.

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  2. Robin says:

    I hear you, Carol, and feel the same way. About all of it. I wish I could move to another country. I wish a lot of things I’m not willing to say (or write) out loud because it makes me feel awful to even have thoughts of such things. But I think you’re right. These things need to be said, brought out into the open. Keeping them in will only destroy ourselves with the stress of it.

    McConnell. He’s pure evil. How heartless to announce, within two hours of RBG’s death, that he will seek to fill her spot. Aside from her family, friends, and a lot of people in the country mourning her loss, there is the issue of what he did when Obama was president. This is not only an election year, it is so close to the election that people have already voted in four states where early voting has started!!! As he said when he held up Garland’s nomination, let the people vote and speak. It makes me so angry, so sad, so frustrated.

    I often feel like this is a punishment, too. The only thing that gives me any kind of hope is that there are more and more people getting riled up by it all, sick of it all, and frustrated by it all. Even some of the creature’s followers are turning. My hope is that it’s enough. The Conspirituality podcast I mentioned in my last post has helped to give me insight into some of the followers, although I don’t know if that is just me, comforting myself with knowledge and research, or if it will be genuinely helpful at some point.

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  3. dawnkinster says:

    I don’t know what I will do if #45 gets relected either. I have no plan B. I didn’t have a plan B in 2016 either and look where that got me.

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    • Carol says:

      I was very wary during the 2016 campaigns, but never did I ever think Trump would win, so there was no need for a Plan B. Now I can’t come up with one that is feasible. Sadness.


  4. leendadll says:

    I’m right where you are. Especially trying to figure out how/where to go if this insanity continues. I don’t see any stop to our slide into “whites only; rich only; money is EVRYTHING”, nor it’s likelihood to cause a civil or world war. My hope for the future is gone. I was prepared for climate change to cause wars but not American politics, esp after the positivity of the prev pres.

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  5. Oh Lord, yes! You just put all of these words, from my heart and mind, onto a page for me. I am in a state of utter despair over all of the above, and so so sad that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is no longer her to guide and defend us. I will get off with you when the earth stops.

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    • Carol says:

      I guess all we can do is vote vote vote! Maybe twice like Trump suggested. Oh, I can’t try that – Oregon votes all by mail or drop off ballot box and I don’t think they’ll give me two ballots.


  6. Kathy says:

    I read this earlier and couldn’t think of anything to add. My heart just gets so heavy thinking about all this. Just a quiet hug for you…

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  7. “Stop the world, I want to get off!”

    Yeah, that’s my stop too.

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  8. We can only hope that enough Americans feel the same way to vote out #45. Then of course you have to make him leave.

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