Share Your World – 8/10/2020

Melanie has added a “twist” to Share Your World now, but I am opting not to play the twist. I’ve seen the Harry Potter movies, but am not really a fan and remember very little of anything I saw in those movies. So, here I am, playing the untwisted part of sharing my world.

Would You Rather Live 120 Years That Are Comfortable But Boring, Or Live Half As Long, But Have An Exciting Adventure Packed Life? Can I have a long boring life punctuated with exciting adventures every now and then? I mean, comfort matters, up to a point, and adventure matters, up to a point. Or maybe it’s all in the definition of ‘boring’. Maybe your boring wouldn’t be boring for me. This might require some investigation and further thought.

What’s Something That Overwhelms You? You have to ask? The state of this country, the dysfunction of our government, the Donald on his way to being a single ruler of the country, screw the Congress – but then, the Congress can’t get together to do anything anyway. That’s what overwhelms me.

What Do or DID You Take For Granted? I did take a functional government for granted, up until fairly recently. I did take the ability of people to use logic and thought instead of just reacting for granted until fairly recently. I did take for granted time with my son and daughter in the summers until Covid. I will give these times that much – I take far less for granted now.

Hmmm – that got grumpy, didn’t it?

Gratitude:   Please feel free to share some gratitude moments or thoughts you’ve had recently.  This section is entirely optional.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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12 Responses to Share Your World – 8/10/2020

  1. Nodding along to all your points.

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  2. Thanks Carol for weighing in and Sharing Your World! I think you touched on several points that make us all ‘grumpy’ (well those who use their brains for something besides a hat holder)… I’m glad too that you ‘got’ my idea of not being required to do the “Potter” portion of the post. A lot of people are dismayed by seeing it and flutter away. To each their own I say! Thank YOU for being ‘brave’ though! 😀

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  3. Carol — Like you, I take far less for granted post-Covid.

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  4. leendadll says:

    1. Exciting. 2. Everything. 3. Everything.

    Gratitude: my critter cam; the small raccoon who’s adorbs but rarely in view of the cam; Little Black Kitty getting braver by the day; my kitties – including the newest, Toonces, who sleeps on me like AdamCat used too; Beba and Toonces becoming playmates as of last night; Amazon Fresh & food stamps.

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  5. Joanne says:

    I think there’s probably a lot of things we once took for granted that have changed. It’s a sign of the times, unfortunately.
    Since the world went slightly off-course, I think I have begun to appreciate my home even more than ever, if that’s possible. I’ve always loved my home, but now it’s also my safe place, my sanctuary, and the place I’m not so keen on leaving!

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  6. Kathy says:

    I took that functional government for granted, too. Sigh. Guess we might not do that again!

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  7. I took the opportunity for my kids to attend school and play sports for granted. I took the daily grind for granted. I miss those things.

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  8. Lisa says:

    I’m not sure why I’ve been so negligent in visiting my bloggy friends, but, my apologies! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and see life/friendship lessons in all the books and movies. The way JK Rowling wove a complete storyline over seven books and coherently tied it all together is sheer genius. But I love High Fantasy genres like this and Lord of the Rings/Hobbit. I took human decency for granted and the recent rioting/looting/violence has shown me there are many more humans who have no moral compass than I thought. To destroy someone’s livelihood, steal and burn businesses and law enforcement buildings because you’re mad about an issue defies logic. And, don’t get me started on politicians. if there’s a way an issue can be weaponized, they will find a way just so they don’t have to concede power to the other side. I am with you on having a stable life punctuated with excitement and adventure….but a steady stream of either would get old. Take care and be well. xoxox


    • Carol says:

      I suspect many of those so-called demonstrators who do the looting and burning and violent acts don’t give a hoot about the issue the real protestors are protesting – I suspect many of them are just out there for the hell of it, raising cane because they can. Very very sad. I hate that I see so much sad these days. To you too – take care and be well. And preserve every ounce of sanity that still exists.


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