Enough – in so Many Ways

My daughter painted these little canvases for me several years ago – a reminder that my life has enough – a reminder to appreciate what I have, to find joy and happiness in what I have.

I have made this image my header now – because that word – “enough” – can be taken many ways. It is, indeed, a reminder to me to appreciate what I have, but. . . These days it also represents my hands reached out imploringly, begging the world to just STOP! Please. Stop.

Federal troops dragging peaceful protestors off the streets in Portland, with no identification, no reading of rights, hauling people into vans to take them – where? It makes me wonder – are protesters a modern version of Jews? Deep sighs of sadness creep out as I ponder what our country has become. A president ignoring the wishes, the pleas, of the state’s governor and the city’s mayor – a president denying citizens the right to peacefully protest, a basic freedom given by our constitution. A president using brute force to quiet those he wishes not to hear.

In all of this, I do not condone the behavior of those more radical protestors who do damage, who incite violence. I do not doubt some of them are from the city itself, but I wonder how many came in from outside areas just to stir up trouble. As those on the other end of the political spectrum from me wonder how many of the mothers who came out in defense of the peaceful protestors were “actors” – I wonder how many of the rioters were outside thugs.

I have had enough of our society overreacting, making judgments without checking facts, taking offense instead of giving consideration to the opinions of others, calling names, labeling based on a few words.

I have had enough of those naysayers who deny the viciousness of Covid 19, who refuse to wear masks when out in public, showing complete and total lack of consideration for others because they have the “right” – they are “free”.  In my mind, refusing to wear a mask is not unlike driving after drinking. Yes, you have that freedom, until you put the lives of others at risk.

It comes down to this – yes, I have enough in my life. But, yes, I also have had enough of the short-sightedness of our government, of those who refuse to use the brain they were given to think things through, to fact check, to recognize we are all human, we all have failings, but we all have virtues, and we all have the right to express our opinions, which can readily be done without venom. We need to pull back that forked tongue and remember how to be kind.


On a more lighter note, I have finished the Ruana mentioned in a previous post, and here it is:

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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23 Responses to Enough – in so Many Ways

  1. dawnkinster says:

    I am pretty much staying off FB unless it is to post something pretty. I can’t take all the angry people any more. I don’t watch the news other than once in awhile the local weather. I am trying to hold on until Nov. But if the election doesn’t go the way I want I don’t know what I’m going to do. I feel like a failure in that I’m not out there fighting this stupidity, the anger, the misinformation but most of the time I just can’t. I’ve never wished a summer away like I’m wishing this one to be over.

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    • Carol says:

      I’m there with you. When I watch news it’s the PBS Newshour and lately it’s only been Monday’s (Politics Monday women, Tam and Amy) and Friday for Shields and Brooks. I manage to either stay away from Facebook or scroll through quickly for awhile, then something catches my eye and off I go. My post this morning was followed by a cup of camomile tea.


    • leendadll says:

      Minus checking on 1 musician and 1 friend, about once every 2 weeks, I’ve completely left fb. Tooooo negative. And too many white friends literally assuming black personas for attention. wth??

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  2. Great post, it would make an excellent oped at a major news source. You should submit this post at a paper. Love the beautiful Ruana you made.

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  3. loisajay says:

    I have to scroll past all the noise with the fool at the helm. I wonder if all the people who did not vote for Hilary are realizing ‘the lesser of two evils is still evil.’ The Ruana is beautiful, Carol. You are such a talent.

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  4. Kathy says:

    The ruana (never heard that word before) is gorgeous. What a talented craftswoman you are, Carol! As for all this other stuff…I keep trying to see a larger picture where the world we live in will make sense. Just wrote a blog about it but may not publish it because it kinda sounds like a fantasy. I know how you feel about “enough”. Enough already! Please?

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  5. leendadll says:

    That ruana is GORGEOUS!!!

    In my first experience at a Walmart Supercenter I found 8 skeins of thick arm-knitting “yarn” on clearance and snagged them. Can’t decide whether to learn arm-knitting (I really want to know how to do it) or attempt to resell the yarn at profit.

    I also agree with ENOUGH!! I had my first encounter with a mon-masked person yesterday. I wouldn’t have said anything but he made a snotty comment when I didn’t return his hello and I went full “Karen”, including submitting a complaint to corporate about the staff not kicking him out.

    I saw that Cheeto is already indicating that he’ll use mail-in ballots as an excuse not to accept losing the election, in the off chance that happens (I expect a repeat of 2016).

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    • Carol says:

      Thank you, leendadll. I’m happy with the way my ruana turned out.
      There was one woman in the store when I was getting groceries Monday without a mask, despite the fact that there is a state mandate to wear them, the store is posted, and they had a girl at the door to give masks to whoever needed one. I wanted to tell her what I thought, but she was mean looking and I’m chicken. I suspect the store employees have been told not to confront.
      OH NO! Not a repeat of 2016! I can’t afford to leave the country.


  6. Mama Cormier says:

    Keeping it positive. Beautiful ruana. Great words from a wise woman.

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  7. Lisa says:

    Your ruana is so lovely! The colors are beautiful. I agree our country is in turmoil and is descending quickly into anarchy. From what I’ve read, the violence began in Portland long before federal agents arrived the first of July (see timeline in the link below). Local law enforcement were not being successful in taking control of the riots and destruction of private, public and federal property. There is a big difference between reporting facts and reporting narratives. I believe there are “protestors” who are in these situations just to cause trouble and that is something that should not be tolerated by those who are actually peacefully protesting for change. Footage of Portland’s violence is horrific. The violence in Chicago is escalating and innocent lives are lost every day due to escalating violence. St. Louis is not any better. While I question whether federal law enforcement should be in our cities, it’s obvious those cities are being overrun with people who only want to take criminal behavior to the next level while people cry to defund/dismantle law enforcement. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Personally, I would be terrified to live or own a business in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York and St. Louis now. There is no way I’d even visit those cities based on what I’ve seen happening and the lack of respect and civility. It’s a sad, sad commentary of where we are as a society now.

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    • Carol says:

      Yes, the violence everywhere is horrid, and I hate that part of it. I suspect those who are doing the damage don’t give a hoot about the issues and feel sad that the peaceful protestors get condemned for it. I do not think federal agents should be sent in unless requested by state officials. We are a society filled with hate and division and our government does nothing to resolve those problems, but instead inflames them. It is a very sad commentary.


    • Carol says:

      Unfortunately, Secretary Wolf does not instill me with warm feelings and trust.


  8. Ally Bean says:

    I’m horrified by what I see going on in Portland and in the White House. Neither are easy to process, yet there they are in front of me all. the. time. I’m all for kindness, doing no harm– but I wonder how to do so in a way that’ll help this country rather than let it slip further into chaos. No answer, just what I’ve been thinking about.

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  9. Amen to ENOUGH! And by the way, the Ruana is beautiful

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  10. Joanne says:

    Your weaving skills are amazing, Carol!
    At this time in Australia we have different issues to those in the USA but I’ve had enough too. 😦

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