Times They Are A’Slowin

Life has taken a sudden change for this world. Suddenly we have time – for some, way too much time I imagine. And less money – that’s always been the way in my life. I’ve either had time or money, but never both at once. I worry for those who live check to check, as I did during my working years. I worry for those who thrive on being busy, and now have nothing to do. All we can do is take deep breaths in the safety of our homes or in our yards far away from other humans. And hang in there.

We can also think, as we purchase items we need, about the other people that might need the same items. Buy what you need for the near future – given some time, the stores will replenish their shelves. My last trip to a grocery store showed most things well stocked – except they had no paper products of any kind, and the bread shelves were slim pickings. Yesterday I checked Costco Online because I wanted some canned green beans for my dog who is a love chunk, with a little too much chunk. All of their canned vegetables were marked as “out of stock”. Really? Costco? Out of stock? Are people out there building forts with canned vegetables and packages of paper products?

For me, I have a good supply of yarn and that is something that is still available online. I shall weave my time away. Of course, I could be cleaning my house and I might get desperate enough to do that. Maybe a little yard work too while the days are sunny and not snowing or raining.

And books – thank heaven for e-books. I have resupplied my Kindle app, so I’m ready. Or TV, either via satellite or cable, or streaming. Endless number of shows available to be streamed.

Call your neighbors when you must venture to a store to see if they need anything. Or call just to see if they’re okay. Especially those of you who are younger and less likely to suffer loss of life if you get the virus.

Times are tough and likely to get tougher. Hopefully our country, our government, will be better prepared in the future. Hopefully, in this instance, they will learn from history. The failure to act sooner, to pretend it would all “fade away”, has cost us all. Remember that when you vote – remember the ones who took action quickly, and those who failed to do so.

In the meantime let me show you my most recent product from my loom, because I want to. This one has sold, but if you’d like a scarf, wrap, or shawl either warm for cold weather or lighter for cool days and evenings, let me know. I have some I’d be happy to show you.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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21 Responses to Times They Are A’Slowin

  1. Carol β€” your loom work is simply beautiful!

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  2. loisajay says:

    Someone got a beauty. I love the detail, Carol.

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  3. What a beautiful wrap!

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  4. dawnkinster says:

    You do such beautiful work. I’m knitting a shawl for a friend who is sick, but it’s kind of clunky and sort of ugly so I may not give it to her. It’s been fun to knit again though, it’s been a lot of years. Yes, having time is, for me, a good thing. I’m not bored yet, certainly not bored enough to clean my house, though I think about it from time to time. Too cold to work in the yard yet, but it might get into the 50s by the end of next week. By then I hope I think of something besides yard work to do! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  5. I love your work, Carol – thanks for sharing the pix.
    I share your approach to our current crisis – be safe, and help others where and when you can.

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  6. April says:

    Beautiful wrap and what a lovely spring color. πŸ’–

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  7. Ally Bean says:

    Bravo! Well said. I know this is difficult for everyone in different ways, but it’s not the time to fall apart as a nation. And I, too, wonder what these people are doing with all these canned vegetables; they’re sold out at Kroger, too. Baffling.

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  8. Stay safe! I hope too we’ve done enough north of your border too. I had a camping trip to Alberta planned for this summer going through Michigan, Minnesota and North Dakota. I have a bad feeling those plans will have to change.


  9. Carol, that scarf is beautiful. No wonder it has sold.Fabulous! I’m an email addict and have given up phone calls. But, this health crisis has shown me that a phone call is far more important than emails. So, I’m shifting my priorities. I’ve decided to start calling folks just to check on them, and offer them a live person’s voice, hoping that will be more comforting. Can’t say my voice is all that comforting, but desperate people may not care how grating my nasal twang may be.

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  10. Robin says:

    Your work is so beautiful, Carol. As isolated as we are now, some days it doesn’t feel like isolation at all. More phone calls, emails, snail mail, and video chats than usual. πŸ™‚


  11. Lovely knitting work. I find I have so many hobbies that life hasn’t change much outside of shopping early morning during senior hours and searching for toilet paper.
    Stay healthy and safe.


  12. Textricator says:

    Virtual hugs to you Carol. Stay safe and sane.
    Your loom is amazing.

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  13. Lisa says:

    Your weaving is spectacular. I love everything you’ve created! I believe we’re in uncharted waters and have been for a while. The H1N1 pandemic in 2009 never got the press COVID-19 is getting. H1N1 infected 1.4 billion people across the world and killed upward of 575,400 people. I don’t remember this level of panic in the media or among other nations. I hope you continue to stay safe and be well. xoxo

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