It’s Been Awhile

I haven’t written in a while because – it would have been, and undoubtedly will be, a rant. A rant without joy. Filled with frustration. Even fear, perhaps. But here I am, and we will see what comes out of it.

Hearings – justified? I think they are, from my viewpoint, which might differ from your viewpoint. Will they result in anything positive? Probably not. I seem to be viewing mankind with a sense of fatality these days. My truth is that the electoral college has put into office a man that should not have any control over the lives of humans, and now he has control over a whole country full of them. And even some in other countries. When I hear someone say “he was elected by the people”, I cringe. I turn shades of red and purple. I want to shout back that “NO, he wasn’t. He wasn’t”. Because we’re too smart for that, right? I mean he showed his colors during the election, didn’t he? Blame this on the Electoral College. Ah well, maybe we aren’t as smart as I thought we were. You were warned. This rant over.

On the other side of my world, I have decided I want to learn how to weave, so I am expending time and funds on weaving related things. It’s really a great way to ignore household chores an duties too. Although – one benefit – I have started reorganizing, sorting, cleaning out, my craft room. So far I have one little part that is organized, and one pretty big pile of trash. Amazing, the things I save that might have a use in some future life. Then forget I have. This decision followed a visit to the shop of a weaver during an art tour while I was in New Mexico – I have knitted for a long time, but oh how I love the look of woven products. So far, I keep coming up with new ways to make mistakes, but then I guess it’s all a learning process, isn’t it? I’m loving it. My current project – just my second, actually – is this:

It is not mistake free, but hey, I’m a beginner! Mistakes are how I learn.

We are entering our time of grey skies here, although a great deal of it now is air pollution. We have some kind of inversion layer or something happening – missing our usual winds which normally blows out the yech. It’s like a fog out there, but not a clean, damp fog. Rather, a smelly, ugly haze.

Thanksgiving is nearly here already. My family will be at my house, and I am soooo excited! I think I have it all under control – or at least my plans are to have it all under control. Do as much as I can ahead of time, save the cleaning for the last minute because who wants to do too much of that nonsense anyway? Pretty sure I’m going to have to plug in the energy hog refrigerator in the garage for a few days. It’s going to be needed, starting when it’s time to thaw the bird that’s in the freezer.

Wishing those of you in the USA a very happy Thanksgiving – and to all of you, happiness, love, peace, joy. Pretend reality is all good stuff.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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22 Responses to It’s Been Awhile

  1. Carol — Your weaving is GORGEOUS! I love the colors and how they meld together.

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  2. loisajay says:

    Carol–it’s beautiful. I am amazed at how you pick up new projects–and are so good at them. Your acid painting has a special place in my living room, and I love it! When you start selling your textiles, I might have to make a purchase.

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  3. Textricator says:

    Love the weave.
    Talented woman you…

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  4. dawnkinster says:

    I agree, you’re really talented! We took all of our art off the wall more than a year ago when we had the inside of our house painted. Of course husband didn’t like the job as it was done, and we’ve spent all this time with everything still stored in the basement. This week new painters are redoing the walls and I am hoping soon to be able to put everything back up, your piece included. It’s in our guest room and I love it! Love your weaving too, glad you have found yet another place to put your talent!

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    • Carol says:

      thank you, Dawn. I’m a bit fickle, I think – flit from this art to that art, spending my days of retirement satisfying the creative urges.


      • dawnkinster says:

        I like that you try so many things. I think about trying something but convince myself I wouldn’t be good at it and never try.


        • Carol says:

          You never know until you try. This is a case where nothing ventured nothing gained really applies. I’ve always been able to learn different crafts by reading and now there is You Tube. So I can do a variety of things – how well is another discussion.

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  5. Ally Bean says:

    I agree with you: Will they result in anything positive? Probably not. Still I’m glad that there is some effort going on that might tarnish The Donald in the eyes of a few more people.

    I love that you’re learning to weave. Is it difficult? Expensive? Time consuming? Your project is pretty so I think you may be onto it.

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    • Carol says:

      Not really difficult, once you figure out how to do things. The hardest part is warping the loom, that is, stringing the threads the length you need to obtain the length of the project you want because you have to thread them through the slots and holes in the reed. Then there’s learning about tension, and I won’t go on. I bought a small, inexpensive rigid heddle loom, and once that’s purchased the only costs are determined by the yarns you choose to use. I’m sticking with the same less-expensive ones I’ve been using for knitting for now – and finding the best prices I can by comparison shopping online.

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  6. leendadll says:

    Your weaving looks great! When I took a refresher class for crocheting,there was a beginner’s weaving class in the same space. All I remember is literally every weaver reaching a point where they suddenly had to undo everything, the weaving and everything attached to the loom, and restart completely from scratch. That’s when I decided not to take the class!

    Unfortunately, I share your fatalistic outlook. It seems every day brings new horrors and I no longer have any hope of things getting better. I just hope to be dead before the world war breaks out.


  7. Robin says:

    Your weaving is beautiful. I’ve often thought that’s something I’d like to learn. Rants seem to be the thing lately. I have a difficult time not going full-out rant when I blog. I recently realized that’s one of the reasons I cut back on my blogging. I’m going to do what you suggest and pretend Reality is all good. 🙂

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  8. Lisa says:

    I love woven pieces. Woven scarves are so cuddly to wrap around on chilly days. Woven blankets the come with books and hot chocolate have special powers on snowy nights. I love the colors you chose for your project. Two of my faves. I also love to watch weavers at art shows. It’s almost mesmerizing. I hope you are successful in having a good week. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well. We have a lot to be thankful for in this country, despite its faults. xoxo


  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Carol, I hope you have a wonderful visit with family. I feel your pain re: our great national embarrassment. I became so distraught and angry about trump and the antics of his defenders that I had to take a few months off from blogging because I was so embittered that I was kind of acting like an asshole on here. Peace!

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  10. Laura says:

    Holy moly, when you take on a project you REALLY take on a project! Weaving?? That sounds so ambitious. I love the colors in this one and fully support your chore avoidance through crafting — self-care and all that jazz.

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    • Carol says:

      I tend to develop an obsession about any craft I do, and I rotate through interests. I’m loving the weaving and I’m seeing some improvements. Thankfully.


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