Male Domination

Let me warn you: this is going to be a rant – because my brain is on overload. Let me also specify a couple of things before I proceed: I am not anti-male in general. I am not pro-abortion, but I am pro-choice. Would I ever have had an abortion in my younger years? I don’t know. How can anyone know until they’re in that position?

What I am oh-so weary of is male domination in this world. I was frustrated during the hearings about Kavanaugh’s qualifications to be a Supreme Court judge, and the testimony of his accuser, who seemed to me not to be a vindictive woman, but a woman concerned that major decisions affecting our people, our country, were to be decided by yet another flawed human being. Yet, the men who have been in government so many years that they could not possibly be in touch with real life as most of us know it, were the ones to make the final decision.

The men in state governments now making decisions about women’s lives may not be as old, but they are as opinionated, as poorly informed, as unthinking, as judgmental. Give it some thought: your 12 year-old daughter has been impregnated by the neighbor – and she will be forced to carry this child to term, then make an equally difficult decision as whether to abort – keep the child, thereby restricting her future in so many ways – or give it up, and always wonder how it’s doing? What if my best friend was raped while jogging in the park – and she is being forced to carry the child to term, knowing that whenever she looks at that child, she will remember the attack.

You say none of that matters? What matters is it’s a life? For me, what really matters is that it should be my choice because it is also my life – unless you are willing to take this child and raise it. Put it up for adoption? How many kids end up in foster homes and are abused or neglected, until they are at an age deemed unadoptable, and end up with very damaged lives. Are you willing to be the adoptor?

I agree you have the right to never have an abortion, to feel it is taking a life to have an abortion – but I do not agree that your beliefs should over rule mine, or that your beliefs should dictate my life and my choices. I humbly request that you give women the right to make their own choice, because only they can know what’s best for them in any given situation. We all have the right to live our lives according to our beliefs and our feelings – whether or not they agree with yours.

There is an excellent article written by Kirsten Powers in USA Today wherein she very thoughtfully discusses this issue. Please read it, even if you do not believe it’s well written after reading it. Just give it a little thought.


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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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28 Responses to Male Domination

  1. Bravo! I’m with you 100% on this one, but honestly what disturbs me more is the women who are mouth pieces for these men. Women who have actually had abortions when they were younger but now decide it is up to them to make choices for a new generation. I have had men attempt to control and manipulate me my whole life. I’m so sick of it. I say this because that is what I believe is at the heart of this movement. Not saving babies. I know many people will say it is and they even think it is but the heart of it is the SOS.
    Oh lawd,,,you done got me started! lol

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  2. Excellent post, Carol. And I commend you on speaking your mind.
    I’m not anit-male, either… except when I’ve reached the end of my patience. Then, the man of the house is usually on the receiving end of misplaced anger. Did he do something insensitive or ill-advised? Yes. Was the degree of my reaction in keeping with the degree of his blunder? Some times, no. That’s when pent up frustration comes steaming out

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  3. leendadll says:

    I fully expect them to attempt to outlaw ALL birth control soon.

    My take on Alabama’s bullshit is that women should simply start shooting any men who make them feel threatened… starting with the old white men who are making the laws (and that damn woman who signed into law). It seems that the punishment for that would be less than the punishment for getting an abortion, esp if you “only” injured the guy. And I am not remotely kidding about this concept for “balance”.

    I also want to see these states implement corresponding laws for child support upon conception and guaranteed healthcare and education for the unwanted child!! And, of course, penalties for male masturbation and all the potential fetuses it kills!

    I saw a short video from a woman who was impregnated by rape, then learned that the fetus had a severe birth defect that guaranteed a painful childhood death. She was still required to carry the baby to term. She was born blind, mentally handicapped, and I can;t remember what else and suffered for a year before dying… costing who knows how much for healthcare and thoroughly traumatizing the mother.

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  4. Kathy says:

    I see you’ve had a rant too, Carol. I am so pro-choice and agree with so much of what you’ve written here.

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  5. Well written Carol. That is pretty much how I feel. Women everywhere should be allowed to make this choice if they have to not have it decided for them by others. It’s amazing that this discussion is even taking place in the 21st century.

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  6. Robin says:

    I agree, Carol, and have had to hide my soapbox so I wouldn’t go on a similar rant. It’s all about control of women. These men are scared to death of us. The women who support these men are scared to death of powerful women and maybe of their own possibilities of life without a man telling them what to do and where to go.

    I keep wondering why it’s not okay to “chip away” at the 2nd amendment but it is okay to chip away at a woman’s right to do what she wants with her own body. Taking away the choice of abortion is exactly that — chipping away at our rights to have a say in our own health and well-being. What’s next?

    As far as I can tell, this runaway train we’re all on right now is going backwards.

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  7. Fandango says:

    Well written and heartfelt. As a male, I am appalled that so many of my fellow males feel they have the right to make laws about women’s healthcare and reproductive rights.

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  8. dawnkinster says:

    You are inspirational. I’ve been thinking similar thoughts, but unsure whether to blog about them. I’ve lost friends over my political views…and feel safer not expressing them. But this is so much more than political. I, too, am soooo tired of old white guys making decisions for me. If you think about it, at our age, they’ve had control our entire lives. Women, even those that feel abortion is fundamentally wrong, should support other women’s right to make up their own minds.

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  9. Reblogged this on that little voice and commented:
    Carol has expressed what so many women are feeling right now. I would add, if you are sincerely concerned about life, then travel to the Mexico border, and save those children who are feeling deserted, since separated from their parents. They are a life too, and deserve love and caring…not a cage. We are so busy restricting women’s rights, we are ignoring those kids who weren’t aborted but are alive and abandoned. You want to protect a life? Then do your part to save a child, and please leave my body alone.

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  10. Carol, ditto, and I have reblogged it.

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  11. I totally agree with all you say. I can’t help but see these men (and women), who are making such obscene laws, in the same light as the Taliban! May this backwards trend stop and reverse as soon as possible.

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  12. Dear Carol,
    It’s terrifying that all these white males are controlling the health and lives of women, as though women were brood mares, with no minds or choice or lives of their own. We suffer from overpopulation, yet Republicans and radical conservative Christians are denying our youth practical sex education and birth control options, which results in unwanted pregnancies that women, and even children who are rape victims, even if the perpetrator is their own father or brother, are being forced to carry to term.
    I never wanted to be faced with that decision, so I made sure I’d never have to, by using two methods of birth control, even after I was married, until my husband and I were in a position to be good parents. But I would defend anyone’s right to make that choice. People make mistakes, condoms fail, people get raped, and shouldn’t have to be punished and traumatized for the rest of their lives. Children born of unwanted children, as you stated, are often damaged. People who know from medical testing that their fetus is damaged and will be unable to thrive shouldn’t be forced to have a child which will bankrupt the parents emotionally and financially, especially when Republicans are doing their best to deny everyone any kind of health insurance, childcare, social safety nets. One politician (Republican, of course) says that a pregnancy resulting from rape is a gift from god. What kind of a god would bestow such a gift? Another married politician with a strong anti-abortion position (Republican, of course) tried to force his mistress into having an abortion. Hypocrites! I wonder what they would say about forcing deadbeat fathers to have vasectomies.
    Didn’t mean to get started here. But it’s important not be complacent about women’s rights, social justice, racial bigotry, climate change, human rights, and all the other crucial issues that have been trashed by this administration.


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