So What Do I Do Now?

This is a morning of frustration – which has grown from yesterday’s frustration. So what do I do now? Do I write a whining post about the state of things? Do I just ignore the dismay seeping out of my brain? Well, I’m not good at ignoring, putting my head into the proverbial sand, so I think I write a post. Which will probably start out as whining, but hopefully improve by the time it ends.

The other night I watched a documentary on Netflix titled The Devil we Know, about DuPont and Teflon – which talked about how DuPont knew about the dangers of Teflon even as it produced and marketed cookware lined with it and poured the toxic waste into the waters around Parkersburg, West Virginia. A prime example of the holy dollar being more important than the lives of people. I wondered where the EPA was during this time? Why wasn’t this stopped early on? Big Brother is watching out for you?

Which leads my thoughts to how our current government is undoing all of those regulations that might save this planet from companies like DuPont. Because corporate America doesn’t like them, and corporate America has the big bucks. Along with too many of our elected officials whose pockets are lined, either surreptitiously or through their investments in said corporate America. Big Brother is watching out for you?

The Boeing Max 8 airplane. The one that has now suffered two mysterious, deadly crashes. Most other countries have grounded the plane pending completion of the investigation in the most recent, Ehiopian, crash. But our government? What does it say? Oh, it says it’s safe to fly. It says that despite the record of several professional pilots registering complaints about the erratic software-caused behavior of this plane, prior to this most recent crash.  Big Brother is watching out for you?

The list goes on. Let’s cut funding for education, for programs that assist the poor – the part of our society that continually grows larger as that elite 1% fills its pockets further every year – for those relying on social security, Medicare, and the like because we were assured it was our retirement program back in the day, let our iinfrastructure continue to decay – let’s build  walls and our armies and cut ourselves off from the world because we’re mighty and we’re tough and we can go-it-alone, and we have to let the world know it? Bluster. Big Brother is watching out for you?

This morning a bird committed suicide by flying into the window next to me. It made me sad. Too many things make me sad these days. I have much to be grateful for, and I know that, but there is so much in this world that needs changing, that needs a path correction, and we ignore. We ignore, because if I close my eyes you can’t see me, right?

We’ve lost our common sense, our ability to reason – or are we just letting it lie fallow while we pursue our selfish interests? Can it come back? Can we wake up before it’s too late? Will our government remember its purpose is to govern for the people – by the people, both poor and rich, not just the rich that are the only ones that can afford to run a campaign these days?

Yes, I have enough. Will those generations that follow me? What do we do now?

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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12 Responses to So What Do I Do Now?

  1. Robin says:

    My thoughts are similar to yours, Carol (which probably comes as no surprise). I could be wrong but I think that as long as enough of us are comfortable in our lives, there will be no change. Climate change is too big for people to truly comprehend and too big for us, as individuals, to even know where to start. Worse yet, this has been a known issue for a while (at least since the 70’s). We could have been slowly changing in the last 30-40 years rather than reaching what appears to be a crisis point.

    My youngest son (one of the oft-reported on millennials) said recently that he figures his kids will be fighting the climate wars when they grow up. He might not be wrong. I’m still of the opinion that the 1% is waiting it out (rather than putting their money behind doing something) in hopes that a population correction will take care of things. It will, but a lot of people will have to die for that happen. No one wants to talk about population control or how overcrowding is making things worse.

    I am sad. I am angry. I am frustrated. And sometimes, I feel hopeless.

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  2. Carol — As the grandmother of a 5-month old, I, too, wonder about the future.

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  3. Carol, your post is timely. But I’m afraid that the world has ended itself through that stupidity and greed. Mother Earth is showing us that she’s not gonna take it any more and I suspect sooner rather than later, some mega disaster is going to end the human race. Because we’ve gotten so complacent and frankly we’re too stupid to live. Common sense took a back seat when the PC crowd (that’s politically correct, not personal computer btw) took control. I read a blog post today about some idiot who went ballistic because someone else used his ‘image’ (i.e. picture) without his express written consent. It turned out that the picture was of someone else entirely, but the mode of dress and demeanor were identical. We also profile in these horrible days. I don’t really think there is any thing that can be done that will be enough to save us. I’m grateful I don’t have children, who would now be having children. Those babies being born NOW? Face a horror for reality that not many of us could withstand. I have a grand niece who will make her appearance next month and it depresses me no end to think of what she’ll have to endure. So what do we do? Me? I’m praying. Hard. That’s all I CAN do.


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  5. Lisa says:

    It’s simply (not) amazing to me how politicians can come into office with a salary around $200K and can leave office billionaires. When the Clintons left the White House, they said they were dead broke and 16M in debt, yet when Hillary ran for president, their net worth was 45 MILLION. That’s a heck of a turn around. I agree education is important to our future. Too many times I see new schools that look like the Taj Mahal and, at least in our city, the district is very top heavy with administration. Why can’t the money be used for teachers instead of glitzy buildings and bureaucrats? The agendas of AOC and Omar really scare me if this is the direction the country is headed. Kinda makes one want to be an ex-pat somewhere yet I can’t think of another country in which I’d rather live.

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  6. loisajay says:

    And then I read about (very, very rich) people committing fraud to get their kids into prestigious colleges…..and the kids don’t even want to be there! What the heck?! Am I that naïve to be so flabbergasted? I don’t know…..sometimes I really do want to live in a cave.

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  7. Kathy says:

    No answers, only sadness. So much of a feeling of helplessness, of not knowing what to do. I hear what you’re saying…

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  8. jay53 says:

    You in America are living the nightmare. In England we are afraid to close our eyes.
    Things here are nowhere near as bad as they are for you, but there are worrying similarities in some areas.

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