20 Questions – Really

A few days ago two of the bloggers I follow posted these 20 Questions – Melanie B Cee of Sparks from a Combustible Mind and LeendaDLL of The Bus to Sorry. I started to post them one day after that, but got distracted, so I’m going to try again.

  • what’s the most dangerous situation you have ever been in?  I don’t recall being in any truly dangerous situations – perhaps the closest to one that could have had unhappy ramifications was once when we had gone to Glamis (the desert of Southern California) to ride dune buggies and three wheelers. I had gone out on my three wheeler alone (first big no-no) to head up one of the larger dunes, lost power about halfway up and turned to go back down – another no-no. The bike started to go, I could feel it, but instead of letting it go and protecting my body, I grabbed it to try to stop it. Result? We rolled down together. I was lucky to come out of it with only bruises – ego and body.
  • what’s your favourite culture?  I’m not sure I have enough knowledge of other cultures to really choose, but in ancient history, I think the Italians win with their amazing artists.
  • your favourite type of travel?  Is this a mode of travel question or a choice between impromptu, go it on your own travel as opposed to planned, guided travel? For comfort, a cruise ship wins. For the ability to veer off a specific route, venture into new territories travel, automobile. For speed, airplane (we won’t even talk comfort in that category). As to guided or non-guided, guided could give a very good feel for places I might like to explore in depth, but my dream trip has always been to rent a car, pray for the best, and travel through Europe. With travel books in hand.
  • do you feel understood?  As much as anyone can be understood, yes. Occasionally I think I might be misunderstood, but I also suspect when that happens it’s because of my tone of voice or body language.
  • how do you feel about your body?  What difference does it make? It’s my body, it’s what I’ve got, I’m not willing to put the effort in to make it better – but then, better it’s a relative term, isn’t it? In my youth, I was not happy with it completely, but I suspect that’s pretty normal in our society with its emphasis on body size and appeal.
  • what is your favourite film?  For years my answer would have been “Patch Adams” but since then I have seen others that reached into my heart just as much.
  • are you adventurous with food? Up to a point. I’m not going to eat what are obviously insects or other creepy crawlies, and I don’t like slimy foods – although I have eaten escargot and enjoyed it. Generally, I’m quite willing to try new things. Sometimes  more willing if I’m not told precisely what it is. For instance, Bird’s Nest Soup – let’s keep that quiet until after I’ve tried it.
  • have you ever hated a place and wanted to come home?  Yes. I remember the feeling, but don’t remember the specific incident. I do remember, vaguely, that when I was in one of the early years of elementary school I went to spend the night with a fried. I woke up in the wee hours wanting to be home. So I walked home. Without telling anyone. One of life’s “oops”.
  • are you bothered about others seeing you naked?  It depends on the circumstances. Less so in my younger years than now – older bodies lose something, you know? Thank you, gravity.
  • Are you a good loser?  I think so. I rarely take any game seriously enough to consider it a matter of life and death.
  • what was the favourite time of your life?   Oh gosh. There have been many times in my life that have felt good enough to be “favorite” times.  Probably when I was in my laearly teens and we spent many of our summers on a lake in Minnesota. Days of playing on the beach, in the water, out in a boat with friends. The part of life when responsibilities were few.
  • Do you have a close family connection  With my kids, yes, I believe we do. I came from a family that was not particularly close – although I think my mother was very close to her sisters and brothers. We moved around so much, maintaining relationships was hard.
  • can you speak another language?  Pigeon language. In the past. I have made minimal efforts to learn French and Spanish, but haven’t had the stick-to-itness that is needed. Not enough motivation, I think.
  • will Trump be in for another term?  Not if my wishes come true. Recently I read an article proposing the breakup of the U.S.  into a number of different countries – I’m thinking that might be the only way to rid ourselves of the divisions that continue to grow.
  • what are your thoughts on English people?  Well, given that my thoughts would be based on what I’ve read and heard with precious little actual first-hand knowledge, what my thoughts are is worth about the same as a hill of beans. I do love some of  their phrases – their English just seems to have so much charm – more grace, less of a pioneer feel.
  • was life better without mobile phones?  Mixed feelings here. I really like having the mobile phone for its availability in an instance of needing help. I like that I can set ringtones, so if a non-contact calls (you know, those growing numbers of solicitation calls), I don’t have to answer based on the premise that if they really need to talk to me, they can leave a voicemail. I like having a camera, a calculator, a dictionary, an encyclopedia, books, instant answers to questions, all in my pocket in one device. So I guess truly my answer would be No.
  • what has been the biggest change in your life?  Life is full of changes. Can they even be categorized to choose the biggest? I think perhaps one of the biggest was when I finally figured out it’s not up to me to make life perfect. Contorting myself into something other than what I am is wrong – a relationship will make it or not, and I can’t be someone else if that’s what you want.
  • is climate change real?   I believe so, yes. I think mankind is way too blasé about the way we live affecting our earth.
  • why do you like answering questions?  For a variety of reasons, I think. Sometimes because it makes me think about things I might not have before. Probably just to put myself out there. It’s a lot like doing puzzles or playing games, don’t you think?

This may not actually be 20 questions, because I inadvertently deleted one about which culture I don’t like. Decided that was okay, because it was one I couldn’t answer anyway. Although maybe I could – I could say any culture that considers someone of different color, race, or gender beneath them. But is that a culture or a society?

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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14 Responses to 20 Questions – Really

  1. Great answers as usual! There’ll be more of those twenty questions, because the blogger I got them from has (apparently) made it a weekly thing. I really enjoy reading what you have to say! 🙂


  2. Ally Bean says:

    “I rarely take any game seriously enough to consider it a matter of life and death.”

    You and me both. I find it odd when someone goes ballistic about how unfair it is that they lost. I’m more of a shrug it off and say ‘oh well, whatever’ sort of person. 🤷‍♀️


  3. leendadll says:

    Love your answers!! I was reminded of a high school BF who almost died when he flipped his off road vehicle in the desert and it split his arm open. He had friends to drive him to a hospital but it was an hour+… he was lucky to survive. As it sounds like you were!

    LOL at walking home from the slumber party!! Did you make it known that you were home or just slink into bed and deal with outcome in the morning!??!? I only went to 1 slumber party ever. The other girls froze my bra. They thought it was hysterical but I thought it was cruel and I could no longer trust my “friends”.

    Figuring out not having make Life perfect (or, in my case, other people’s lives) was a big change for me too!! As was figuring out that not everything that hurt my feelings was on purpose… people do the best they can for themselves and sometimes that hurts others. I was 16 when I figured that out.

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  4. I had not heard of this idea of splitting the USA into many countries and I am not sure it would work. Partition did not work particularly well for India and Pakistan or for Ireland. I am afraid it might lead to more refugees and more walls.

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  5. These are great questions and even better answers. I feel like I know you, from the way you wrote the answers. And you are a neat woman!

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  6. Kathy says:

    I like your answer as to why you like answering questions. I like playing jigsaw puzzles on my iPad. 🙂

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  7. Lisa says:

    I read these a few days ago but was pressed for time so I couldn’t respond right away. Wow, this must have taken a lot of time and brain power to complete. Some of them made my brain hurt. Looks like a project for a day when the snow flies and I don’t have anywhere to go. 🙂 I continue to find things I have in common with you!

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  8. Carol — I always enjoy reading your answers!

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