What the Heck?!

What the heck is with WordPress – again? Awhile back it was refusing to let me “like” a post on several sites, and on those same sites if I chose to leave a comment, I’d have to sign in. Often, I would sign in far too many times within the period of an hour. Then it gave in to my whining and stopped being so dfficult. For long enough to make me feel quite comfy. Now. It’s. Back. To. Harrassing. Me. I’m certain it’s personal, and I am feeling quite affronted.

What the heck is with the screechy, unnerving wail on my phone at 2:18 (EST) yesterday? Yes, I do know what it was – I read the news – or at least some of it. But why? Why are we doing this? Didn’t there used to be some kind of the same kind of test on TV or maybe radio back in the dark ages? If this is supposed to be a warning of an imminent disaster, what about people who don’t have cell phones. And is it limited to smart phones?

What the heck is with the recipe I used last night for my dinner? It looked good – it has all the ingredients I like (beans, rice – mine was a rice/quinoa mixture – spinach, chili powder, cumin, and such. Sounded great – put together? Not so much. Recipe deleted. Maybe it needed some tomatoes.

What the heck is with my extreme laziness? I mean, lazy is not uncommon for me, but it seems lately if it doesn’t involve the kitchen, I don’t want to do it. What makes this extra strange is that it’s been many years since the kitchen held any real interest for me.

What the heck? You know how the commercials show kids throwing their toys into the toilet just to see what happens next? Or is it because they’re fascinated with that whirling water that makes things disappear? Well, this morning, my dog threw her bone into the toilet – just after I’d flushed it. Yep. I saw her juggling it around in her mouth, I heard the telltale clink, bone disappeared. OMG! Visions of plumbers, removal of toilet, $ signs. But sometimes life is kind – bone was easily removable, just out of sight. I told her an encore is not necessary.

Which leads to what the heck am I going to do today? Not that there aren’t things to be done – multiple things, truth be told. The real question is “what will I convince myself I really should do”? Clean up the kitchen, yes. Vacuum and dust? Maybe. But less likely. Laundry? Possibly.  I think maybe another cup of coffee is necessary for this decision.

My enemies

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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24 Responses to What the Heck?!

  1. I smiled, wryly, and then laughed. Oh my dear. These will pass us by (you remember I groused just a couple of days ago about much the same thing). Thanks for the laugh and a better start to my day!


  2. Lisa says:

    Oh my, I’m so sorry you’re feeling affronted by all the nuisances of life. I completely understand. I seem to be the queen of procrastination these days. As long as I get my walk in with Cabo, I think I’ve done enough for the day! NOT. Oh well…..let’s sit on the patio/porch, sip wine and enjoy Autumn. Winter will be here soon enough and we’ll be stuck inside with all those nuisances to keep us company. 🙂

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  3. Jim says:

    that noise on your phone yesterday afternoon was El Presidente letting you know that he will assimilate you into his collective

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  5. Ally Bean says:

    I’ve been having trouble with WP this week, too. It’s like it’s gone on a bender and is now trying to do its thing while hungover. Sometimes the system works, often it fails.

    That alert on the phone yesterday scared the living daylights out of me. I thought that The Donald had been told that he couldn’t do that.

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  6. leendadll says:

    I may know the wp issue… I had similar problems after one of their many background updates. Turned out have something to do with cookies. I had to configure my browser to allow wp cookies (I still block everything else). Until I did so, the like button would blink (showing I clicked it) but not actually create a like.

    The dotard alert was broadcast on tv too. I had my phone off, to avoid it, but was wakened by the alert beeps on the tv cause I sleep with my tv on (but I turned it off without viewing anything and before the announcement). The only legit uses for the system seem, to me, to be an announcement of imminent destruction due to nukes or an asteroid… but I’d really prefer not to know either of those things in advance.

    Good luck with the chores. I don’t mind laundry anymore (though I hate putting away the clean clothes) but dusting and vacuuming are my true enemies.

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  7. ghostmmnc says:

    WP is bonkers sometimes. I’ve had the same problem before, and then today it took forever to get a post to publish. I’d click the button, and nothing…over and over. Finally it worked. You just never know what trickery WP will be up to on any given day. Ugh! Same with commenting…trying over and over up to a dozen times before it works.
    Glad you got the dog bone out of the watery depths! 🙂

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  8. susurrus says:

    I left a message on the WordPress support forum yesterday about this:
    No response yet, sadly!

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  9. dawnkinster says:

    Sounds like you’re having a day and a half! I have trouble with WP too sometimes, I usually figure it’s me, though I bet, after reading this, it is not. Ah well, it usually clears itself up after awhile.

    And as for the 2:18 screechy noise…want to hear something funny? My truck family staff, friends and I knew we would be in the most important meeting of this trip at that time. Meeting started at 2. So multiple times during lunch prior to the meeting we reminded each other to turn our phones all the way off. We didn’t risk just turning them to vibrate…we put them in airplane mode, or turned them off completely. We didn’t want an interruption to a meeting that we thought might be cantankerous anyway, didn’t want them to have an excuse to waste minutes of our 45 minute meeting that he didn’t want to give us. And at 2:18 phones did go off. All 9 of theirs. None of ours went off. They all grabbed their phones and laughed in embarrassment as we kept talking stoically. We didn’t even acknowledge that they went off, it was our meeting and we kept control. I think they noticed none of us had a problem. Government. Sheeesh.

    PS: Hope you got some laundry done. Or something. Or not.

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  10. It looks like many of us share the trait of procrastination and an aversion to household chores. I have a hard time getting motivated to do them most days.
    I read about your alert thing on the news. Would have been very scary even if you were expecting it. I know that our emergency services are supposed to be able to send bushfire warnings to the phones of people in affected areas but I don’t think we have a Doomsday warning. At least I hope not.

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  11. loisajay says:

    One blog site that I have followed for a few years now would not allow my comment unless I gave my name and email address. Since when?? My comment was not that important, anyway. A ‘like’ will have to suffice.

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  12. Laura says:

    Ah yes, I’m very familiar with the what-the-heck run. I still hear the screechy This Is A Test sound on the radio sometimes but it was EXTREMELY unwelcome coming from my phone yesterday afternoon.

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  13. Sometimes it seems as though everything is conspiring against us! WordPress and I have an OK relationship at the moment, but I’m just whispering that in case it hears me and decides to make like awkward again. I missed the screechy phone test because I was in the air over the Atlantic at that time (luckily I think!).

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  14. Gobblefunkist says:

    I have a bunch of what the heck’s too…
    Hugs to you.

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  15. lisakunk says:

    Thanks for starting my morning with your What the heck’s instead of only mine to marvel at. Love the bone in the toilet. Ours is what the heck is our cat thinking peeing in all the drains instead of her cat box. Really Daisy May, what the heck!

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  16. Robin says:

    I got lucky, I think. I did not receive the “presidential” alert.


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