Share Your World – 8-24-18 And More

I’ve been sitting here debating about posting – specifically, what kind of post – whether it would be sharing my world, or rambling on. I’ve finally decided that I can do both. Right? I mean, I’m a citizen of the U.S. I have freedom of choice. At least for now.

I have spent many recent days on my new “thing” to do. Hopefully my solution to managing fewer shopping trips to the bigger town down the road, because I hate shopping. I like being home. Fresh produce has been the problem – so now I’ve taken up dehydrating fresh produce to reduce waste and shopping. We’ll see how that goes.

Last week I asked a question about favorite beverages and the overwhelming favorite was coffee.   If you drink coffee, how do you like it best?  Hot, cold, iced, with cream, with sugar or black as black? I like my coffee black. That is, the coffee I make (in fairness, my Keurig makes my coffee) at home. At a coffee shop, I really like a good blended mocha with a double shot. In the summer only. Winter is not for cold drinks.

As usual, the political climate iin our country is causing me great distress. Currently, of course, is the Kavanaugh thing. What I’m finding most distressful is that the parties are making up their minds before learning the truth – I don’t understand the need to rush, given the court has been short one judge for much of the past nearly two years – why can’t the time be taken to investigate, really investigate, to come as close to the truth as possible? Personally, I don’t liike what I see as Kavanaugh’s policies, so I’d vote no, acccusations or not.

In your opinion, what’s the greatest invention of our age?     There are so many great inventions in our age, it’s very hard to choose. After considerable thought, I’m going to say the internet. Although it has some not-so-good parts (but what doesn’t?) it facilitates communication and information. It’s so much easier to search when I want information than to look through an encyclopedia, which is never really up to date anyway.

This is my favorite time of year. Of course, after winter when spring arrives, I might say the same thing. The colors seem so much more vivid this year – but that could just be because I’m seeing them differently. Who knows?

Global warming?  Reality or myth? Reality. The sadness is that there are so many that deny this reality, and I fear we are rapidly on our way to being past the time we can change it.

Alexa and I are becoming friends. She just told me it’s Mark Hamill’s birthday – you remember Mark – of Star Wars fame? Yesterday I learned that I can tell Alexa to add things to my grocery list! Wonder of wonders. That list is available on my iPhone. This has one bad note – I decided that meant I didn’t need the app I’d been using, so I deleted it. Uh oh. That’s where I had the list of things I was to take to my daughter on my next trip.

Are you an explorer or more a home body? I don’t know how much of an explorer I am. I love to travel, to experience new places and cultures, and I prefer going places that are not necessarily high on most people’s vacation lists. For example, Hawaii holds very little interest for me. And Florence or Paris would be nice, but I’d rather rent a car and travel in a leisurely manner through parts of Europe. When all is said and done though coming home after traveling is always wonderful. Because I love being home.

Another (short) political rant: I just got another notification of a news item. Trump is attacking Kavanaugh’s second accuser. Well, of course he is. What else would one expect from a man with a history with women like his?

What were you grateful for this week? I am grateful for a life with enough. I am grateful for the people I love and the beauty around me.

I wish for all of you, a life with enough.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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14 Responses to Share Your World – 8-24-18 And More

  1. Jim says:

    Some coffee with my cream and sugar please. 😁

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  2. What gorgeous photography! You are indeed blessed to live in such beauty!
    Thanks for playing along this week! I think SYW is a good, presumably safe, venue for getting to know other bloggers a bit better – but it’s certainly not mandatory to answer every week if one doesn’t wish to. 🙂

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  3. Phyllis Lake says:

    Our trees look tired but I see no change yet.


  4. Carol — Your vibrantly colorful jars of dehydrated food are gorgeous!

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  5. dawnkinster says:

    No coffee, just water please. Your colors are much further along than ours!


  6. leendadll says:

    Hot coffee with flavored creamer or regular cream and a shot of flavored syrup. I’ve been craving a nice pumpkin spice coffee but I have neither the syrup nor the will to go to a shop to get one.

    I participated in #WhyIDidntReport. In the beginning, I was willing to consider giving Kavanaugh a pass because it was long ago and he was young. But once the attacks started, I got pissed. I fully believe it all happened but also that he really didn’t remember (I don’t feel he doesn’t remember the college incident) because, back then, such behavior was taken for granted and it wouldn’t have been significant enough to him to form a memory about it, despite traumatizing her. But, regardless, I don’t support his views and hope he doesn’t get voted in, though it seems like a done deal.

    That flaming yellow/orange tree is amazing!!

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  7. I agree with you about travel. I would enjoy seeing the great cities of the world but I only have limited tolerance for noise and crowds now so rambling about in smaller less touristy places would be just as interesting and I do like to see the places the locals go to. My only difference is I would take the train.

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  8. Lisa says:

    You have so much more color in your yard than we do so far. We’re about 2-3 weeks away from peak time. I hope the dehydration project works for you. I’ve not tried dehydrating veggies. Not a coffee drinker, although the weird thing is I like the smell of it! Hot tea with honey is more my thing….or hot chocolate with Bailey’s. We all need to be careful of the thought police. They’re everywhere. A friend of mine had his political comment removed from a Facebook post (the owner of the page didn’t remove it and was surprised when it disappeared). It’s sad. Entrepreneur has a bucket list of things he’s like to travel and see here in the U.S. Looks like we’ll be explorers in the near future.

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    • Carol says:

      I suspect we get winter earlier than you, and spring later. Our “growing season” is very short, which is one reason I gave up on a garden. The dehydrating thing is becoming an obsession I think. I’m deciding today to dehydrate carrot and green bean puree, then make powder out of it to be sprinkled on Shasta’s food with a little water. In the meantime, I have a pantry stocked with enough veggies that if we lose power I’ll survive. I won’t be able to cook anything, but. . .


  9. I happen to agree with your rambling. So I say “ramble on!”

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  10. Laura says:

    My keurig is my best buddy. I actually hate getting coffee at a coffee shop now — I just want my particular blend, my specific sweetener, and my brand of almond creamer. And yes, I know that makes me high maintenance! 😆

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