Addictions and Things

After bemoaning the fact yesterday that I have had no words to spew, it seems there are words pushing to be released today. What can I say, I have no control.

I was thinking this morning about how easily we can become addicted – not just to drugs but to habits, to wants, to the way we do things. Take, for instance, plastic – in this particular case, plastic wraps. In my youth, my mother had rounds of flexible plastic with elastic sewn to the edges which she used to cover bowls. Which I also used as a young adult for awhile. Then, along came plastic wrap. Hallelujah! Our lives were changed and covering bowls became easier. Assuming, of course, that you could actually get a large enough piece of that plastic wrap off the roll without it becoming a wadded up mess, never to be untangled.

Years past and improvements were made. Plastic became an integral part of our lives. But now – too much of it finds its way into our oceans, choking our ocean life, polluting our shorelines. So, I’m attempting to break this plastic habit to the extent that I can. I have ordered stretchable silicone bowl lids that will be delivered today for use on those bowls that do not have lids as well as the bowls for which the plastic lids have broken. I am assuming  these silicone lids are going to be my new best friend in the kitchen. The next step will be to order silicone zip lock bags to replace those zipping plastic bags whose manufacterers’ names I shall not mention. Because. However, I must delay that order for a few days. Because. Because my other addicition is. . .

Amazon. I am addicted to Amazon. Because there is nothing you can’t buy on Amazon. Because recent experiences have led me to believe I am not a good in person shopper for things other than grocery items. Case in point: My daughter has a hope chest I built for her many years ago, but during one of her moves, the lid split where the hinge is screwed in. We were working on repairing it this summer, and came up with a workable fix. That fix required wood putty, we thought. Oh, but wait, after buying the wood putty, we discover it does not harden. What the heck? Whatever is the purpose for non-hardening wood putty? Not entirely my fault – those directions for use on the labels are printed in a print far too fine to actually be read without a magnifying glass. So I tried again, this time buying wood fiiller. Yeah, it hardens. If only I had paid attention to the fact that it’s a walnut color and the chest is pine. Sigh. So off to Amazon I went, because all the print is written in a font large enough for my aging eyes to read. And because apparently, I’m better at taking the time to thoroughly check the details from the comfort of my home and my comfortable chairs. I’m trying again.

But Amazon shopping is far too easy and with days with extra time, far too tempting to just “go look around a bit”. “Not going to buy anything” she says. But, oh look what  I found! And all it takes is a couple of clicks. Uh huh. I’ve been working on that addiction, but this past month I have suffered a relapse, and my budget is glaring at me with its evil eyes.

When I was much younger, I was addicted to Pepsi. Bottled or canned, didn’t matter. There was always a bottle or can of Pepsi open within my reach. Over the years, I have either become wiser (which is questionable – see that Amazon thing above), or my tastes have changed, and now colas are too sweet for me, and water is much more satisfying. Successful overcoming of an addiction. One gold star for me.

There are many other forms of addiction, and I feel quite certain we all have a few of them, most of which are quite harmless. At least for ourselves – possibly not to someone who attempts to change my addiction to having my pots and pans arranged in a certain manner in a certain cupboard. Or my pastas and nuts in jars on that particular shelf in the pantry, with grains and beans in jars on another particular shelf in my pantry. Interfere with that, and it could lead to discussions, which could become heated if you refuse to see the error of your ways.

And so it is, we all have our addictions – but those that are harmful to ourselves and those around us need to be dealt with. Our doctors need to become more aware and find better ways of pain management, mood management, management of our general health. Even our addiction to plastics is harmful – just take a look at the waste pulled out of our oceans.

Here’s to health – for each of us, for our planet.

Just don’t mess with my methods of organization!



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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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15 Responses to Addictions and Things

  1. dawnkinster says:

    Well your pantry looks WAY better than mine! You have beans and grains and pasta in jars! I have them in splitting packaging jammed onto assorted shelves, never in the same place twice. Hmmmm…..

    So far I have resisted the Amazon addiction, though I think husband is lost forever in the Amazon river. There seems to be a steady stream of boxes on our front porch. Today was garbage day and he broke down many many many boxes. All with that Amazon smile. I’m a bit worried about our budget too.


    • Carol says:

      I think maybe those jars are another addiction, actually.

      Now I should go out to the garage and work on breaking down the rest of my boxes so I can take them to the dump. Recyclable, they are though, so that’s okay. The plastic Airbag cushions however, are not so okay.

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  2. love, Love, LOVE that you use glass jars as storage containers!

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    • Carol says:

      They’re perfect for that – especially since I buy my beans, grains, rice, etc. in the bulk food section. Also my herbs, but they provide little paper bags for them and I transfer to my saved glass spice jars.

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  3. Ally Bean says:

    I have some glass jars for storage and I love looking at them. I don’t care what’s in them, as long as the pantry shelves look pretty. I don’t seem to hear the siren call of Amazon. Probably too busy staring at my glass jar… like an addict.

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  4. You wanna come organize my pantry?? I had visions of it looking like yours, but that was long ago and far away and today? Chaos. Just like my old “pantry” (which wasn’t actually a pantry, but some shelves on our back porch. It was cool enough out there most of the time and we only ever put stuff like beans, pasta, rice and the like, and canned goods, so nothing spoiled. But chaos. Maybe some of us are addicted to THAT?

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    • Carol says:

      The jars started when I grew weary of bags of food sliding all over and being impossible to keep in an order where I knew what I had in the pantry. I’m definitely not ocdc, but it just makes life easier.


  5. loisajay says:

    You know, I have never ever shopped Amazon. Ever.

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  6. Robin says:

    Your pantry is so neat and organized!! I did not realize they make silicone lids for bowls. I may have to exercise MY addiction to Amazon and go have a look. Weirdo that I am, I collect the shower caps from hotel rooms (some hotels still give them out with the shampoo and soaps) and have been using those as bowl covers (same concept as what your mother — and my mother — used).

    I started using Mason jars to store grains and beans when we moved here. We get pantry pests very easily and everything has to be locked up, air tight. An open box of pasta is an invitation to the pests that come with all grains and beans to hatch and take wing.

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    • Carol says:

      Mine came yesterday and I hadn’t used them yet, so I just tried the largest one on my largest Pyrex bowl – the largest that comes in the standard set of 3. It’s too small and wouldn’t stay on. Mine is a set of 6 of varying sizes. A smaller one does stay on the smallest bowl of the set however.


  7. leendadll says:

    I love Amazon because it’s a billion stores in one. And if I stick to Prime, returns are always easy. Now that I’m not working, I’ve learned to stop impulse buying and, instead, move items to an ever growing wish list. But when I was working, Amazon impulse buys were often the only thing keeping me sane. i could be in a meeting and secretly purchasing my latest impulse, secure in the knowledge that it would arrive in 2 days or less.

    Let me know how those bowl covers work out. I bought 2 from but they were crap – wouldn’t stick to anything (I tried ceramics, plastic, metal, etc). But there’s no quality control on Wish so I’m hoping that was the issue.

    I tried some “new age” waxed fabric (??) wraps that could be molded to the shape of the item inside but they didn’t seal or prevent air so they were pointless.

    I still use those elasticized bowl covers. I think I bought them on Amazon. I once impulse-purchased little elasticized ear covers, meant to be used when dying hair. I hated them on my ears but they turned out to be perfect for covering cat food cans.

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    • Carol says:

      For some reason, your comment got put in spam, and I just found it yesterday, then lost it again. I remembered it in the wee hours this morning – sigh. I’m not at all sure about the silicone bowl covers – I had one on a bowl in the refrigerator Sunday – onions, carrots, zuccini, garlic – stuff I’d chopped up to sautee for dinner later, and although the cover seemed to be on tight, I could smell the onion when I opened the door. I also have the bees wax wraps and have been happier with them. I’ll have to check for the elasticized bowl covers, I think.


  8. Lisa says:

    Kudos to you for an awesomely organized pantry. Mine is a hodgepodge of boxes and containers. I do transfer cereal, pastas, sugar and flour to containers (albeit plastic), but that’s about it. I was just thinking about plastic straws this morning. With grand girls, we go through so many straws. And, I found out they really cannot be recycled! I’m seriously contemplating the alternatives. But they are addicted to them. No Amazon for me. But, I do get extremely frustrated when I can’t find what I want in local stores. xoxoxo

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    • Carol says:

      Stainless steel straws are available – on places other than Amazon, I’m sure. I’m an internet shopper, probably because it’s 75 miles to a town with more choices that our bigger small town down the road. I’ve just ordered silicone bags to replace Ziploc, reusable mesh produce bags, and beeswax wraps – trying to cut way back on my plastic usage.


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