What’s the Deal?

Today I got into one of those Facebook “discussions” I should know enough to avoid – but the truth is, I cannot sit quietly when people share rumors that are inaccurate – so I disagree. And, of course, they disagree – calling me one of “those liberals”. Yes, I am more liberal than conservative, but one of “those liberals”? Come on guys! I didn’t call you one of “those conservatives” or one of “those righties”.

The issue was the rumor that Muslims find the American flag offensive – their implication being that the Muslims were trying to change our beliefs to match their own, and perhaps to change the laws which allow us to fly the flag. Therefore we should share to show we don’t give a damn and comments were hatefully suggesting they should go back to their own country. Perhaps I should have ignored the post, yet, is it okay to ignore a post basically promoting something that is not a truth? I think not. I think we all have a responsibility to fact check before we share anything that could be divisive – there’s already enough division in this country.

The rumor comes from the story about a Texas man who flew the American flag on his apartment patio, which according to him, the apartment owners asked him to remove because it “was offensive to Muslims”. This was his account – there was no accompanying support and the apartment management stated that they fly the American flag in an appropriate manner and it was against the regulations for an apartment dweller to fly the flag in the manner this man did. See https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/remove-flag-muslims-offended/.

What’s the deal anyway? Why are we so willing to accept what we read on Facebook, or hear via the grapevine without checking the validity? We are obviously not open-minded nor thinking objectively if we all choose to believe what suits us without questioning. Why must we choose sides so quickly? Are we just lazy? So just show me concrete evidence that someone really is trying to take away or criticize us flying our flag. I’ll jump right in there with you. Too bad, too sad. Otherwise, don’t propagate falsehoods.

I think our government is the one infringing on my rights, on our rights – on the right of each of us to live with air clean enough to breathe, water clean enough to drink, a planet healthy enough to survive. That’s my deal.

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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15 Responses to What’s the Deal?

  1. I try to stay away from blogs I don’t like, so good for you for responding and trying to validate what is true or false. The hatemongering that this president is fostering, especially towards the free press, who prides themselves on fact checking, really puts the fear into me. If each one of us could stand up and say something, like you did, when we see it is wrong or not adding up, maybe we can turn this ugly trend around. Thanks.

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  2. Carol — ” I think we all have a responsibility to fact check before we share anything that could be divisive.” Amen siSTAR!

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  3. Robin says:

    I am with you all the way, Carol. I jump on those things, too. I don’t understand why people insist on sharing that kind of stuff without fact checking. This goes WAY back to the early days of email when people would share crap like that (I call them “forward forward forward emails” because they had been forwarded so many times that the subject line was practically all FWD’s). I’ve been fact checking this idiotic stuff since the 90’s! I just don’t get it. One family member on Facebook responded to my fact check with “This is FACEbook, not FACTbook.” Ugh!!! It’s frustrating.

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  4. Jay says:

    Oh, don’t get me started. I’m always getting myself snapped at (and worse) for daring to disagree, or post a Snopes link debunking some rumour or urban myth. I do so wish people would check their facts before sharing a post, especially one which is inflammatory or damaging. Another type of post which really disturbs me is the one in which there is a fuzzy photo or video of a person or people who are said to have committed some crime. What happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’? What happened to a fair and just legal system? Why are we allowing people to assume guilt and spread what could turn out to be libellous?

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    • Carol says:

      Yes to all of that, and why do we need to react with violence, why do we need to call names, why do police need to shoot to kill? What’s wrong with shooting to stop the person in a way that’s not deadly? Why can’t we all be more tolerant? This could be an all day conversation.


  5. dawnkinster says:

    I’m not very brave. Mostly I ignore posts that seem to be full of garbage. Eventually I just stop following someone that continues to post trash. But I agree that we SHOULD try to get the truth out. Still….I don’t like confrontation and avoid that as well as I can. I am conflicted.

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    • Carol says:

      I think as I’ve aged I’ve gotten more willing to speak out – but truly it’s often useless, because people will hear, interpret and believe the way it suits them and more and more people will view those of us who disagree as one of “those liberals” or “”those whatever”. Tolerance is disappearing.

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  6. I do agree with you. If I see a thread that is full of comments from haters I usually just keep going but sometimes I do feel compelled to comment. However I won’t get involved in a personal conversation with anyone who disagrees. Apart from spreading untruths these posts often descend into personal insults and hostility and it is impossible to have a real discussion.

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    • Carol says:

      I did get a response from the person who originally posted that gave concrete examples of people’s being offended that made changes some find offensive. I thanked her. But what I did not say was that those changes did not have racist connotations, as I felt her original post did. Sigh.


  7. FB has more than it’s fair share of gullible people who believe the untrue saying “If it’s on the internet, it MUST BE A FACT.” Yeah. I utilize Snopes or at least try to find some worthy news source to back up anything I say over there, because I’ve been burned (i.e. being gullible) more than once. Hopefully whomever is going around ranting about “Americans are entitled to do whatever the hell they want and say whatever the hell they want and nobody will voice an objection OR that person is “un-American” will shut up and learn. But what am I saying? The bigger lesson might be to learn about minding one’s business if one isn’t impacted by the b.s. being shared. No answers here, I just sit back these days and tend to my knitting.

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  8. I jump into this type of fire all the time. After a while, you no longer feel the burn, and maybe I’ll be able to reach somebody out there. That makes it worth it…

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  9. Ally Bean says:

    Good for you. Disinformation divides, so people who want to divide thrive on it. I’m not on FB, but I do hear the stories, wonder about the people who don’t fact check everything they say.

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  10. I agree with you – I think people are far too quick to believe everything they read on Facebook.

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