There Are These Things

Yes, there are these things that pleasure me, irritate me, frustrate me – which means I think they need to be shared. It’s always good to share your feelings, right? Besides, I’ve been relatively nice for awhile now.

First of all – sexual harassment, abuse, whatever you want to call it – is horrid and should be condemned in the harshest manner possible. I applaud Judge Rosemarie Aguilina, who was the judge for the sentencing trial of the gymnasts’ sexual abuse case against the doctor. We need more telling it like it is done in a decent manner – and anyone who did the things he did has no right to feeling harassed or “picked upon”. He earned it. However – I hope this bandwagon this country has jumped onto doesn’t go the way so many of them do – to the extreme, where accusations are made when the actions were actually not unreasonable and really quite innocent. Hugs are not bad – as long as the hugs don’t get extreme and involve touching that shouldn’t happen unless we’re in a serious relationship. Telling me I look nice is fine, as long as it’s not accompanied by a leer and you don’t think you’re doing me a favor by saying that. Behavior as described by Trump in the Billy Bush tape is not acceptable – by anyone at any time. Respect – we just need to respect each other and get over the idea that women are possessions or playthings of men.

Speaking out for what you believe – important, I think – but again, it should be done in a respectful manner. There’s that word again – respect. It’s fine that you think Trump is doing a good job and I do not agree – except, of course, I will probably think you are daft, and I may tell you that – respectfully of course. With no name calling, despite what our country’s top role model does. I saw a news report the other night, where a couple of his supporters were crediting him with the current state of the economy, yet all experts will tell you the current state of the economy has been many years being formed and one year in office will not the economy make. I think our economy right now is a bit of an anomaly – considering the state of so many other parts of our society.

Housekeeping, in all of its facets – seems pretty useless to me if done too often. I mean, it just needs repeating over and over, ad infinitum. Now, I’m not talking living in filth – but I have noticed that I wash my windows, and then a bird flies by. You know what that means. Or my dog or cat puts their nose on that window. You know what that means. There are some things we really need to learn to live with. Okay, laundry needs to be done on a regular basis, because wearing the same clothing for too long can be quite offensive. Unless, of course, you never come in contact with other humans. Then I guess it’s up to you. And it’s nice to have clean dishes when it’s time to eat. Or you choose to eat something. It’s okay to eat when you want to, on a schedule of your own devising. Until that new outfit no longer fits, then you might want to think about it a little more – or buy another new outfit in a little larger size. That’s really an each to his own thing, isn’t it?

Then there’s the condition of our planet – the air and water quality. The extremes of the weather. Again, you have the right to believe what you choose to believe, but really – how can it possibly be okay to allow the pouring of destructive waste into our rivers? Each action has a reaction, and there are many that depend on rivers for a source of clean water, not to mention the wildlife that live around the rivers. The poisons that get pumped into our air – look at the air quality in China, in big cities in our country – those are seriously dangerous and will continue to be harmful to generations that follow us. I understand not liking a lot of government interference with regulations, but until man begins to use common sense and think beyond what he can gain for himself, some of the regulations are good for us. Again, that need to think beyond our own greedy desires.

Caring for our local wildlife – I have a squirrel that is getting quite insistent. When I don’t replenish the seed I put down for birds and squirrels and whatever might like it when it passes by, he lets me know. Insistently. He looks in the window of my door – I think to see if he’s being watched before he rushes to the metal trash can that holds the seed. Because he figured out how to remove the lid. The lid is now anchored by bungie cords, but when he figures out he can chew through those and get to the seed again, I will outwit him by putting a heavy rock on it. Demonstrating my superior wit and thought process. Destroying my old back, perhaps, but I will have won the battle!

After all, it’s winning that matters, right? I’m pretty sure someone famous has said that before. Just think about it all.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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18 Responses to There Are These Things

  1. I always love reading your elusive thoughts, Carol. Lucky for me, I agree with them. Otherwise, you might call me daft. 🙂

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  2. leendadll says:

    While I support the gymnasts who were abused, I’m wondering if that sentence is going to hold up. He was, technically, only be charged with 10 crimes and 40-175 yrs seems a bit out of line with that. I expect the sentencing to be appealed, not that it will matter as he already has a 60yr sentence for child porn. The guy is scum!

    As for cleaning, I follow Quentin Crisp’s quote: “There is no need to do any housework at all. After the first four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse.”

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  3. dawnkinster says:

    At the moment I am not admitting I graduated from Michigan State. The girls told people and people put, once again, profit over safety.

    Your squirrel is smarter than ours. We also have birdseed in a metal garbage can, with lid held down by cords because the racoon figured out how to lift the lid. The squirrel has repeatedly chewed through the cord, but he sits on top of the lid and tries to get it open. Now if he and the racoon work together I am doomed.

    Cleaning? What’s that?

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  4. Donnalee says:

    I am new to this blog so am just watching it ramble. Must say that I am pro-squirrel, though, and feed them myself outdoors. I also wanted to caution about bungee cords–a friend had a severe accident involving one of them, so I don’t leave in places where they might snap or recoil or hurt anyone or anything. The idea of them getting chewed through made me worry a bit–

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  5. loisajay says:

    Those squirrels are so crafty! When I had dogs, I wondered why Daisy was barking at the screened porch. Well, a squirrel had chewed through the screen and was sitting on the baker’s rack, eating the bag of birdseed I had left out there. Crafty, Carol. Very, very crafty.

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  6. All aspects of life that frustrate me too. I like your “just live with it” perspective on housekeeping. I tend to lean in that direction myself – especially with the dog smudges on the window.

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  7. Robin says:

    Housekeeping is such a waste of precious time. I’m thinking about doing what one of the other bloggers I follow does: She sets a timer for 15 minutes (or maybe it’s 20) and then runs around, as fast as she can, doing whatever she can in terms of cleaning house. When the timer goes off, that’s it for the day. She claims it’s a good way to get exercise, but I doubt I’d be fast enough for that.

    I agree with you on everything else, too. No surprises there, I imagine. 🙂

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  8. Ally Bean says:

    A wise older woman told me years ago that dust was a protective cover for the precious items underneath it. Therefore, think long and carefully before attempting to remove it. Also, too many daft people. Where do they all come from?

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  9. Kathy says:

    I feel your frustration so often on FB and here…how and when to share feelings. I personally don’t usually share political feelings on-line, only in person where you can look the other person in the eye. Not sure if that’s cowardice or wisdom–probably a bit of both! Always nice to stop by and read your ramblings. They are never daft. 🙂


  10. I pretty much agree with all you said Carol. In fact my sister and I were discussing the number of sexual abuse and harassment cases that are coming out now and worrying that some more harmless behaviour may be considered suspect in the future. It would be a shame if a compliment or friendly gesture were misinterpreted. Once accusations are made even mistakenly everything changes.
    Housework, there are so many more interesting things to be doing. I don’t want to live in filth but nor do I want to ban my pets from the house and make guests uneasy by fussing about cleanliness all the time.


  11. jay53 says:

    Oh … where to begin? We have a lot of ‘sexual assault’ charges and accusations going on over here, too, ranging from child abuse, through rape to the rather woolly ‘inappropriate conduct’. Now I’m all for child-abusers and rapists getting their come-uppance, but it’s beginning to feel like a witch-hunt. People are getting dragged before the courts for historical events – things that happened decades ago – on charges of touching or harrassment and I sometimes wonder, just what was it that they did, and if anyone really remembers enough to make a conviction a fair and just one? Was it considered acceptable at the time? Or is it only a crime in the light of today’s sexual mores? When I was a teen, we were expected to learn to look after ourselves and set the boundaries when it came to the men we dealt with on a day-to-day basis. I met my share of ‘dirty old men’ as we used to call them. We used to tell them to keep their hands to themselves, remove ourselves from the situation, or give them a slap down in some way. If all the older men who touched a leg or an arm or leered at us or made suggestive remarks in those male-dominated days before feminism was thought of were hauled up in front of the courts today, the prisons would be bursting at the seams, but it would not be justice. By all means put the real perverts, rapists and harassers on a register and lock them up, but not those who wolf-whistled or patted a knee in the days when this was not a crime.

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  12. Lisa says:

    I got to listen to the judge’s comments while running errands in the car. I thought she did a masterful job…even when she came across as very irritated with his petition of harassment. I completely agree with you that sexual harassment should not be tolerated….and also agree that there’s a fear of overreaction. It could be a fine line only defined by someone’s perception or interpretation of intent. I also think our society has become overly sensitive to so many things…to the point of paralysis by analysis. Whatever happened to mental toughness? Being rude, disrespectful and a general a$$ doesn’t rise to the level of sexual misconduct. I also agree with treating others with respect even when you don’t agree. That is the key to civil discourse. Not the vitriol that happens now with name-calling and violent protests. They look more like temper tantrums of people who didn’t get their own way. And, I suppose compromises are out of the question. Hope your week goes well…..and keep that squirrel well fed or he might accuse you of abuse and neglect! 🙂

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