Time for a Change

For many years, my family room has been arranged pretty much the same – and my ideas on how I could arrange it were few, made more difficult by the fact that the only longish wall without windows was taken up by the entertainment center:
It’s there, behind Twiggy, who appears to have been angry with me at that moment.

The additional complication to arranging the family room was its size – which only recently seemed to be a complication for me – because it’s 21′ long and 13′ wide. The entertainment center was on a 13′ wall. At the opposite end of the room, in front of two windows, were two large recliners like this:

As you can see, one was Shasta’s, the other was mine.

On the long wall with windows a couch (not always this one, there were changes over the years because husband and I had trouble agreeing on a style of furniture):

Opposite that wall was only a small wall about 36″ wide, backing to the kitchen, up against the pass-through counter from the kitchen, which was something that prompted us to get this floor plan, because it was very open. Adjacent to the family room was the dining area, which opened to the kitchen and the living room (in the mirror see my computer on my desk in the living room, aka craft room/office.

It also opened to the master bedroom, the living room, and the hall off of which were two more bedrooms and the utility room.

Anyway, the prompt for needing a change was my eyes, which seem to not work as well as they used to, and were making the distance from my chair to the TV too far. I had trouble clearly seeing the smaller print at the bottom of the screen and was no longer comfortable back that far. I decided my choice was figure out a rearrangement or buy a bigger TV. Budget said to go for rearrangement. When Gep and Kat were here over the holidays we shoved furniture around, decided the answer was to separate and move pieces of the entertainment center which meant relocating the TV, which would mean going under the house to move the satellite connection wire to a new location. I’ve been under there – once. Going under there again is not appealing. Changing the entertainment center meant drastic moves, like sawing off a top, heavy duty moving, aching muscles, headaches, unhappiness. There had to be another way.

The day the second of the kids left (of course), late afternoon when I had only an hour or so before I was to be at a friend’s house for dinner, the light bulb suddenly came on! I had an idea! Holy cow! Then dismay, because I no longer had live-in help with moving furniture. Oh well, I was tough, I could handle it. Sure I could. I did a little of the easier moving parts before I left for dinner, and finished it up over the next two days – two days because it seemed a lot of moving small tables and lamps about was necessary. And the ordering of one more floor lamp became necessary. Life is like that. End result was the dining table moved to the end of the family room where the large recliners used to live:

the large recliners and a small one I hadn’t shown you before moved down to the other end of the family room, nearer the TV:

And the couch moved to what was the dining area:

I’ve lived with this arrangement for a couple of days now, and I think it satisfies that need for change. It feels warmer, cozier to me, although I have to admit the couch will probably not get used a lot. Oh well, it won’t need replacing then, will it?

The question now is whether this might lead to more rearranging. . .

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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29 Responses to Time for a Change

  1. Relax... says:

    Lovely! And methinks it will indeed lead to more rearranging…

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  2. dawnkinster says:

    I like it! The couch can be used for napping when you’re not watching TV. I was going to say reading…but reading turns into napping for me anyway.

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  3. Pat and Ann says:

    Wow! I like it. That was a lot of work. You must have had some help, I Hope? Change is good, enjoy!😃

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  4. Robin says:

    I love it, Carol. It’s lovely and, as you said, cozier. (And I end up napping when I read, too.)

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  5. loisajay says:

    I do like the new arrangement a lot, Carol. All those windows–I do like to dine and recline with the light from the outside so nearby. That cozy, little napping nook–perfect. I think you did great.

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  6. jay53 says:

    That looks great, Carol – so much more intimate and cosy and … just prettier, somehow! I’m impressed you did all that furniture moving by yourself. I hope you don’t suffer for it!

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  7. Gobblefunkist says:

    Lovely home, Carol. So cozy and comfortable. Love that the dining area is now well lit. Makes all the difference.
    My husband is a change freak. He gets visual exhaustion if the house has remained the same for more than two weeks (yes, two weeks). I on the other hand need constancy.. I feel disoriented when things change drastically. Thankfully, I have become better to adjust to the constantly changing house. However, sometimes I get a little tired of all the moving around.

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  8. The couch is a reading nook for sure. It looks inviting. New arrangements are invigorating, so a good way to start the new year.

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  9. Sandra Sparks says:

    Love it!!

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  10. It almost feels like you have a whole new house when you simply rearrange the furniture. Congratulations on figuring out something that feels and looks cozy. 🙂

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  11. pattisj says:

    I like your redo. How nice to have those lovely windows to let in the light. There’s nothing “open” about the floor plan in our old house! You make me want to move things around! I like your dining table by the window.

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  12. Carol — I feel an avalanche of change coming on 🙂

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  13. Lisa says:

    Love the new layouts! I used to rearrange furniture all the time…until we got a sectional couch and now I can’t more it by myself! Plus, seems like my strength is much less than it used to be. 😦 When I felt depressed or in a rut, rearranging furniture always put me in a more positive mood. I love your windows and all the natural light that can stream into the rooms. On to more redecorating……..! 🙂

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  14. Kathy says:

    I like how your house looks, too. Very nice! I admire you folks who can do re-arranging. It must be a special skill. My daughter loves to do this. Last time she came home she re-arranged her bedroom. Amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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