Mindless is My Life

We’re having our typical November gray, cool days, which means inside is where I am – where it is warm, dry, and comfortable. Being inside with gray days gives lots of time for the mind to wander about aimlessly, and time to share that wandering mind aimlessly.

Today is the final day in November – how did that happen so quickly? Didn’t this month just begin, like a day or so ago? The real problem with time passing so quickly is that it means we’re all getting older more quickly. Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you frown. That gives you wrinkles, you know. Oh my! Please don’t cry! They say getting older is all in the mind, but let me tell you, my mind thinks it’s still pretty young. Well, when it’s not busy stashing thoughts in odd places so I can’t find the one I just had, that is. It’s my body that reminds me it’s not a spring chicken anymore. It keeps telling me we need to exercise, but I have an aversion to exercising. So I’ve decided I’m going to try to remind myself to get up and stretch a little every so often – not exercise, just stretch. Like this:

A bit of a serious note here, which I promise (hope) will be brief. Each time I read about one more man being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior (or any other terms used to mean that), it reinforces my thought that we may not have many men standing once all is said and done. It’s been far too many years, decades, of any such acts being the fault of the woman, because women must have been “asking for it”. I wonder too how we can accept a president who is no less guilty than any of the other accused, and who supports as a possible member of the senate, another man who has had many of the same accusations. Yeah, I know – innocent until proven guilty, but when there are the numbers of accusers that are popping up, I think it puts a reasonable doubt on the innocence. But I also hope that women are not accusing just because they can, because they have some kind of grudge.

It baffles me why I seem to always crave something to snack on in the evenings that I do not have. If I have pie, I want cookies. If I have cake, I want salty. If I have salty, I want sweet. I seem to be very hard to satisfy sometimes. It’s quite annoying, and I may just have to put myself on timeout if I don’t start being more reasonable.

I’m seriously considering cutting the cord after the first of the year. It seems my TV viewing desires have changed, and those things that seemed so important to me before are no longer of much interest. I watched a Christmas special the other night that was – okay. As far as regularly televised shows that I get on my satellite TV, I watch only a couple of them. And both of them are available next day on Hulu. Which I subscribe to anyway. I discovered I can get most of the PBS shows I like on the Roku PBS channel – and a benefit is that I can get the PBS Newshour an hour earlier than on my satellite-provided PBS station. I did this cord cutting thing over a year ago, but at that time my viewing interests hadn’t faded so much, and the options were fewer. So I came back to Direct. But now, it seems less important. I would miss a couple channels, like HGTV and Food Network, but I’m pretty sure they will become more available with time. Of course, there is a concern about what the net neutrality thing going away could do to streaming. Glad the government cares about the little guys.

This feels like it could be one of those stay-inside in sweats days. Those days when I plan to not see people, so I can just be a slob. Except I’m going out to dinner with friends, so probably I should make an effort. That’s one of the glories of being old (sorry I used that word again) and retired – my time is my own, to do with as I wish. That’s also one of the problems of being retired, since I very often wish not to do anything. What I wish to do quite often is this:

I keep getting emails that ask questions like “where would you like to go today”? Then they offer amazing prices for amazing trips to amazing places, and I’m pretty sure they do this deliberately to taunt me. Because when it’s only 23 degrees when you get up and the skies are gray, who wouldn’t want to be on a sunny Caribbean beach, or touring the streets of Paris, or having wine in Tuscany? I mean, how much of this taunting am I expected to withstand? Oh the yearning.

There is more happiness ahead, though, because in just a couple of weeks and a couple of days, I will have the pleasure of this in my house for a couple of weeks.

What more could one ask?

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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20 Responses to Mindless is My Life

  1. Carol — “I wonder too how we can accept a president who is no less guilty than any of the other accused.” I share the same question.

    I love the laughing photo at the end — it has contagious hilarity!

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  2. lakeafton says:

    I agree. Christmas comes every three months, I’m sure. There are two winter months, one summer month in between and the year is gone.

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  3. Ally Bean says:

    I’ve been pondering where November has gone, too. I also wonder about the inequity of 45 NOT being fired, while these other men are immediately let go from their jobs. It’s frustrating, but insightful into the real priorities of the GOP. The cookies look darned tasty to me. If you don’t want them, please send them my way!

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  4. leendadll says:

    yep, yep, yep… all the same here. and this failed job search is also making me think, a LOT, about the fact that I not only feel old but also now look it – which isn’t going to be in my favor when i do interviews. But Life will do what Life will do.

    I woke up “early” today (10a… but it was well after 5am when I finally fell asleep) and thought I’d do something today. But I couldn’t think of anything to do so I just changed into a warm long nightgown, opened windows for some fresh air, and crawled back into my heated bed. There are a million chores I could do around the house – but I could also simply keep ignoring them… so I’m doing with that.

    I swear I had plans for Dec 2… the date is “significant” in my head… but I can’t find anything on any calendar so I don’t know what I was planning. So I might just stay in bed till the next time that I have plans,.. Dec 9.

    I keep considering a weekend getaway… a forest area, Monterey Bay, San Diego, Portland… maybe even something exotic… but then I think of the prep and the cost (so expensive to travel alone!) and leaving the cats… and change my mind. I mean, I can’t gather the energy to spend a couple hours in Huntington Beach (about 30 or 45 min away) – there’s NO way I’d get my money’s worth out of a “real” trip. I’d rather just stay in bed with my kitties.

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  5. Your wandering today made me smile. I love your Whatzits mood! I am glad you have a nice visit to look forward to from your kids soon. A good reason to welcome December. Stay warm.

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  6. dawnkinster says:

    November HAS just flown. And yes…nothing more to wish for than family.

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  7. jay53 says:

    We haven’t watched actual, live TV for a couple of years now. The ‘box’ just sits in the corner looking blank most of the time, and is only put on to watch a DVD or a programme we particularly want to see on BBC iPlayer – like David Attenborough’s Blue Planet. We don’t miss it, but having said that, it hasn’t made us more active … we are still lazy, exercise-averse, and inclined not to do household chores. We need a dog, to make us get up and go out for walks!

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  8. loisajay says:

    I love the photo of your kids. I have no idea what they are laughing at, but I cannot stop grinning.

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  9. pattisj says:

    Looks like fun times ahead for you and your family. Love how you turned your inks into people–who do their exercises! I agree, November feels like it started a few days ago–then BOOM, it’s over. I had a pajama day earlier this week. I enjoyed it so much, I may have to do that again soon. “Stashing thoughts in odd places…” perfect description. I’m always looking for those thoughts, too (while looking for other things). Maybe I’m a multi-tasker, after all!


  10. Gobblefunkist says:

    I am sprinting right behind you to catch time that’s swooshing past.
    Love the last photo. Such joy.

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  11. Lisa says:

    Yes, that cord cutting decision is sometimes a hard one. I do have many favorites that I look forward to watching….with a nice glass of wine on those cold-season nights. It’s like an escape from the negativity of social media and news. Some are guilty pleasures (Outlander) and others are just for fun. My benchmark is whether I can become “vested” in the characters in just a couple of episodes. If not….it’s history. If so….I’m a loyal watcher. I’m happy your Kat and Get will be joining you for the holidays. Until then, stay warm with your furry girl. xoxo

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  12. Kathy says:

    Have your two arrived yet, or will they come closer to the holidays? How wonderful that they are arriving to spend time with you. The photo is lovely, and makes a person happy just looking at all of you. As for cord cutting…we left our TV behind at least ten years ago (can’t remember when, one of those growing-older signs) and have rarely regretted it. You can better control the news on the computer. Just my thought.

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