Thoughts of Undetermined Value

It’s happened again! I had some thoughts for a blog post the other day, and so as to be sure not to lose them, I typed them up on a document on the computer – safe, right? Uh huh. Except now that I’m ready to sit down and share them, I cannot find that document. Those darn elves that keep stealing things really need to go live somewhere else! I’m getting tired of their sneaking around behind my back and hiding things. My things. Not their things. Mine!

So – anyway – at least one of those thoughts is still in my brain. There have been times in recent months when I’ve wondered what became of girlfriends from my school days – primarily high school, because I don’t remember friends from before that. Too many moves, too many changes. The problem with trying to locate girlfriends is that we grow up, we marry, we change our names. For one friend in particular, I remember the name of the boy who was her love the last time we were in touch, but then we lost touch and I don’t know if they married, or if they did, if they stayed married. I’d like to find her, because I’ve been having another vexing memory loss – which is the last name of my love when we last were together. I can picture him, I remember his first name and nickname, I know he was from Texas. I know I was sure we were going to marry once we got out of high school (this was at the ripe old age of 15), and we were going to live happily ever after. Because that’s what girls did then. But my family moved. Again. Distance makes relationships tough, especially at the ripe old age of 15. We did not marry, so we did not live happily ever after. Why does it matter what his last name was? It doesn’t, but questioning minds want to know.

There was another girlfriend, who I did keep in touch with for longer. I know she married a classmate, I know they did live happily ever after, I know they had kids. I know he died, not that many years ago, but then my life was in a turmoil and – we lost touch. Now I wonder, is she still alive? Life is complicated by the fact that women marry and change their names.

Oh! Miracle of miracles! I just found my notes. Hidden very well because apparently I did not name the file, so it got saved as Blank. Who the heck would look at a file named Blank? So! I’ve been saved! Aren’t you excited?

Memories from those teen years, when vanity ruled. When I hear about or think about Pikes Peak, what always comes to mind is the time we lived nearby, during those teen years, when the thing to do Easter morning was to go to the sunrise services at Pikes Peak. In those days, we still got new dresses for Easter Sunday, and those dresses were a key component – required to be shown off, to flaunt all of our gloriousness in those dresses. Never mind if they were sleeveless, never mind if Pikes Peak on Easter Sunday before sunrise could never be called “warm”. A coat of jacket would have hidden those new dresses, and were, therefore, verboten. Yeah, right. Nowadays I would probably wrap myself in a blanket worn over my warm sweats. Okay, so I do also think about the beauty of Pikes Peak, especially as the sun rises over those red, red rocks. A prize in that beautiful state of Colorado.

Another high school memory – drive in theaters. Again in Colorado, on Saturday nights they had dusk to dawn movies – started at dusk, went on till dawn. We used to crowd as many as possible into my boyfriend’s old Ford (yes, that boyfriend who has no last name), and head for the movies. The fact that they showed dusk to dawn usually ended up getting me in trouble and grounded, because although we never stayed till dawn (if we had, we would not have survived to tell about it), it was difficult to watch all of 2 or 3 movies and get me home by curfew – a very conservative curfew of 10:00. I gotta tell you, I spent a lot of time that summer being grounded.

So here I am, wondering what Tex’s (nickname – real name was Charles, but he was from Texas, so. . .) last name was, what happened to Rose, where the two or three Janets I knew are now. If one of the Janets, whose mother always made the most delicious yeast rolls, timed to be ready to be slathered with butter and eaten hot just after we got home from school, also made those delicious yeast rolls.

Life is full of questions never to be answered.

And, of course – a couple more of my inked ghost trees.

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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15 Responses to Thoughts of Undetermined Value

  1. Kat says:

    Ooih a mystery. My favorite. I will teach you how to find and stalk…a skill people younger than I am have honed.

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  2. jay53 says:

    Oh, a lot of this sounds familiar, Carol! I went through the ‘I wonder what happened to .. ?’ thing some time ago and tried to trace my old crowd. I can remember some of my boyfriends’ names, but not all. There’s one (who admittedly didn’t last very long) both of whose names are lost in the mists of time. I remember that he had a beard, was several years older than me, drove an old Jaguar with leather seats and polished wood dashboard, and that he liked to drink his beer with a chaser, but that’s it! I don’t even remember where he lived. I stopped looking when I found one boyfriend I was very fond of (even after we split up) and learned that he had recently died. So sad.

    I also began to write a blog post the other day only to find one on the same subject lurking in my ‘Drafts’ folder from a year ago! 😀

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  3. loisajay says:

    Saved under ‘Blank.’ Whodda thought. I will have to remember that. These ghost tree inks are beautiful. My ink hangs proudly in my den. I love it!


  4. I remember very few of the names of people I went to high school with. Who knows where they all are now. One couple who were high school sweethearts did marry and went to live in another state,Another girl I went to school with I met about 15 years ago but we were just about to move to another state so we didn’t keep in touch. Other than that I don’t know. When I went to a high school reunion some years ago only one person remembered me but that’s fine. I didn’t know most of them either. Of course I am not including my friend Gillian who I’ve known since I was about ten. We are still friends and keep in touch even though we live in different states now.


  5. Gobblefunkist says:

    Your post inspires me to write one of my own…
    Those paintings… brilliant .


  6. leendadll says:

    a lot of women have their pre-married & married names in facebook. i’ve found some that way.

    interesting to me that you don’t remember prior to high school, only because my dreams are frequently populated by my friends from elementary school.. even though I lost touch with all of them many many many years ago. and the dreams have nothing to do with school or anything… my brain just uses those people as the costars and extras. now that i think about it, I don’t know if anyone from later than elementary school has ever appeared in my dreams. Odd!!

    i like those 2 inks!

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  8. Ally Bean says:

    I, too, wonder about some of the kids I went to high school with. When I used to be on FB some of them friended me, but many of the girls who I cared about in high school either weren’t on FB or were there under married names so I never found them. I have mixed feelings about getting reacquainted with people from my past. I’d love to know about them now because I’m curious, BUT I have to wonder if I wasn’t meant to move on away from them so that I could grow into who I’ve become. The past can hinder the future, you know.

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  9. Dawn says:

    I didn’t have that many friends in high school, and I’ve found a few people that were more than acquaintances but less than friends on Facebook, mostly because there was a reunion not so many years ago. I didn’t go to it, but there was a FB page for it, and I found several people that way. The public library in the town(s) where you went to high school likely has the yearbooks and a librarian there might look for Tex’s last name for you. The reference desk gets those kinds of calls pretty regularly.

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  10. I just learned something new in the comment thread:

    “The public library in the town(s) where you went to high school likely has the yearbooks…”

    How cool is that?!


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