Sorry – Not Sorry

A few days ago, The Spectacled Bean did a blog post called Sorry- Not Sorry. She got the idea from a podcast she listens to. I am now taking that idea to use as my own. Thank you, Ally, for arousing my brain.

I have had a couple of FB discussions recently with someone dear to me that feels it best we stop voicing our disapprovals/disagreements about the goings-on in our world right now. She feels too many people are being negatively affected by these comments, and that basically we should pray for/hope for the best for our government. In some ways, I agree, in others I do not. I agree that the name-calling vitriol often found in comments on FB posts and probably other social media platforms I do not participate in are unnecessary and simply aggravate the division and anger. However, while I wish we would voice our disagreements in a more civil manner, relying on facts and courtesy to express our opinions, I do not think remaining silent is a good thing. With a government that seems intent on taking away all protections for our planet and our “common folk”, with a leader who seems to love nothing more than spewing hate, throwing childish tantrums when he is disagreed with, voicing them on social media, showing no respect for anyone or anything, pandering to his base while completely ignoring the rest of the country (which is the majority, by the way) for the applause that brings him, I cannot remain silent. If I offend you, I am sorry – maybe – for expressing my opinions in what I hope is an adult, intelligent manner – not sorry.

I have reached the age where I have decided spending more time on the things that make me happy and less time being concerned about dust or dog hair is the most important part of my life. If I could overcome my old WASP work ethic completely, I would probably do even less of the regular “chores” around my house and yard, but I cannot. I do make lists – short, because if they get too long, they get ignored – and I do the things on those list. In my time, at my pace, in my way. It is only the dogs and me in this house, and the dogs are happy as long as they are fed on their schedules and are loved and petted. Oh, and given treats. So, if you come to my house and the dust and dog hair offend you, Sorry – not sorry.

I am also at the age where my way of life focuses primarily on comfort for me, so long as it does no harm to anyone else. If there are those who feel it “inappropriate for my age”, or not fitting in with their idea of correct – sorry – not sorry. We spend far too much time judging, too often without full knowledge of the circumstances, or any knowledge of the circumstances. I am not saying I receive criticism, just saying – sorry, not sorry.

In that vein of “sorry – not sorry”, I have never been a Chicken Little “the Sky is Falling, the sky is falling” kind of person, but lately I seem to be becoming that. I feel our world, our way of life, our freedoms are in imminent danger. I fear for the future our children and their children might face, if, indeed, there is a future for them. I think about planning for activities for next spring – and wonder if next spring will be here, or if we will be here next spring. For that, I truly am sorry – both for sharing those fears and for myself for feeling them. But share I will because share I must – if I do not vent, I will explode. It’s a mental health activity. Isn’t it a treasure that we still have the right to do that, and that we have the right to ignore things we prefer not to hear, see, or read? Isn’t that what a world of enough is, after all?

Another sorry – not sorry – I am exercising my right to display more of my recent inks. These two tiles are meant to be trivets, as soon as the finishing process is complete.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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23 Responses to Sorry – Not Sorry

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Oh I like these tiles too. 😀

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  2. Carol — Love the artwork on your soon-to-be trivets!

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  3. So well said, Carol. It’s dangerous to sit by idly and NOT speak up about the atrocities we are facing every day. I hope you don’t mind if I share this on Facebook.

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  4. Ally Bean says:

    Thanks for the link. I’m glad that this idea took root in your mind. The “Sorry / Not Sorry” format is one of the most balanced ways to express yourself that I’ve seen in a long time. I agree with you on all of your opinions, especially “I do not think remaining silent is a good thing.” Either you’re for democracy or you’re not. Best to be clear on this point.

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  5. Robin says:

    I would like to share this too, Carol. I waffle between expressing my opinion and sharing news stories, and keeping quiet. The main reason I keep quiet is because those who most need to be better informed are those most likely to ignore anything that doesn’t suit their support for the Idiot-in-chief and their own narratives. Then I question my own judgement (who am I to say who needs to be better informed? who am I to decide what is truth?), and I end up paralyzed for a while.

    But I think you’re right. This is not the time to keep quiet. These are truly scary times.

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  6. leendadll says:

    sorry, not sorry: I don’t feel like Chicken Little. I feel like one of the many who can feel things falling into bad places and seeing what that means.
    sorry, not sorry: I could use my current awake time to vacuum – but I’m not gonna. I’m also not gonna get a dust rag to knock down cobwebs – I’m gonna keep watching the shape shifting of the one over my bedroom tv… it pleases me.


  7. jay53 says:

    I’m with you on this. I’ve been slated for posting this, or that, or the other – just lately, my lovely spider pictures. It’s my timeline on Facebook, and those who know me should know that I’m into what they call ‘creepy-crawleys’ or ‘bugs’. I don’t want to upset anyone or incite fear and loathing, so I’m compiling a list of those who are phobic so that I can post them to ‘Friends except … ‘, but that’s as far as my concessions will go.

    I applaud your decision to do more of what you love and less of what convention tells you you should do. I’ve seen you progress from being a beginner with those alcohol inks to producing some classy trivets and tiles, so don’t for goodness’ sake let anyone make you feel guilty for being you and doing what you want!

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    • Carol says:

      I gotta admit I am not as enamored with insects as you are, but I must also admit they have their own beauty. My brother was really into spiders, and when he died we donated his work and photos to a local university.
      Thank you for your generous comments about my ink art.


  8. lakeafton says:

    I agree. Also I love the tree trivet.

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  9. Kathy says:

    Fascinating blog, Carol, and I appreciated reading it. I have made the decision–for now–not to use social media to post political opinions. It doesn’t always feel like the “right” decision, and the reasons are very complicated (even for myself). Sometimes it feels like a cop-out. Other times it feels like exactly the right decision. I will talk one-on-one with most people, sharing thoughts and feelings, but immediately feel repleted and de-energized when speaking to/for a larger audience. However, it’s not just politics that does that these days–it could be any topic–so am remaining true to a deep prompting while staying aware if it’s a cop-out or genuine instinct. I like how you’ve come to your decision and how it feels true for you. Let’s all keep listening deeply…

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  10. Excellent post – a good start to my morning at work to pick this up. Thank you.

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  11. loisajay says:

    Can I hit the “LOVE” button on this because I absolutely do love this post, Carol. I tend to do the ‘suppress, suppress, explode’ thing so this spoke volumes to me. Do not be sorry at all for what you wrote. It resonated with me.

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  12. Great post Carol. I do agree with all that you said. I don’t like feeling negative but if we all just stopped voicing our opinion that things could be better than this it would be as if we approved of the madness or at least that we didn’t care. It doesn’t mean we have to fall out with good friends but sorry not sorry I believe what I believe.
    On a different note I love your tile pictures. I think they might be too pretty to put a hot dish on though.

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  13. leendadll says:

    just got turned on to a new blog yesterday and though you might enjoy this post:


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