Share Your World – April 10, 2017

Cee is back to share this week. I decided I might as well play now instead of waiting for another day – it’s another case of avoidance for me, since today has been designated as the day to go grocery shopping.

Have you ever participated in a distance walking, swimming, running, or biking event? Tell your story. I have no story to tell. Although I have done all of those activities, I’ve never participated in an event for any of them. I am just not a competitor. And things I’ve done or do for pleasure become a chore when done for any other reason.

Name one thing not many people know about you. After blogging for several years now, is there anything people don’t know about me? Like Cee, I was once a baker of fresh breads, cinnamon buns, sticky buns, fancy cakes for Christmas – one year I made a gingerbread house which I put a nightlight in and the gingerbread smell in the house was heavenly. Now I bake, but less often and I sometimes bake bread, but I use the breadmaker to prepare the dough. I also used to make all of my clothes, and clothes for my kids. I even made my husband a pair of pants, a tie, a Nehru jacket (back in the day when that was the trend), and several shirts. Then the cost of fabric went up and the cost of ready made went down. Now my sewing machine lives in the closet.

What is your favorite flower? In the spring, when daffodils first appear, they fill me with joy because they are a brightly colored, living thing, so welcome after a white winter. I think though, that my true favorite flowers are peonies and lilacs. If only they had longer bloom periods.

Things I want to have in my home (paintings, hot tubs, book cases, big screen tv etc) I have many of the things I would want in my home – I have photographs my son has taken, printed out, and framed for me. I have crafty things my daughter has made for me, and some of her paintings. I have my own paintings and photographs. I have book cases filled with books and knickknacks that I keep thinking I should thin out. I have a sort-of big screen TV, although I think I’d like it to be a few inches bigger. I have a comfy big recliner with a large cozy fleece lap blanket. I have more than I need – I have enough.

Optional Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I am grateful for getting my dining area and second bathroom painted new colors. I find it interesting how we (or at least I) change with time – when I last painted that bathroom I was apparently in a dramatic frame of mind and chose a color that was pretty dark – recently, I’ve felt more of a need for light and bright. The difference is amazing and pleasing to my eye and my soul. I discovered with the dining area that although I had replaced my dramatic darker color with a lighter one a few years ago, it still did not pull that space out of the dark, so I went with a color I have never used on my walls before and it did the job! I am happy. what am I looking forward to? Spring becoming more like spring – and mowing the grass. Yes! Already it needs mowing, much earlier in the year than I recall ever before. But, waking to freezing temps in the mornings and only a little warmer in the afternoons does not make me anxious to go out and do that.

Because I’m certain sure you really want to see the results of my painting, I will share. The first is the dining area, completed – because I didn’t take a “before” photo.

The bathroom – sort of before (because I seem to have a mental block about “before” photos) – the dark is the old color.

And the bathroom, completed.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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14 Responses to Share Your World – April 10, 2017

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    I like the light spring green in your bathroom. 😀 Thanks Carol for sharing.

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  2. Cathy W says:

    I love how changing paint color can give a room a whole new look! What a wonderful weekend project. 🙂

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  3. leendadll says:

    I like the stars!!
    Okay.. you’re not a competitor… what about “fun walks” or fundraisers? Have you done any of those? any other non-competition “events”? where have you done all those activities?!?


    • Carol says:

      I did all those things over the years – when I was growing up we spent several summers on Minnesota lakes so my days were spent boating and swimming. Biking of course, all kids do that, right? As an adult, a girlfriend and I used to go for long bike rides on the weekend. I once had a husband who thought running every night was a good idea – I did it but hated it. Walking is still my preferred exercise, but I don’t like driving somewhere to go for a walk, and the same old same old scenery gets boring.


  4. Love the architectural details in the dining room. The yellow on the walls appeals to me!
    I lived in a condo once and the former owner painted EVERY non-bathroom wall sage green. And I mean EVERY, including the 24′ walls in the stair wells. No way was I able to tackle the remodel on my own, even if I was motivated to. Which I wasn’t. Oh, and another drawback – the floors and stairs were carpeted. You and I both know the perils of painting over carpet! 😉
    Enjoy your new-to-you dwelling spaces!

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  5. love, Love, LOVE the colors!

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  6. loisajay says:

    I’m with Maggie–the detail in your dining room is wonderful! You did a great job painting, Carol. Painting a bathroom is not for the faint of heart!


    • Carol says:

      I think the dining room wall was worse than the bathroom, but my preferred walls for painting are flat. It was easier when husband was alive because he hated roller painting and I hate brush painting, a lot like Jack Spratt and his wife, so he did all the edges.

      Sent from my iPad


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  7. Laura says:

    I love your rooms! They seem like very peaceful places.


  8. Your painting project has come out very well and may motivate me to get on and complete one of my own over the Easter weekend. I have a big tin of paint just waiting to be used on the laundry and kitchen walls.

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  9. Ally Bean says:

    I’m impressed that you made a Nehru jacket! I cannot even begin to imagine how one does that. I’m getting to the same place as you are with re-painting the walls of our house. I no longer want the drama, and prefer lighter colors [although not pure white]. I don’t know if it’s how old I am, or the times in which we live, but it’s how I’m decorating now.

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  10. pattisj says:

    It’s so freeing to not have the need to acquire ‘things.’ I’ve never been a competitive person in sports or games, either. I love the color of your “before” bathroom, though the lighter color brings a ‘fresh’ look. That’s a great color for your dining room, so warm and inviting. I used to sew most of our clothes, too, especially mine, daughter’s, for granddaughters, and dolls. I did venture into a shirt or two for hubby, but it wasn’t cost effective for the time (and aggravation) it took for plackets and button-down collars. Now I look forward to sewing as a craft outlet–there’s just something about needles and fibers. We grew up in a different era, didn’t we? My mother baked bread as a necessity, and there are many fond memories of it. I started out married life baking bread, but it was no longer required for survival, and now we need to watch our carbs…Have a lovely week!

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