You Say Potato

I say potahtoe. It’s the same with any belief, isn’t it? You have yours, I have mine, and neither of us will be quick to change.

In this new, for me frightening, political administration, some see progress. Some see removing regulations as a step forward, to encourage businesses, to promote job growth. Our job growth is actually doing just fine now, from what I’ve read, but promises were made, and promises will be kept, whether or not they are wise or needed. So some see promise and hope – I see loss of protection for consumers, for the environment – I see air quality, water quality, therefore quality of life, going down, down, down.

Some see a wall between our country and Mexico as a good thing, saving us from those “bad dudes”. Some see it as necessary. I see it as a colossal waste of money, a major increase to the deficit, and a quick trip to increasing food prices. There is talk of a tax on goods coming from Mexico – which means the price of the produce we import will go up. And, the wall will reduce the supply of field workers for the farmers in the U.S. – which means less produce will be picked or it will cost more to have it picked. Prices will go up. Who does that hurt? Not the top 1%, those who are now in charge of making decisions for us. You and I – those of us on the lower rungs of the economic ladder, are the ones that will be most affected. Eating healthier will be that much more expensive. But promises were made, and promises will be kept.

The so-called temporary ban on travel from countries that are Muslim majority – those countries where some of our top tech specialists have come from. The people who have played a large part in advancing our technological knowledge. We have had very few real terrorist attacks in this country – using what’s happening in Europe seems to me to be comparing apples and oranges. We have what has proven to be a good system of vetting immigrants before they come into this country. Why are we “fixing” what wasn’t broken? Rumors, alternative facts, say the Muslims are trying to take over this country – just like our forefathers, those British, Italian, Irish, Scandinavian, German immigrants were trying to take over this country? Because promises were made – whether rational or not, promises will be kept.

Reducing regulations on industrial emissions – some will say that’s good, that will encourage businesses to stay in this country. And when our water supply and air quality are completely trashed? What will they say then? Pushing for more coal mining – which would result in more coal burning, I would assume – there goes more air quality. Allowing waste from those mines to be dumped into rivers – there goes water quality. Yes, the miners need work, but has anyone thought about retraining? Wasn’t something like that done during FDR’s days? Couldn’t we maybe resurrect that instead? But promises were made, and promises will be kept.

And while we’re at it, let’s just see how many foreign entities we can provoke with careless talk. That’ll help relations a lot. Yes, DT, you are the president of the U.S., not a global president, but this is a global world now, and we all rely on one another. Cooperation is a good thing. Teamwork is a good thing. Diplomacy is a good thing.

You say potato – I say potahtoe. Could we just, all of us, open our eyes, our ears, be objective, use our intelligence? Could we think things through rather than just react? Please? Could we give respect, and demand respect? Could we not blindly play follow the leader?

Promises are not always meant to be kept.



About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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6 Responses to You Say Potato

  1. It’s so ironic – the one time when we on this side of the table all hoped that those were empty words, that those promises would never be honored, it sounds like they are going to be, come hell or high water… or deforestation, or greenhouse gases or silicosis of the lung… or doomsday.


  2. lakeafton says:

    Some things will fall, for sure, the sky or our well-being.

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  3. I stopped reading American news because it terrifies me. I have my own country’s news to make me want to go bury myself alive.


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