Entering an Alternative World

I feel like we’re entering an alternative world, one in which kindness, consideration, thoughtfulness, loving are foreign. This is not a world I would choose to live in, if I had that choice. But that choice is not an option for me, or for you, or you, or you. What we are becoming is occurring despite the protests, the wishes, the work of what I feel must be a majority. Because if the hateful side is the majority, we are in deeper trouble than I think.

It disturbs me endlessly that good people, people who say they are Christians, who believe in Christ and his teachings, are out there saying 45 is what this country needs, that he is standing up for Christians and Americans, that he is returning us to what America was. Or should be. This man, who has not expressed a single word that I can recall that sounds Christian to me. This man, who treats no one with respect, who responds to a word of disapproval or disagreement with vitriol and anger, do you honestly believe that he is a savior for this country, for our way of life?

Do we fail to recall we are a nation built of immigrants? Do we fail to remember how hard our ancestors worked to come here, to build a life, to build a country that promised to preserve and protect? Yes, there are dangers to welcoming strangers into our world – but there are dangers in having many who have been in this country for all of their lives. The horrible school shootings were not done by strangers to our world – I think if you were to investigate all of the violent crimes committed in this country you would find that few of them were committed by people new to this country.

I see no brightness in this future, this world that is being manipulated and reshaped into something twisted, dark, and ugly. I see no chance that God is smiling down on 45 and his frantic attempts to prove he is powerful and can do all that he promises. If, indeed, this is what your God wants for this country, then I weep. For me, for you, for our children and our grandchildren, and all future generations – if indeed, there will be future generations.

Am I being too extreme? You know, I thought there was a chance of that, then this morning I read some comments by “Christians” on some Facebook posts that shook me. Really, deeply shook me. Because I think we’re questioning too little, listening too little, thinking too little. And as much as I too would like to see nice words, happy words, soothing words on Facebook and other social media, I cannot, I just cannot not share these words. If we don’t stand up and speak out, if we don’t work together for good, for happy news to share, what chance have we? It is not my wish to propagate anger and hatred, it is my wish to propagate thoughtfulness and awareness.

We need to open our eyes, our ears, our hearts and be aware of the Waves of Change.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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14 Responses to Entering an Alternative World

  1. No you are not being too extreme. Every day things are getting worse and it is getting beyond scary. We just posted about this current abhorrent political situation…ironically while we are in Malaysia ~ a predominantly muslim country.


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  2. Robin says:

    Thank you, Carol, for expressing some of how I feel. I don’t think you’re being too extreme. I’m at a loss to explain why people who call themselves Christian are supporting that man. Here’s an article I suggested to some of my facebook friends who support 45 for “Christian reasons”:


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  3. loisajay says:

    I am waiting to see how he reacts with his newest little project being shut down. Hard to believe this is a grown man we are talking about. Not too extreme at all, Carol. Not at all.

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  4. Lisa says:

    There is so much hate on both sides right now. I’m dumbfounded at the amount of anger and rage. No, in my opinion, DJT does not represent authentic Christianity. Many people who call themselves a Christian really are not. I don’t consider HRC one either, although she professes to have embrace that faith as well. And, I’m not including those who go against Christianity’s tenants, but realize their brokenness and are humbled when they realize how they act…and ask for forgiveness and try to do better. But, it seems those types of Christians are few and far between these days. I don’t think what is going on now is a “Christian” issue. It’s a respect issue. There is none….from either side. I believe the DC Womens March proved that. The more I read about the antics and remarks of those who were in charge, the sadder I get. I limit my time on social media these days because it seems that every day is a new witch hunt. Every day there is a sound byte that has erupted into a raging inferno at the expense of any and all rational thought. The “Left” is doing everything in their power to disrupt and be contentious. The “Right” is fueling this rage by how they are presenting and implementing positions. Common sense and truth lie buried in the middle under a heap of crap from both sides. It appears gone are the days of even appearing to cooperate and compromise. The Dems are hell bent on obstructing every move the GOP makes; the GOP is hell bent on making good on campaign promises…many times at the expense of common sense, wisdom and discernment about the situation. And everyone is in hysterics based on what the biased media chooses to report. it truly is a sad state of affairs. The only winners are those who wait eagerly on the sidelines for our country to tear itself apart. Based on the last ten days, it may not take all that long.


    • Carol says:

      I have no respect for 45 and his sycophants, because I don’t believe they’ve either demonstrated or earned respect. He has been spewing hatred since he started campaigning, and it’s spreading. Hatred is not what I feel, and I hope I don’t sound like that’s what I feel. deep concern for our country, for our world is what I feel. The obstructionism began over 8 years ago, when the Republican Party vowed to obstruct everything Obama tried to do. This country was built on the tenets of being free and welcoming, and was built by immigrants – something we seem to have forgotten. We all have the rights to our beliefs but we also have the right to not have our rights impinged on by the beliefs of others so long as we are not doing them harm. Therefore, although I may not agree with everything that was said during any of the marches, I admire them for standing up and being counted. That, I think, is a responsibility we all carry. Speaking out, without violence. Don’t trod on my rights, including what I do with my body, and I won’t trod on yours.


      • Lisa says:

        Oh Carol, the depth of pain you feel makes me so sad. I disagree with obstructionism, regardless of which side is using it. I agree we all should speak without violence and spend time listening to those who hold different positions. As much as I have in common with you, there are areas where we disagree. I’ll always respect you for speaking your mind even when my position is different. xo


  5. I saw this quote on the screen while I was doing yoga this morning- β€œIt is wise to direct your anger towards problems — not people; to focus your energies on answers — not excuses.”
    ― William Arthur Ward- I wish 45 would think about the wisdom of this. I have started a second blog where I am sharing tips for how to get involved and a few experiences of my own. It is still very fresh, but I am hoping to spend more time investing in that (speakup101guide.wordpress.com)
    I was at a vigil last night and very encouraged by the local support. We need to stay strong and stand by our American values!

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  6. leendadll says:

    definitely not too extreme… I developed the same fears way back in August and instead of having them soothed, they’ve only been increased.


  7. Heather says:

    I think tempers are running really hot right now, and people are responding without thinking. It’s not an excuse, but a possible explanation. I hope things calm down. Like you, I’m over the “shock and awe.” On a related note, a friend shared this yesterday, and I find it timely (having been guilty of thinking others are dumb myself…)-
    View at Medium.com


    • Carol says:

      Very interesting article. I confess to feeling I am “right” – although I would very much like to understand the “other side”. I think I would most like to understand how we all hear and see so clearly what we want to hear and see, and how divergent we can be in interpreting an incident.

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      • Heather says:

        Our brains are definitely wired to feed us biased interpretations, to continue to enforce the “us vs. them” that we likely grew up with. It takes being aware of confirmation bias, I think, to start to take the reins away and begin to make more whole-sided sense of things.

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