With Respect and a Wish for Understanding

I am writing tonight because I have to talk with someone. You are it, aren’t you excited?

I watched David Muir’s interview of Donald Trump tonight. I tried to watch as someone who supported him. I could see, if you are willing to accept promises and words with no specifics, that you could be sucked in. Sucked in. That’s how it felt for me. I heard a lot of applause for Trump by Trump. I heard an overwhelming concern about crowd size, not winning of popular vote – all lies, of course, what people, including ABC, said about those things. He is accepting the Pew report which he says said there was voter fraud, although they said (maybe later, I don’t know) there was no fraud. His answer – why did they give that report? So – let the taxpayers pay for a stupid investigation to massage his ego. Let Congress vote to pay for a wall between us and Mexico – a wall that will not really burden Congress at all, but will burden taxpayers. To be repaid by Mexico – in some form that might be quite complicated, but not specified.

Specifics. I heard none.

I heard about the “tremendous” (everything is tremendous and really big) anger in the country. I heard nothing about any acceptance of responsibility for feeding that anger. I heard how bad it is – it’s not good, but I am so glad Trump explained to me how horrid it really is with all that carnage, because otherwise I might not have felt as inclined to herald him as our savior. OMG! People buy this! How? Really, how?

He believes in torture, but will go with what “his group” wants – I heard that he can’t be bothered with having real, specific ideas about that, or probably anything really, so that’s why he has a “group” to decide those things.

I saw the picture on his wall showing a huge crowd at his inauguration – okay. That’s something that’s really important. Uhhuh. Beats out homelessness, children living in poverty, wars that bring us back veterans who fought for our freedoms and will spend the rest of their lives suffering PTSD. There’s a theme here, isn’t there? He has to be the biggest, the best, the greatest, not questioned, treated with respect he gives no one else. He “loves” anyone who he wants something from – feeling that saying he “loves” them will make them fans? And yet – and yet – I read that he is not really that great a business man. Blasphemy, I am sure.

I heard, I saw, frail ego. I heard, I saw, reactionary. I heard, I saw – I felt – more fear. More concern.

How did we get here? If it weren’t so icy outside, I would go for a walk in the dark, an attempt to dispel these thoughts, these feelings, to encourage sleep. Instead, I will have more wine, and I will whine.

Am I so stupid, or is it the voters who got him in office? That’s unfair. They apparently were desperate for change, and with desperation comes blindness. Selective blindness. Which might or might not relate to Alternative Facts. And Alternative Reality.

I will give that perhaps Obama was a bit too intellectual, not quite enough of a “people “ person. But this? Really? This? We need changes. Are we going to get the changes we need? I hope. I hope. I fear.

With respect to those who disagree with me – these are my feelings. I respect your feelings. I may not understand, but I respect.

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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26 Responses to With Respect and a Wish for Understanding

  1. I have absolutely no respect for anyone who voted to put this man in office. How could anyone support a man whose views and behavior are so repugnant and not share those views and accept that behavior themselves? He’s never hidden who he is and no one can make excuses or apologize for him. He’s a tiny man with a huge ego and a thin skin who will waste our taxpayer dollars on isolating us from the world (building that ridiculous wall, getting out of the TPP, cutting immigrants and refugees), promoting corporate interests and his brand, and dispensing “alternative facts.” And that that doesn’t even take into account his gag orders on agencies and his intimidation of those who don’t gullibly accept his alternate reality. I hate to see what he’ll do to our freedom of the press and freedom of speech. We’re in for a rocky road ahead.

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  2. ntexas99 says:

    I agree with much of what you’ve peaceably and intelligently stated. All of the above. Also appreciate that you made a point to state the obvious fact that he takes absolutely no responsibility for being the cause of the anger pointed against him, especially as it applies to women’s rights (and bodies, and choices). He clearly has no problem destroying the environment or going backwards on clean energy issues, or for that matter, infringing on the rights of the indigenous people who actually own the land (Dakota and Keystone pipelines).

    He is already blocking information access, directly affecting freedom of the press and freedom of speech, and he seems entirely more interested in trying to bully everyone into pretending to believe his version of Alternative Facts, (especially about about crowd size and his popularity), rather than focusing his time and energy on things a bit more Presidential in nature, such as major national and international issues.

    Overall, he seems to be demonstrating from the very beginning that he will continue to be brash and erratic, dangerously biased, and he has certainly already sullied the office that he was somehow elected to represent. It’s extremely sad and frightening to think of how much damage he will leave in his wake. And it has only barely begun.

    What has happened to the respect and intelligence of the America people? How much longer must we bear witness to his one-man-show of false facts, impulsive behavior, and his overall inability to make decisions based on what is best for future generations, as well as what will best serve the needs of Americans today. He has no interest in listening, and his only plan seems to be making sure he avoids providing any sort of specifics to anyone asking the questions.

    If there was ever a time I wish I knew some black magic, if would be right about now. Instead, I’ll just keep praying with increasing fervor, and hoping that we survive this insanity. Sorry for clogging up your comments with my own whining, but every now and then, we have to vent or we’ll simply implode inwards and give up in defeat. That’s not happening. God help us all.

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  3. loisajay says:

    I love David Muir. I focus on him and block out Trump. Call me an ostrich but I am not gonna last four years. This guy is totally nuts.

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  4. Relax... says:

    Trump is used to showboating and even he knows many more than Americans will be listening in, so every public appearance especially now is getting the full strength Angry White Guy (as son refers to him). I think that will diminish, but what I really hope is that there are some REAL congressional controls on him. If Congress backs down from their most important job right now, we’re truly sunk.

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  5. Oh, how I wish I could make sense of it all, too. How can women, especially, proudly boast that they voted for him?

    I suspect that this is a cyclic downturn toward another “Dark Ages” – a downturn that we are powerless to sidestep. The Age of Enlightenment or the next Renaissance will follow. But we may not be around to enjoy it.

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  6. Dawn says:

    I didn’t watch it. I wish I could say I didn’t watch it deliberately, but the truth is I fell asleep long before time. But if I’d have been awake I wouldn’t have watched. I think he likes throwing us all off so that we don’t notice what he’s doing. In four days he’s undone much good. Can’t imagine 4 years, but I guess I need to. Ignoring isn’t really working out for me either.

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  7. Kathy says:

    I am so glad you did this experiment and shared it with us. I keep trying to see it from many angles. Today am feeling just plain dismayed about all of it…but will keep trying to see it from the widest angle possible.

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  8. gobblefunkist says:

    I have a habit of reading two newspapers with my morning coffee – The Hindu for Indian and international news, and The guardian for world (and by that, the Western World, I don’t think the rest of the world exists for most Western newspapers). I am seriously thinking of stopping both because it is not good to start the day with seething anger.
    My unending support to you, Carol, I think I know how you feel – the incompetent rage of seeing things go wrong and not being able to do something about it.

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    • Carol says:

      Thank you. The hardest thing for me is being unable to talk about my feelings with my neighborhood friends, and understanding how people could have voted for him.


  9. Robin says:

    I am going to put my head in the sand for the weekend because I can’t take it anymore. I honestly don’t know how I will survive four years of this. It has been literally making me sick. 😦 I live in Trump country, and I find it difficult to even go out for a walk because the people here have kept their signs up. They are still worshiping the man, and I don’t get it. Some even think it would be a good idea if all the news came straight from Fox or a White House news agency from now on. State run news?? That scares the heck out of me. Or how about that National Day of Patriotic Devotion that he declared? Doesn’t that sound a lot like we should start calling 45 our Dear Leader? (I saw an interview with Laurence Fishburne who won’t refer to DT by name. He calls him “45” or “number 45” instead. I like the idea because I won’t be name-calling and at the same time I can avoid his name.)

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    • Carol says:

      I’m trying to put my head in the sand, but not doing a very good job of it. I need to, because I’ve gone from fear to despair. I call him Trump, or refer to the president – I will not say my or our. Our neighborhood is Trump or at least Republican country, although no one has signs, thank goodness.


  10. Heather says:

    I had been creating anxiety in myself by watching and reading about politics, and finally realized that no matter how upset I was, I have no way to make any changes right now. I stopped reading, and I stopped engaging, though I have followed the Alt National Parks pages.
    I still can’t believe a few things about the election: that Hillary became the democratic nominee over Bernie, and that Trump became the official republican nominee.
    Things I’ve talked about with my husband that have stuck with me: Trump has long been known to be a brash blowhard joke. He was never a problem before, just a joke with money. The only thing that has changed is that we have handed him the title of President. Perhaps we have imbued that title with too much power if that suddenly makes Trump something genuinely scary.

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  11. You have already gotten alot of comment so I don’t have much new to add. I feel the same way. I am currently rereading 1984 by George Orwell. We could be at the beginning of something similar if people turn a blind eye. I encourage everyone to keep speaking out and standing up for American values.

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