The People Wanted Change

Change – sometimes needed, usually hard to accomplish, sometimes comes unbidden. This time – this time, the people wanted change. I wanted change. The change I fear we’re going to see, however, is not the change I wanted. The change I wanted was having our Congress recognize they are where they are because they were elected by the people, to work for the people – the people, not just their party. The change I wanted was for the Congress to work without partisanship, for the good of the country and it’s people. The change I wanted was unity.

After eight years of our president being treated with little respect by far too many – with too much name calling, too much – just too much. I have always said that you don’t have to respect the person, but you do have to respect the position. I believe that. I do, and I have respected the position of many over the years. Men I worked for that had some power because of their position – but who had an inflated view of themselves – I may not have liked the men, but I respected their position and did my job. This time – this election – I’m having a real problem with that. While I do respect our country, our system of governing, the Constitution, the offices to which we elect people (to paraphrase a comment made to Dawn’s post this morning)– I’m finding it difficult to respect the people filling many of those positions.

I will not call names. I will not. But I will say what I feel, what I believe. I will say that people need to earn the respect they feel they should have. I will say that you do not earn respect by calling into play the most base of human emotions, you do not earn respect by denigrating or putting down those who do not agree with you. You do not earn respect by disrespecting women, the LGBT movement, ethnic or religious groups other than your own. You do not earn respect by denying reality – like climate change. When one of your first moves is:
“The Trump White House on Friday also froze all pending regulations; announced the new administration’s plan to develop a missile defense system to protect the U.S. against Iran and North Korea; and indicated its intent to eliminate the Climate Action Plan as well as a Housing and Urban Development program to reduce certain mortgage fees.” (from The Week magazine)

“As the Trump team took over the White House website and social media pages on Friday, the new administration promptly took down Obama-era issue pages on the White House website covering civil rights, climate change, LGBT rights, and health care. New pages tout issues like “An America First Energy Plan” and “Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community,” but so far there is no page devoted to immigration, a central topic of Trump’s campaign. On social media, Trump took over the @POTUS Twitter handle, while all of President Obama’s tweets and followers were shifted to @POTUS44. As of Saturday morning, Trump’s personal Twitter account remains in use.” (from The Week magazine)

What are we to think? I know, I know. We will each think whatever our particular position on this dictates. We make up our minds, and changing our minds is hard to do. To me, it looks like we’re about to take steps backwards, about to trod upon beliefs and lives that have only just been given legitimacy. It looks to me like the division in our country will only grow deeper because, while the president says the “people are in control”, I fear what he really means is the “wealthy people are in control”, and those who believed and believe he is for the little guy – I am sorry. I hope you are right, I hope I am wrong – I do not want him to fail, and I do not want you to feel betrayed. I want us all to come out of this better. But. My hope is dim.

I pray for enough for all.

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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14 Responses to The People Wanted Change

  1. dawnkinster says:

    Scary times. To give so much power to one party is scary. To have that party led by someone so untrustworthy is horrifying.

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  2. I could not agree more. It is scary from where I sit watching and I hope that at the end of four years the people will say “We deserve better than this.”

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  3. lakeafton says:

    Sometimes people get more or something different than they bargained for. One should always be careful in what to ask for.


  4. Mama Cormier says:

    Well said Carol. I must only follow people with your view point because I’ve heard no one with the opposite point of view. I know they’re out there because you wouldn’t have the president that now resides in the White House.

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  5. I’m having a hard time also. I blogged about the disrespect that was put on President Obama in a 2013 post ( I have yet to call the President Trump any derogatory names but I feel like they are on the tip of my tongue and I feel like such a hypocrite. I hope i can rise above.


  6. I feel the same doubt and discouragement as you , Carol. So I try to do something every day- whether it is to send an email to a Senator on a Cabinet screening committee, or write a letter of encouragement to a local Assembly member. Yesterday I gathered a group of friends to participate in a local Women’s March. The crowd drew about 7000, so not enormous, but enough to feel the solidarity and hope that happens at the grass roots level. That is where we all need to be focused now because that is how we keep the ball rolling forward. Stay hopeful!

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  7. Robin says:

    I feel the same way, Carol, although I must admit I have been name-calling (at least when it comes to DT). I am going to take a page from your book and stop. Yesterday’s marches gave me hope, and I hope that all of the people who took to the streets will also continue to follow up and be sure to vote and stay active. I have a feeling that the best place to start is going to be at a local level, and I am going to be paying more attention to my county commissioners and what they are doing. I am (and have been for a couple of years) part of a group that is doing that, but to be honest, I haven’t participated much now that the thing that brought everyone together in the first place has been resolved. We need to replace our commissioners. They’re part of the “good old boys” network and have done little for this county. It’s time for change.

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  8. Lisa says:

    I was deeply disappointed that DJT and HRC were the “best” candidates for the presidency. I would not have chosen either one if it had been up to me. I was not a fan of Obama. I felt he deeply divided the country along many lines. I know his supporters felt he was full of integrity, but felt he was condescending to those who disagreed with his agenda and methods of execution. That said, I don’t agree with a lot of what is going on now….on either side. I would like to wait and see what actually transpires before being judge, jury and executioner. It’s almost impossible to stay objective with all the media hysteria and lies floating around. And no media outlet is immune. Sadly, many people latch on to what they want to believe and then seek outlets that reinforce their positions. I pray President Trump will demonstrate wisdom, discretion and develop plans that will make this country strong inside and out. If he succeeds, we all succeed. if he fails, we all fail.

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  9. The old adage — be careful what you wish for — comes to mind.


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