Tonight I Weep

Tonight – tonight. I weep. I did not watch President Obama’s farewell address, but what I saw in video playback later where he thanked Michelle, his children, where he stated his greatest pleasure in life was being their father – I saw grace, honor, intelligence, family values. I saw all of what I respect in humankind. I saw what I see very little of these days. I saw those things that have given me hope over the past eight years, despite a deliberately non-cooperative congress. I saw what I fear we will not see in the future – for far too far into the future. I saw, perhaps, the last vestiges of hope for mankind.

You say I am being overly dramatic – perhaps I am. Perhaps I am. But I feel a fear I have never felt before in this lifetime – a fear that the time I have left to afford living in this country is short. Financially or emotionally. A fear that the honor this country deserves is going to be short-lived. Tonight, a man on Facebook responded to a comment I had made by telling me Michelle Obama is a transvestite. Really? Really? Are we so eager, so willing, to believe these kinds of things that we will repeat them at will, without any fact-checking? Are we so shallow? So really shallow? Can we no longer grasp the concept of honor, intelligence, grace? No matter how you feel about ObamaCare or policies of the current administration, can you not respect and honor their honor?

Can we honor the Republican Congress, who, eight years ago, demanding a thorough ethics check on nominees for the cabinet, are now say we are being crybabies for expecting the same? Really, can we? Can we honor any Congress whose first action is an attempt to abolish the oversight committee, the ones that are supposed to keep the Congress on the straight and narrow? Yes, they buckled to public pressure, but should they be honored for that? I think not. I think they should be feared for their apparent mindset.

Face book is alive with “will Melania Trump bring class to the White House?” Wait a minute. Class has been in the White House now for 8 years. No scandals, reason, intellect, family values – My question is, will Melania even be in the White House? Melania – the third wife of our president-elect, who needs lesson in presidential behavior to my way of thinking – who has said she will stay in New York with their son. Melania – the immigrant and wife to a man who promises to ban immigrants. Of his three wives, only one was not an immigrant, I believe. Irony? Perhaps she is a woman of class, we shall see. Maybe. But do not take away from the class that has been in the White House for 8 years. I anticipate the “First Lady” of the new administration to be Ivanka Trump, daughter of the president-elect and his first wife, an immigrant.

I fear this whole thing is going to cause damage to my relationship with people who are important to me. People who may or may not support Trump, but who appear to not share my fears, my concerns. I wish that not to happen, but I cannot keep quiet because of that fear. What will be, will be. If we are meant to be friends, they will recognize that, while I respect them as humans, while I respect their right to believe as they do, I cannot keep quiet. I cannot. I have always said you must respect the position of the person holding it – I did not agree with or respect my father, but I respected his position as my father. Yet, I now find myself having problems with that theory. Or not. I do respect the office of the president. I do not respect the person who is president-elect. I believe respect is something that must be earned. It is not a gift, it is not bestowed upon anyone because of their existence. It is earned.

I ramble. I am emotional. I do not apologize for those emotions. They are mine, they are real.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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11 Responses to Tonight I Weep

  1. I’m right there with you…tears and all!

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  2. gobblefunkist says:

    I am right there with you as well, from a completely different continent.


  3. Joanne says:

    I understand the emotions you must be feeling right now, Carol. As I’ve already told you, I don’t understand USA politics (I don’t fully understand Australian politics for that matter – politics are not a great interest of mine) but I do see the respect and dignity extended by Barack and Michelle Obama to everyone they meet. I believe your new President has a few lessons ahead of him. Hopefully, he will learn fast.

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  4. Perfectly and so eloquently said, Carol! You speak for so many of us here in America. I keep telling my husband this will be the end of America as we’ve known it. I hope I’m wrong, but I fear I’m not. Thank you for sharing this.

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  5. loisajay says:

    This is not a ramble, Carol. This is truth. Well said truth. And I am right there with you. First Lady? No. First Daughter. Yes. Only the tip of the iceberg to strange with this one.

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  6. Heather says:

    I still feel like this whole election and the current aftermath are in a fog. It can be real, can it? Can this bitter bully teenager really be our president?
    And no matter what I’ve thought of President Obama’s policies (I’m a Libertarian and don’t agree with all of them), I have always thought he and his family were so graceful and classy. Truly a wonderful addition to the White House.
    I also fear what’s ahead. I keep thinking it isn’t possible, but then I also thought Trump would never get the nomination. Then when he did, I thought it was impossible he’d win the vote. Don’t look to me for political predictions.

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  7. Don’t give up hope, Carol. I have been emailing letters to Senators re: the cabinet nominees. I intend to keep checking in with Congress members from other states who might need some persuading. I sign petitions daily to question the ethics of this transition and will continue to monitor the things the new congress tries to pull over our eyes and behind our backs. This is a democracy and as Obama reminded us last night, we have a responsibility to fill as US citizens. Keep believing and doing what you can.

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  8. dawnkinster says:

    I think we can have our period of grief, and allow us to miss the classy family that is leaving the White House, but then we have to voice our opinion rationally and calmly whenever we feel the need, in order to protect, as best we can, what is good about America.

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  9. Robin says:

    “Are we so shallow? So really shallow?” Throughout the course of the election and the aftermath, I have wondered the same thing, Carol. I see videos of people who are ecstatic because “we don’t have to be politically correct anymore!!” and I wonder what is wrong with being politically correct? It seems to me that being politically correct is just a long way of saying being kind, being aware of and respecting the feelings of others even when — maybe especially when — they are different in some way.

    I weep with you, Carol, as do many others. Thank you for posting what is also in my heart.


  10. I echo your sentiments, Carol, and weep with you and the rest of your readers.


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