Let’s Ramble

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted. The world smiles more again, and we jumped from spring to mid-summer very quickly. From perfect temperatures in the 70s to the 90s, almost overnight. Too quickly for me. Neither too cold nor too hot temperatures please me, but then again, I don’t think pleasing me is Mother Nature’s top priority.

In my absence, I have put some plants in pots outside, and maybe one of these days I’ll even take some pictures to show you – because, why should you take my word for it? You all know how lazy I really am. There is much more waiting to be attended to outside, but I am still undecided as to how important those chores are. Until I make that decision, I shall linger inside or out on the deck, pondering, relaxing, enjoying.

There are the antics of the kitten – Batman, aka Little Boy, Little Boy Batman, LBB, Lubb (because LBB would sound like that), Lubby, Hey You!, NO! As the only male in the house, it is important he keep his eye on us, most particularly me.

It’s his job to keep me in line

Napping is harder now, for the big furry girls. This little thing races wildly about the house, caring not whose nose or toes he pounces on. Though, sometimes, exhaustion overcomes him, and we are given freedom to do as we please, without assistance. For a brief period of time, anyway.

The lawn needs mowing. But it’s Sunday. And thunderstorms are threatening. And although now it’s cloudy and not too warm, the sprinklers ran overnight and the grass is wet. And I don’t really feel like it.

The house needs cleaning. Again. But it’s Sunday. And I don’t feel like it.

I went to town the other day and got a pedicure. My pedicurist (what are they called anyway?) asked if I’d been gardening because my legs have a network of fine scratches. No, I said – but I have a kitten, and when I’m sitting at my computer desk, my legs are his ladder to the desktop, where he needs to be because I need supervision. And help. My pedicurist, who I’m certain was wishing he hadn’t asked that question, said – very thoughtfully – “oh”. Conversation successfully deterred.

Kathy, of Lake Superior Spirit blog fame, talked about sentences that go on forever without punctuation in her blog the other day. It kind of felt like a challenge one that would be very difficult for me not so much the sentence that goes on forever but the lack of punctuation because my fingers just automatically go to those keys as I type and it’s hard to control them you know but I’m going to try that now because like I said it kind of felt like a challenge one that I could take on because it didn’t require any heavy lifting or real effort on my part other than to make my brain communicate with my fingers in the way I want it to rather than the way it thinks it should so here I am without punctuation or very much coherence just kind of putting words on the paper and letting you go where you might with them but I think any second now that’s going to end because I really want to share a couple more photos with you. There! That’s done! Take that, Kathy!

While I ponder how much outside work I really care to do, I sometimes sit in my morning room chair, watching what’s going on in the bird tree outside my window. The other day, one of our regular summer visitors, the Western Tanager, came by to say hello.

Isn’t he a pretty boy?

Oh! He was there a second ago!

This morning on Facebook, I read a post my daughter had shared, written by a woman who said she “wanted her daughters to fill their space” – whether it be physical appearance or size, opinions, thoughts, dreams. It was a very interesting post, well-written, voicing thoughts I’ve had frequently through my life, and quite often of late. It seems society expects a great deal of all of us, but mostly women, and expects that we will fit those Hollywood propagated ideals – you know, the right weight, the right shape, wrinkle-free, intelligent but not pushy about it, talented in the kitchen, charming – all of those ideals. Unreal. Uniform. As I read this post, my thoughts went to the ways this applies not only to the young, but to those of us who are maturing, probably more quickly than we like. My thoughts went like this: Yes, yes! When we get old and our skin is more like crepe paper than satin, sags in unbecoming ways, and bears scars of tangles with life, puppy and kitten claws, rose bushes – when we are inclined to hide it all but it’s 90 degrees out there and we want to sprawl in the only cool spot we can find, unconfined, we need the freedom to be what we are and to fill our space. Unashamed.

My mind wants to ramble on about the current political campaigns, but I find that topic displeasing. Frightening. I must be dreaming. No, nightmaring. So I won’t go there. Instead, I will end with a photo of clouds that I thought were very interesting – appropriate because they occurred at sundown (sundown, an ending) the other evening.

Go forth now, and prosper! Prosper in accordance with your own personal definition of the word.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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19 Responses to Let’s Ramble

  1. Beautiful sharing, and I love your free write!

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  2. dawnkinster says:

    I’m glad things are smiling a bit more regularly now. LBB is adorable of course, though I don’t know if I could deal with a kitten. Or a puppy. Or more than one of anything come to think about it! So I can understand you wanting to just sit there and enjoy them, and the birds and the clouds Lawn mowing sounds quite overwhelming. Though ours needs it too. But it’s raining. Thank goodness.

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  3. Heather says:

    You get a gold star for successfully completing your challenge!
    I think if LBB doesn’t seem inclined to do chores, then you needn’t do them. He is your supervisor, right?

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  4. Ruth says:

    What a beautifully colored bird! Cute kitty too.

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  5. loisajay says:

    What a great post! I loved not having to stop or pause mid-sentence just read on and on. Works for me, Carol! LBB is adorable. Climbing up your leg made me think of how I watched Parker (when she was tiny), claw her way up the duvet to the top of the bed. So cute. No, three ruined chairs later, not so cute but, oh well. I love your outdoor visitor; you do have the prettiest birds. Enjoy your relaxing Sunday. It is raining here in sunny FL….

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  6. Kathy says:

    Ha ha–oh this is so funny, Carol. I’m reading away on your blog and thinking (not quite consciously yet) gosh, Carol is writing a great stream-of-consciousness blog. Maybe she always writes stream of consciousness blogs. Maybe people write these blogs all the time and I’ve never noticed! Well, anyway, I loved this. Love the sweet little kitty. Love that you took up the challenge. And also have been reading a book about shame and women’s bodies and all sorts of things by Brene Brown. She talks all about ideals of women that are impossible to meet, so I agree with your thoughts. Unashamed at the moment and smiling, Kathy

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  7. Oh my blessed word, LBB is utterly adorable!

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  8. Karma says:

    You’re lucky to have such an adorable supervisor! He doesn’t appear to be the type who will work you too terribly hard, which is also nice. I chuckled at your reference to Kathy’s blog from the other day. I have been blog-stymied (did I spell that right?) as of late, but you and Kathy regularly inspire me to go “oh yeah I should write a post”, as you have once again done today.

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  9. I’m glad to hear of your new kitty! It sounds like he has proven to be the therapy you needed to get your smile back. That beautiful bird must certainly be a nice visitor, too.

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  10. What a lovely little fellow LBB is. Aren’t scratched legs the badge of the kitten owner. I think all kittens practice on their owners for tree climbing later. What a pretty bird in your tree. I think I’d rather watch birds in the wild than have one in a cage.

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  11. suzicate says:

    The Western Tanager certainly is a pretty boy, and so is the boy kitten!
    And thanks for not politicking…get more than enough on Facebook…agreed,all the possible (in my opinion) is a disgrace.

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  12. pattisj says:

    Lo ve kittens and their exuberance for life. Gorgeous Western Tanager! I’ve taken my share of bird shots with the bird no longer in them! I’m so glad we have digital and not film! I’m curious how many times you had to backtrack to take our punctuation that went in so automatically. 😉 Were you really able to do it totally without? The cloud looks like the curtain lowering at the end of the day. Nice shot.

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  13. lisa says:

    Lubby is adorable. I love black kitties. And kitten antics are entertaining….and exasperating! Nice to see you back in the blogosphere. You are always so good about commenting at my place. And I’m….well….not lately. Exhausted, frustrated, annoyed and unsettled pretty much describes my state of mind these days. The muse is still here, but time doesn’t allow for her to create much these days. Maybe in August? Anyway, hope all is well in your world. That last shot is lovely. Glass of wine on the deck and that sunset would be excellent therapy.


  14. leendadll says:

    LBB is anerable! love the bird pics too.
    The neighborhood cat that I feed, “BW2” is pronounced Beedub.

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  15. Robin says:

    Lubby is adorable and certainly seems to be filling his space. I like that idea. I recently read an article about the stigma of aging and had a similar “yes! yes!” response to it. When the weather gets hot, as it is doing today, I often wish I could demote the outdoor chores to unimportant status, but we live in a jungle here. The snakes and rabbits would take over, the plants would probably grow over the house, and we’d be trapped forever behind vines and weeds. Unless it didn’t rain for a while. Drought always makes the outdoor chores unimportant because nothing grows.
    I enjoyed your stream of consciousness writing without punctuation, too. I’ll have to zip over to Kathy’s. I seem to have missed that post.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I love stream of consciousness, and had a great time doing it with Kathy, and now reading yours. FUN.


  17. Loved your punctuationless paragraph! The photos of Will are super-adorable. Once in the Tetons I saw a flock of Western Tanagers–I didn’t recall ever seeing them before or since, but they are one of the prettiest birds I’ve ever seen–and you can watch them out your window. Very fun post, Carol.

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