What I Think About That

The skies are gray – again. It’s not that heavy gray with voluminous clouds, the kind of sky that holds some beauty despite its heaviness. It’s an even light gray, which is spitting moisture down upon us. Moisture that is vacillating between snow and rain and a mixture of both. The edges of the major three-day winter storm that is enveloping the mountains around us. What I think about that should not be repeated in public. It is March. March is the month spring arrives. What I think about that is that I need some kitten in my life.

There was a post on Facebook the other day, a video showing another way to deal with school shooters – where, instead of gathering all of the students in a classroom into one corner, the video suggested they be scattered and if the shooter enters the room, they pellet the intruder with whatever they can pick up and throw at him (the male pronoun only because thus far the shooters have been male). It seemed a good idea to me. Why not go down standing up for oneself? One of the comments on the post was made by a Canadian woman, who said as an outsider to our country she did not understand why, in America, we seem to value guns more than our children. What do I think about that? I think what I replied to her – as an insider of our country, I did not understand either. That’s what I think about that. I do not understand.

I have been getting bits and pieces of campaign news – those bits and pieces reported on the news, or included in the headlines I receive by email – so despite the fact that I have successfully avoided each and every “debate”, I do not think I am uninformed. What I think about that – the campaigns – is that they are creating a layer of fog over what matters. A layer of fog that is shrouding reason, fogging our brains, hiding what is real. What do I think about that? I think the coming election year is scary. My hope for the future of our country is growing dimmer.

Which leads quite naturally into listening to the news at night, because I feel a need to. I think I have masochistic tendencies sometimes. In the bigger city over the mountains, car break-ins have increased 119% from January to February. There have been a number of shootings lately. Masses die in the fight against terrorists in those far-away countries of Asia, but the terrorists are still there. Israel and Palestine cannot agree on anything. That’s not so strange, really, when we consider how few people/countries/leaders can agree on anything. But this is what I think about all of that:

It makes me crazy. It makes me yearn for blue skies, walks along the beach in the company of my furry girls and the driftwood piled up by the winds and waves. It makes me wish we could all take the time to smell the roses, give the benefit of the doubt, demonstrate patience and tolerance. While I wait, I will be happy I live where I do, a place that doesn’t have much culture to offer and shopping is limited, but a place where terrorists would have no reason to strike, my furry girls and I can wander down the road no matter the time of day without fear, where the deer and the coyotes play, birds sing their songs and the squirrels chase each other around the tree trunks.

I play a couple of games on my iPad, and often there will be a level in one or the other of them that just refuses to cooperate and let me get through it. When that happens to both games at the same time – what I think about that is that I’m not too bright that I continue to play these games. I also play a solitaire game, which offers me the option of a random shuffle or a winning deal. I’m not completely stupid, so I always pick the “winning deal”. What I think about that is that I should be winning – all of the time. Why don’t I? What I think is that’s misrepresentation.

What I think about all of this is that some days it’s hard to keep the chin up, shoulders back, and face the world with a smile. What I think about all of that is finding the silver lining is harder some days than others. What I think about living life in these days – it’s better than the alternative.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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13 Responses to What I Think About That

  1. Carol – I went to the polls on Tuesday to vote. I was, quite literally, turned away. I’m not a Republican, nor am I a Democrat. Resonating more strongly with their platform, I happen to belong to the Green party. The people at the polls had never heard of the Green party – not one of them. I then said I would like to vote as an Independent. They said my only alternative was to vote Constitution. I don’t vote parties, I vote issues. And trust me – I have “issues” with everyone running in presidential campaign.


    • Carol says:

      This year, if I vote, it will be more against than for. I consider the qualities of the candidate and their position on the issues first and foremost. Yeah, that “quality” thing is tough.

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  2. jay53 says:

    I don’t think it’s coincidence that the levels of depression and suicide among our populations have risen in direct proportion to the growth of world media coverage. Of course it’s depressing when we hear, EVERY DAY, of terrible things happening in places too far away for us to reach, and problems too big to be solved by our tiny donations of cash, of senseless killings and torture by fanatics, or terrorists, or regimes too blind and deaf or indifferent to listen to our faint voices.

    I think for our own sanity, we have to pick our battles: choose to help where we can, do what we can, donate what we can, and then focus on our own little patch, and do what we can, help who we can, support what we can – and then sit back and put it all out of our minds and enjoy the little, beautiful things around us. And that’s what I think.

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  3. Robin says:

    The kitten is adorable and funny and what I think is that maybe you’re on to something. We all need more kitten in our life (which explains why online kitten videos are so popular, but a video isn’t nearly as good for the soul as the real deal). As for politics, guns, and terrorists, I don’t understand, either.

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  4. I loved your picture of the foggy beach. How appropriate to symbolize the way things seem to be going . We can only wish things will dissipate and the sun will come out and give us a beautiful day.

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  5. Karma says:

    I’m with you and Robin – what if we could live our lives like kittens do? Ok, maybe that wouldn’t be the best, but damn it would be fun!

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  6. dawnkinster says:

    I love the beach and kittens so I’m all in agreement with the way you think.

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  7. The whole political campaign has sunk to a horrible low, and the protests at the Chicago Trump rally show how upset everyone is. I also am one who will be voting AGAINST rather than voting FOR. Why are no good leaders stepping up for the job of President? I guess they don’t have to go through the vetting process with the press tearing them to shreds over their every misdeed. Or they get paid better with less hassle in the private sector. Anyway, one thing that encouraged me when I went to Philadelphia is that the park ranger at Independence Hall said that political battles were just as nasty back in the day as they are today. That surprised me and somehow made me feel slightly better.

    You do have a nice, quiet and enjoyable life in your neck of the woods, Carol, and life certainly is better than the alternative, no matter how depressing. At least I tend to believe that, overall. xxx

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  8. leendadll says:

    I have the opposite reaction to yours: I watch less news. And I’m turning off the radio more often too, because I’m sick of hearing politics-related blurbs. This election year is definitely the scariest of my life.

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  9. Heather says:

    There’s so much in this post to love. I’m glad you wrote it 🙂
    Silver linings are certainly harder some days than others.

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  10. loisajay says:

    Carol–are you doing the 7-day nature challenge? Would you like to? You have so many beautiful photos that you post, I thought you would be a natural (pun!). Let me know if you would like to be nominated to participate. Thank you!


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