November Ramblings

I’m sitting at my desktop computer, with the window looking out on my bird tree in front of me. A few minutes ago, I looked up to discover a squirrel sitting in the tree, staring through the window at me. I said good morning, he did not respond. Rude! Then he ran up the tree, onto the roof and I listened to his footsteps heading across to another tree.

I see sparkles on the grass and the bushes the sun is hitting. That’s what happens when the temperature is all the way up to 23 degrees. The weather people are saying that 23 degrees is going to feel warm by Thanksgiving, when our low should be 10 degrees, and our high below freezing. They are also mentioning snow in a day or so, but not a lot, only 1″ to 3″. Pretty normal for us this time of year. Perhaps today I should fill bird feeders, because I may not want to venture out too much when that cold comes in.

My kids are on the move again. Kat has signed a contract to teach in Thailand beginning next fall. She interviewed with a school in Jordan, and I was much relieved when she decided she didn’t want that job. That part of the world is in too much of an uproar to make me feel secure. She will be home for Christmas on December 14. Gep has become discontent with changes in the school he’s been with in Oman and will be leaving there after winter break. He’s considering spending some time in Ecuador, taking some time off to decide which direction he wants to go next. Ecuador is good – it’s far away from that uproar I mentioned above. Whether he will be home for Christmas is undecided, depending upon when what needs to be taken care of for his move gets done.

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us already! How did that happen, and where did the year go anyway? I will spend the day with the few of us in the neighborhood that will be here; half of our neighborhood is off to visit family in other parts of this western side of the country. We will have a kind of “potluck” Thanksgiving dinner, to which I intend to contribute dessert (I’m thinking pumpkin pie and bread pudding) as well as a sweet potato casserole. Not the one with marshmallow – I don’t like marshmallows. I’ll be trying a new recipe, and hoping it comes out as good as it looks. It cooks in the slow cooker, which seems ideal to me because then I won’t have to worry about keeping it hot – I can cook it, set it to warm and take the whole thing with me.

a very casual holiday dinner

a very casual holiday dinner

My Bailey girl has been doing pretty well the past few days – the steps off the decks seem to be giving her less trouble, but she hobbles after walking a shorter distance now, so our walks have become more abbreviated.
Some days we do our little “Bailey walk”, then Shasta and I go out for a longer walk when she’s ready to go in the house.
Twiggy kitty is doing fine, showing no signs of the diagnosis of lymphoma. Neither is she taking the medications that were prescribed. I tried crushing the pills and mixing them in the soft food she gets for breakfast – she took two bites and said no more. I tried mixing the whole pills in the soft food and she ate around them. I got pill pockets, which worked for one day. After that, she ate the pockets and left the pills. Forcing them into her throat and getting them down is not an option without having at least four hands. It puts my body parts – and maybe my life – at high risk. She gets a little grumpy about things like that. I have decided to let nature take its course and thus far, she’s doing just fine.

Robyn, of Breezes at Dawn blog fame,posted about unfinished projects, which made me chuckle. I chuckled because I related. I currently have three knitting projects started – started many months ago. Then there are the embroidery projects I started many years ago. There are the beading projects I started more recently. I have a cabinet I built when I was building things and doing decorative painting, filled with the remains of materials purchased for various and sundry hobbies. My habit is to get intrigued by something, become obsessed about that something, and stock up on materials. My cabinet is filled with glitter and glue, fabric paints and acrylic paints, and many other things. A closet shelf contains unused canvases and paints; an easel sits, empty, in the corner, waiting for me to pull out a canvas and the paints I bought when I thought I would start painting again. My craft desk is littered with bits and pieces of projects, started and not completed. My craft room shelves are filled with yarns and other bits and pieces of various hobbies, accompanied by books about those hobbies. My very dear friend, The Artistic One, when we were sorting the materials for all those projects she intended to do, said her life was filled with good intentions. I think that also applies to me. I think my life is filled with bits and pieces of those good intentions.

Ah well, there is always tomorrow!

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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12 Responses to November Ramblings

  1. Dawn says:

    Safe travels to your kids, wherever they go this holiday season. I need a craft room so that I can store all the stuff I’ve purchased over the years but never used. I thought I’d be much craftier when I retired. Apparently I will not be.


    • Carol says:

      Maybe you will not be craftier right now – but who knows what tomorrow might bring? What has become my craft room used to be the living room, which was rarely used because the family room is where we always spent out time. It seemed silly to have a room that was only entered to vacuum and dust, or to go out to the front deck. So now it is my personal mess.



  2. Joanne says:

    Yes, there is always tomorrow, and that’s just the day you might have the urge to finish an old project, or even start (and complete) a new one! I’m the same, always working on one project or another, and when I actually do finish something, the sense of achievement is wonderful. πŸ™‚

    I hope that Gep can spend Christmas with you. I know how much it would mean to you to have him there. And I love Kat’s tattoo! So appropriate for her. πŸ™‚

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  3. Karma says:

    The unfinished project thing must be universal. I was quite the quilter for a few years then my interest in it waned. I completed a quilt for my older daughter’s 15th birthday no problem, so of course I needed to do one for my younger daughter, right? The pieces of that quilt remain in pieces – younger daughter is now 18!
    My older dog, Daphne, a 10 year old golden retriever has just recently started not moving well, with seeming weakness in her back legs that has come on suddenly. Do you have a diagnosis for Bailey? Daphne is going to the vet tomorrow and I was just curious of possible outcomes.


    • Carol says:

      The vet x-rayed Bailey a few years ago, and discovered she has what he called β€œthe worst case he’s ever seen” of arthritis in her hips and elbows. She took Novox (Rimadyl) for quite a while, but it does bad things to the stomach, so we had to take her off. She is now taking a pain-killer, Tramadol and I put a teaspoon of Turmeric in her food each morning – it’s supposed to be a good anti-inflammatory.



  4. Robin says:

    Knitting! I’d forgotten all about the yarn I have stored in the attic and in my closet. I’ll have to think about getting rid of that after I clean out the art desk. I do like knitting (and crocheting), but can’t find the time to do it. And I’ve already forgotten how to knit (having only just learned about 2 years ago).

    Ecuador seems to be popular these days. I know a couple people who have moved down that way, and some that are considering it.

    I hope Twiggy continues to do well without the meds. After my own experiences with trying to pill cats, I’ve come to the conclusion that it verges on cruel. I don’t know why someone hasn’t come up with a better way to medicate cats. I think the scientists should get to work on that. πŸ™‚

    Thank you for the mention and the link. Have a happy Thanksgiving. πŸ˜€

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  5. Maybe now that the weather has turned cold, you will have more time for your projects. I just finished a scarf for my son. He liked a chenille scarf I had made myself a few years ago so I made a more manly version for him- just in time for the onset of winter. That is exciting news about your kids. I hope their plans work out and you will all be together for Christmas. Best wishes to Twiggy and Bailey. All you can do is keep giving them love and comfort, which will at least make them content. Have a very happy thanksgiving!

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  6. I love the squirrel and snow photos at the top of your post, and the one of the cat is just how our cat used to like to lie – I wonder if it is a cat thing? I have several unfinished projects on the go too, and a fair bit of unused craft things from years ago which I hang on to just in case I get the urge to pick them up again (hasn’t happened in 6 years, so will it happen??).

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  7. I love the photo that shows your colorful craft/project boxes. So what if some of them are left unfinished, the storages boxes look COOL regardless!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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  8. Heather says:

    I love hearing of your kids’ travels. It is good for my soul to know that there are folks in this world who live like they do.
    I’m glad Twiggy is hanging in there, and that you’re finding a way to spend time with your canine girls. Dominique always required two people to get pills in her, until she got sick this time and was too weak/indifferent to fight. With Sebastian, I wait until he’s sleeping cozily somewhere. Then I bring treats and pill…open his mouth and practically gag him by putting the pill so far down his throat, and then I give him treats. He gets upset, but it’s over before he squirms away, and no one gets hurt.

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  9. Lisa says:

    So glad you had a good Friendsgiving (Thanksgiving with friends instead of family). The food looked delish. I’m with you on Jordan. It’s much too volatile in that part of the world. Thailand? I’m not so sure about that area either. Ecuador, I’ve heard, is a wonderful place to live. I completely understand about the challenges with cats and pills. Midget will take the pill pockets sometimes and other times she eats the treat and spits out the pill. I’m getting very creative but sometimes I have to get the “shooter” and wrap her up in a towel (for my safety). The furry girls look good. πŸ™‚ I fill the feeders but my piggy little birds can completely drain a feeder in a day! xo

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