Sadness prevails in our country. I think the real sadness is that we seem to never learn. We repeat the same mistakes, over and over, generation after generation. We rail against the mindless violence that is reported to us in graphic detail, some new horrendous act seeming to occur on a daily basis. There are the senseless killings – the uproar about the availability of guns after each episode, but nothing happens. I think the guns are not the cause of these acts, however. They make it easier for humans to act out their anger, their insanity, and yes, something should be done to make the distribution of guns more controlled. But I do not think they are the cause.

There is great variety in the kinds of acts that take loved ones away, that destroy families and lives. There are the deaths on the highways, too many the result of drivers falling asleep – a fight that Dawn supports energetically, but that our congress seems incapable of recognizing and passing laws to at last reduce the destruction. There are the insane acts of children – children too young to be suffering as they seem to, too young to have access to guns, to weapons they take to schools and use on their peers. There are the acts of desperate people, people that seem to feel no love, who fail to understand tolerance and humanity, who are living damaged lives. Why?

I wonder – are there really more acts of violence in our times than have been over the generations, the centuries? Or do we simply have more access to what is going on in the country, in the world? Is it the presence of the media, the ability to spread the stories instantly – or are we truly a more insane, dangerous society? Remember the Crusades, Wyatt Earp and Jesse James? I would hope it is that we know more about what is going on in the world. But that hope is not a happy hope – it is pervaded with the sadness that we never seem to learn. We never seem to come up with a solution to reduce the carnage. We never seem to become a better people. A more forgiving, loving society. Why?

We declare wars rather than work at resolving our problems in a peaceful way. We insist the world live the way we think is right, failing to recognize that each culture is different and that no one culture is the “right” way to live for all of us. We have no tolerance for the right of others to march to the beat of their own drummer, and we try to force our way of living on others. This is not peculiar to the the United States, it seems to be the way of mankind. It is what we see in holy wars that have gone on for as long as this world has existed. It’s what we see with ISIS, with extremism in all forms. It is what we saw on 9/11, in Columbine, in Sandy Hook, now in Charleston – in far too many places. Why?

When sadness overtakes as it has once again this week, I need to walk about my yard, look in my gardens, breathe in the beauty that nature provides. She gives us flowers and fruits with many colors and scents. Despite the stupidity of man, nature restores.

This evening I will sit on my deck with a glass of wine. I will listen to the birdsong, take in the freshness and colors and scents around me. I will breathe in hope, because without hope, I am nothing.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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11 Responses to Why?

  1. suzicate says:

    We can only hope for a safer, more balanced, and peaceful world. These horrible episodes of violence must stop. This country also needs better medical intervention for mental illness. We usually don’t hear much about it unless something horrific on a large scale happens, but I can tell you it happens on the lowest levels. I have a relative with mental illness and getting proper treatment for her through the years has been more than gut wrenching.

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  2. Dawn says:

    Thank you Carol, for the shout out. I’ve been spending time in my garden too…looking for peace


  3. Robin says:

    Beautiful post, Carol. Thank you for vocalizing (or writing) what has been on my mind this week. I, too, have been asking “Why?”


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  5. So well said, Carol. I’m right there with you.

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  6. Carol — Well said. Very well said, indeed!

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  7. Excellent post, Carol. I agree wholeheartedly. Mankind does sometimes seem too stupid to learn from his mistakes. Are we doomed forever to keep repeating horrific acts of violence against one another? I hope not. xxx

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  8. Heather says:

    While the internet and technology brings a whole host of other problems, I do think it has really opened doors to sharing information, and that we hear about these things more than we used to – and that we even talk about them more.
    I also think that this even tangential interconnectedness has allowed us humans to come into contact with those we once would have thought of as “others,” and that this in part is why society has become so much more accepting of homosexuality than it was even 20 years ago. This doesn’t make recent tragedies any less tragic, but I still hope. And I am still a huge, huge advocate of 1st and 4th Amendment rights, even if people are saying things I disagree with, and even if a person accused of a crime fits my preconceived notions of what a criminal looks like.

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  9. Thank you! And with this in my mind “Despite the stupidity of man, nature restores.” – I am off to my daily walk int he forest – need it – these times are so sad that it angers me with the kind of anger one feels growing deep inside when totally helpless 😦

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  10. Lisa says:

    I’ve often wondered if our easy access to media makes it seem like these bad things are increasing. Then I watch shows about the Civil War or other historical events and think, “what a horrendous time that was for everyone!” Still, we can’t dismiss that we do live in dangerous times with many threats from both homeland and international sources. I, too, am happy that nature provides some respite when we feel overwhelmed.

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