Fall Yard Clean-up Before Spring

While the eastern half of the country huddles under blankets for warmth and sees nothing but white through its windows, in my part of the world we have sunshine, no snow and temperatures running well above normal. Obviously, our country is suffering from a split personality. This week, our rain has gone away and sunshine has prevailed, urging me to get out of my chair and head outside to do the flower bed cleanup that should have been done in the fall – and to remove the pine needles that winter’s wind has blown down to shelter the flowers that will bless our spring and summer.

Plan is to attack one small bed or portion of a bed at a time, because these years myself is not willing to spend many hours of the day on my knees or bending over. This day’s project was the south end of the slope bed, which looked like this before I started

Disgusting, isn’t it? In my defense, I leave the stems of flowers with seed heads over the winter for the birds – the rest of it? Attribute all that to the fact that when October gets here I grow lazy and this past October I was traveling. Excuses? Yes.

First, I pulled the dead annual flowers from the tub planter, for which Lily thanked me. She did not like perching there when the pokey brown stalks were covering the cushion of the soft soil.

Not long into the work of clearing, which I seem to end up doing on my knees even though I have brought a rake with me, I was given a gift
by a girl who thought it would do me good to play for awhile.

As I pulled out pine needles, grasses and clover – which I have been fighting for as many years as this bed has existed and wonder if this will be the year I finally wave the white flag – I found gifts. Earthworms not yet ready to awaken

tiny little daylily sprouts

then there were my helpers.

The more I cleared, the more treasures I found, all very very early this year. Daffodils halfway to their full growth

iris whose rhizomes have risen above the soil – maybe time for me to haul in some topsoil? Or dig and divide. This will require some thinking about.

I have reached the end for this day – I have cleared the part of the bed where the daffodils bloom and created a large pile of debris which will need to be hauled to the burn pile on another day. Always, I have my companions, my helpers, my “let’s lay on the green sprouts and see if they will spring back to life when we leave” girls.

On my way back into the house, I notice that even the little willow bush has green sprouts. I shall do a daily dance for the early spring to continue and no hard frosts to destroy the future of all these green gifts.

And there are the pots of spring color that I decided on my last trip to town I must have – the gray rainy week called for some bright spots. These girls are residing in their temporary home – once the flower bed cleanup has been done and space has been cleared they will be moved to a permanent home.

Enough – this day provided enough.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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25 Responses to Fall Yard Clean-up Before Spring

  1. Lucky you, all that is maybe two months away in Austria. Some snow has melted just to reveal the calling cards left by our visiting stag-yuck!!!!


  2. Karma says:

    Wow, what lovely gifts to have received, especially in February. I can’t imagine seeing dirt and sprouts right now, never mind being able work around them. And the flowers (primrose, right?) how nice! I hope you took the suggestion from your furry friend and had a little play time.


  3. Dear Carol,
    You have shamed me into a determination to go work in the garden! I love the idea of tackling one bed at a time. That will keep it from being too daunting a task. I love that you have your girls for company and encouragement.

    I had a nice talk with Pat today, who was pretty amazed at the coincidence of my knowing you, and she says hello!


  4. suzicate says:

    I can’t believe you have signs of spring…none here, well ok, I admit I haven’t ventured into the flower beds to search for treasure!


  5. The temporarily planted flowers are lovely. One step at a time. One till of the soil at a time. It’ll all get done. And when it does, you’ll show us. Right? 😊🌸🌷🌼🌻


  6. dawnkinster says:

    I guess I have hope. You saw my back yard just now. Not similar. I am so wanting to see something bloom, I”ll probably have to go to the store and buy a flower!


  7. We are buried under 2 feet of snow. So no sign of shoots for months. Thanks for sharing yours.


  8. timelesslady says:

    Aw…your post made me want to get out and clean up my garden…unfortunately, what was supposed to be a small snow squall left several inches on the ground. It is colder here than I can remember in years. I can only dream today. πŸ™‚


  9. Lilly looks absolutely REGAL perched on the tub planter!


  10. Lily Lau says:

    Those beautiful animals, the doggie and the kitty! πŸ˜€


  11. I’m one of those stuck in the snow! Seed and plant catalogs go straight to the burn bin, too depressing. I could have at least enjoyed a walk in the woods if the temp wasn’t in single digits with negative wind chill. Jealous! Glad you got out!


  12. Robin says:

    It is freezing here in Virginia. Like you said, we seem to be experiencing a split personality. I like your personality better. On top of cold weather, we have snow on the way. Thankfully, not the snow that New England has been getting. Our son has had six feet of snow in the past two weeks. They are shoveling snow from the roof of their house to keep it from collapsing, along with many other New Englanders.


  13. Lisa says:

    Oh my, you’ve given me spring fever something terrible! It’s so exciting to see the bulbs sprout. Still too cold here for any spring garden clean up. Tomorrow’s suppose to start with sub-zero temps. :-O


    • Carol says:

      Those of you in the eastern half of the country are getting all the winter this year. This is the first time I’ve been able to get outside to do yard work in February. Usually it’s April or May.


  14. t2van says:

    You have inspired me to spend tomorrow in my garden. Here in Vancouver, it’s time to get my vegetable garden ready for the first planting….


  15. Sabina Ayne says:

    Beautiful cat! Are her eyes crossed? Her markings are lovely!


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