When The Brain Takes a Break

I have been thinking lately about how as time moves on, my brain seems to need to take breaks more frequently. It has always gone on breaks, but not so often as it does now. Unfortunately, when the brain takes a break, the mouth does not always. That’s when the dumb blonde thing gets reinforced. Before I go on, there is a disclaimer – photos shown in this post relate not at all to the topic, but show scenes that this dreary rainy day in my part of the world makes me long for, as I’m sure it does those of you in the parts of the country that are being covered by snow and cold. All of these photos were taken a few years ago.

There was the time, many years ago now, when husband and I were driving up the California coast. I was the passenger, and usually when I am a passenger, my brain goes into neutral at the very least, and very often just takes a long break. On this occasion, I was watching the ocean and looking at the map and noticed the many rivers that connected with the sea. Brain break – I said “these rivers that run off the ocean must be saltwater rivers”. I said that, yes, I did. A statement that haunted me for many many years.

Then there are the times – too frequent, unfortunately – where my brain goes on break when I put something in a safe place. Then, when I need that something, my brain cannot tell me where to look because it was not with me when I put it away. That happened with a passport once – I was changing purses and always when I change purses there will be a pile of litter from the collection of items within the old purse that needs to be discarded. My suspicion is my brain shut down at the moment I took the passport out of the purse and it ended up in the litter pile instead of the put away pile.

And the many times I head to a room to get something. Brain break – when I get there, I do not know why I went there. Until later. Much later usually.

Or the time – who am I kidding? times – I have hunted for my keys and cannot find them anywhere, only to discover they are hanging from my finger. Yes, the finger on that hand that is attached to the wrist that is attached to the arm that is attached to my shoulder – but obviously not recognized by my brain. The brain that went asleep or on break or just got angry with me and chose not to communicate.

Cell phone left in a pocket when clothes are changed. Or set down somewhere because I have to go do this very quickly but I’ll come right back and get the phone. Except by the time I remember I set the phone down, I can’t remember where.

Questions asked because curiosity is aroused when I’m out and about and not near a computer – until someone says “won’t your (smart)phone tell you?” Ummm – yes, it will, actually. I do have that item, right here in this pocket, don’t I?


The shopping trips for needed items, and when I get home and am putting things away I realize I forgot – something – but I don’t write it down on my board right that second. So now it’s time to go to town again because I need things – but, what things? Brain wasn’t there, doesn’t know.

The list of things I must do today. That list I put together in my head last night. That list, you know? Nope, don’t know.

Oh yeah, the show I wanted to watch on TV that I’ve looked forward to for a couple of weeks. That was last night, wasn’t it?

The call I make to a friend to ask a question. The question is, what was the question?

A friend of mine used to say his rememberer was broken, but his forgetter worked perfectly. Yep, I can relate. Too well, I can relate.


There was something else I was going to share – what was that, anyway?

Oh well. That’s how it is. I’ll think of it tomorrow.

About Carol

I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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9 Responses to When The Brain Takes a Break

  1. I love the photos. Very cheery considering how snowy it is here. And the part about the forgetter… ha ha, mine seems to be working alot lately. Maybe my remberer has gone into hibernation.


  2. suzicate says:

    the first photo is exquisite!


  3. Carol — This sounds hauntingly familiar. I was going to say something else (I’m sure it was brilliant), but the drop-dead gorgeous photo of the rose derailed my brain. What a stunner!


  4. Robin says:

    Such beautiful images, Carol. My brain takes breaks, too. Far too often. My father says his brain is no longer a computer, but an old and squeaky filing cabinet. Sometimes it takes a while to get the drawers open and find the information he wants. I’m beginning to know exactly what he means.


  5. jay53 says:

    I think it’s fairly normal for your brain to take a break. I hope so, because mine does it a lot!! I did love the story about the saltwater rivers, though. It sounds so logical … till you engage the brain and think about it!


  6. lakeafton says:

    Where are my glasses? Oh. yes. On my face?


  7. I’m so there with you! What I find worse is when my mouth takes a break too and I say one thing while meaning another! For example saying one day of the week wrong. But what is worse is when I’m not aware I’ve done it and someone points out, flippin menopause!!! Don’t worry, Carol you’re not alone!


  8. orples says:

    Love your selection of photos, Carol…especially the way the light hits the flowers in that first shot, and those sweet, hungry babies in your final shot. As far as brain farts go … they give new meaning to ‘having gas’, don’t they? I think they get worse with time, so I say, just grin and bear it and thank God you lived long enough to experience the deterioration. 😉


  9. Heather says:

    Hahaha! My forgeter works perfectly as well!
    I’m a little afraid to get old. I hear this sort of thing gets worse with age, and I already relate so well…
    Love the pictures. We are, as you know, in the part that’s snow covered.


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