Have you Ever Tried Glass Blowing?

Yesterday we went to the Glass Art Studio to try creating a glass ball. First the metal rod goes into the oven that contains the molten glass to scoop up a hunk.


Which is then dipped in glass pieces the colors I’ve selected, which you can see on the table to our right – in this case, orange, yellow and white, then taken to a metal table to roll them into the hot glass.


Then to another very hot oven to melt the glass pieces, all the while turning the rod to keep the molten glass as round as possible.


And to another table where the tip is cut off, because the tip is clear glass, no color, no spiraling, continuing to turn the rod (this is obviously a two-person job, especially for those of us who are hopelessly inexperienced).



After the glass is reheated one more time, tweezers come into play. The object was to nip into the hot glass very gently and twist = spiral. I nipped too deeply and my spirals left a bit to be desired.


To cool the glass a bit and help shape it, it’s put into a wooden dipper that has been dipped into water. All the while turning, turning.


The oven – again. The glass cools as it’s being worked on and must be reheated frequently. This is the final heating prior to blowing it to the size I want in a round shape.


I blow, gently, gently at first, then harder, as he squeezes to create the round shape.



Done now and the glass must cool for 18 hours before we can take it home, so we went outside to take photos – perhaps to help remember where we would have to come to the next day (today), do you think? We are no longer spring chickens with forever memories, you know.


Today we picked up our creations.


Not so good, but hey! I did it, it’s mine! Next year maybe a bowl – in greens and blues, I think.

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I'm me - nothing unusual, just me. Widowed, 2 grown children who are my best friends, 1 dog, retired, loving being retired. I am woman, I am strong.
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19 Responses to Have you Ever Tried Glass Blowing?

  1. LG says:

    Oh, it’s beautiful.
    There was a glassblower in the university I studied in, and my favourite past time was to sit at his office watching him blow lab equipment. He even offered to let me make some stuff, but I was too chicken. The heat looked ominous.


  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Looks like you had fun. I’ve always wanted to do it.


  3. Sheri B says:

    Oh! Oh! Oh!!!!! I want to go to the Glass Blowing place!!!!! You’ll have to give me the address when we get to Oregon as this is something Jim and I have always wanted to try!! Your glass globe is BEAUTIFUL!!! See you soon-ish!


  4. Sheri B says:

    Ah, the heat is probably no worse than the typical summer here in Phoenix!! LOL


  5. Karma says:

    Its a beauty!


  6. It looks great! I love the colours.


  7. Carol — I’m so darned impressed with your piece; I love the vivid, happy colors — it’s GORGEOUS!


  8. Robin says:

    There used to be artist’s glass studios in a sort of village where I used to live. I have seen glass blowing and I have a couple of pieces I love, but I have never given it a try. I think your ball is beautiful! What fun creating it 🙂


  9. Heather says:

    Not so good?!? It’s beautiful! And I am absolutely sure you’re the only one who can see any flaws. And not a spring chicken? I think we’ve already talked about this 😉 You’re only on the road to getting old. Have really enjoyed these adventures. Wonder if I can find a place to blow glass. Hmmm.


  10. Mama Cormier says:

    Wow, I think it’s beautiful. It looks perfectly round and the colours are gorgeous.


  11. Dawn says:

    It’s stunning! I agree with Heather, you are the only one that would see ANYTHING wrong with it!


  12. I love watching the guys at a glass blowing factory near us. It is fascinating to see how glass is shaped into so many different styles, how the colors are intermixed, and watching the light fall thru the final product. I have never done it myself, though…


  13. Lisa says:

    Oh my goodness, that is stunning! I love the colors…so bright and cheery. It will be such an uplift to look at it on those dreary, winter days. Blowing glass is such a fantastic art. I’ve never done it, but would love to try some day. Glad you had a wonderful time with your friends.


  14. Kathy says:

    It is lovely! How fun that you gave yourself the opportunity to try something like this.


  15. How lovely. There are two glass houses right by me and while I have gone to both, afraid I was too klutzy to handle glass like that.


  16. I think it’s great! And your’e so impressive to have made this yourself. Wonderful experience all around, Carol. I’d be too afraid to deal with such hot molten glass and the hot ovens. 🙂


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